EDD California


I am on hold with the EDD in California. It's like I won the lottery.

June 6th, 2020

Some day in the future someone might stumble across "Anthony Mandich" by chance in the massive wasteland of internet history. If that happened before now it would be somewhat difficult to know that I was still alive because its been so long since I have published on this blog. There is, of course, Facebook, but … Continue reading June 6th, 2020


It has been insinuated but not said outright (as far as I know) that the piece of shit who shot and killed 58 innocent people outside of the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas may have been angry about mounting gambling losses and wanted to punish the casino with his horrible deed. I don't know … Continue reading Turmoil

Porky’s Tragic Death

Been friends with this lady Stephanie W. Kelly since 2009. We have had lots of adventures, mostly revolving around casino gambling or working doing manual labor jobs with her or swimming and getting tan at her pool which is 17 feet deep and has a diving board that is about 18 feet above the water. … Continue reading Porky’s Tragic Death

Today’s Run Was Hell

Sometimes I eat up the miles so fast it is unbelievable. My feet glide along the pavement like wings on a ghost.  Its times like this that make me feel like a god amongst men.  Late at night....really late at night....the cops look befuddled as I glide on by.  Confused but only for a mile … Continue reading Today’s Run Was Hell

A Horse with No Name

When I was 14 years old I received a horse for Christmas from my parents. I had been riding horses as much as possible since I turned 11. There was a horse in Mexico named El Bayo that I used to rent and ride whenever possible. His name was pronounced like caballo which is Spanish … Continue reading A Horse with No Name

If not now, when?

After a little bit of goading from people who care about me I have come to the conclusion that it is time to start selling my paintings.  I have held out due to a number of different reasons but they are mostly based on ego and my incorrect estimation of my own self importance. Being … Continue reading If not now, when?

Lisa Mearkle should definitely be in prison

I don't want to get tasered, then shot and killed, dying a senseless moronic death with the last words ringing in my ears coming from this cow cop. Even worse none of it making any sense whatsoever because how the fuck am I supposed to comply with

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday (and it was pretty fucking hard)

First let me offer up my condolences to the family and friends of Heather Nicholson who was a friend of mine from the late nineties on.  Some of you may know her as Brusha Brusha or Crazy Heather.  Anyway she is dead.  I just found out about this on Sunday accidentally on Facebook.  Facebook is … Continue reading The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday (and it was pretty fucking hard)

Prologue to: My Friend Jim Waataja

The second thing is that he had a huge cock apparently.