Memorial Day Can Suck It

Just kidding.  I been sleepy sleeepy slleeeeeeepppy little boy today cuz I stayed up most of the weekend working on some art.  I never really got it when I was younger.  I heard alot of stories about how artists suffered anonymously for their entire lives, living in poverty, afflicted with demons of all kinds.  I scoffed.  I really did.  I was like, “pfffff, he cut off his ear?  what a homo!”.

maybe thats a bad example.  I don’t want to scare anybody away lol.  but i feel like i am literally killing myself….sacrificing my health to the god of art.  its hard to explain.  i stay up way too late…..way way way too fucking late.  i sacrifice too much, i ingest solvents and eat paint and take drugs and light cigarettes just  cuz i want the ashes to smear on some bitches eye to get a quick shadow on a canvas.

way more shit then that.  i just woke up so i’m not making sense which is great for my first entry on this horrible wordpress blog that i was shamed into beginning by an insane woman named Michelle Manire.  as if i don’t already spend way too much time doing this type of madness.

duh…i am an idiot.  but once i’m dead watch out.  i’ll be a famous idiot plucked out of the ashes of obscurity by the fickle god of popularity.  my future generations fortunes are assured.

good night now.  i am literally starving and its time for some nourishment other then marlboro lights, insanely hot bloody mary mix and sour patch kids.

Anthony Mandich Artist-Sycophant-Narcissus’ younger hotter

A Silly Piece Made With Graphic Scraps

kid Brother


  1. yeah I really got nuthin kid, but that I clicked the like button cuz I think it’s good ur breaking down walls.There is no god of art or poularity,but you know that.I won’t hold it against you though I can’t wait for the next one 😀



  2. Excellent first post! I just read it to my 9 year old niece (omitting language, of course), who said to me at the end – “Is he talking about van Gogh?”. How cool is that? Oh & “No, you are not an idiot”.



    1. sorry but yeah i’m an idiot. also i don’t think this blog will be appropriate to read to a 9 year old. don’t set the kid up for a future like mine LOL. she’ll start thinking i’m cool, start trying to emulate me, ruin her life by the 5th grade. i’ve seen it before trust me.



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