Lena wins! She’s hot.

Lena singing "Satellite" to Anthony Mandich and 3,000,000,000 others

It’s Tuesday the First of June, 2010.  I slept all day long.  I woke up very groggy at 7pm or so.  Thirsty, Hungry, Still Tired, like a newborn and very cute baby mewling for milk.  I rub my eyes…I wonder what makes me wake up when I’m so tired and I was in this lovely dream with Briar.  Alls I remember is kissing and stuff.  It was nice. What woke me up?  Then I hear it again, the first few chords of Bolan’s Crash, by the fabulous New Bomb Turks.  It can only mean one thing,someone is texting me.  I find my Palm Pixi smashed under my leg and turn it on.  I’ve got texts up the ass.  Not literally.

So its an hour later right now.  I haven’t checked my texts but I did use You Tube to slowly reacclimate myself to the world.  Instead of doing the usual searches:  Poker Bad Beats, Poker Bluffs, MMA Fights, Hot Chicks, Phil Laak-Boy Genius, Hell on Earth etc., this time I just went with the Popular selections.

I entered the world of mass hysteria.  Gay.  For the most part.  Except Lena a hot German bitch who apparently won a contest I didn’t know existed for best song.  It must be something like American Idol I guess.  The video wasn’t even her song, it was just someone who was filming her a few minutes after she won, backstage, as she talked to the Prime Minister of some country, apparently Germany and a few other sycophantic individuals, kissing her ass and fawning over her, asking her ridiculous question after ridiculous question.

I gotta be honest.  She’s smoking fucking hot.  I would love to kiss her ass.  Ha ha ha.  I might as well be honest with you.  She made me feel real funny inside.  Its been a while since I got some!

Too bad I’ll never be able to hit that.  I think that’s all I got for today children.  See ya later kids.

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