LA Poker Classic, Commerce Casino:

Addendum to this Post: This should be fun actually.  Today is Tuesday April 05, 2011.  The post I am correcting in order to stop myself  from vomiting was first published on June 07, 2010.  Apparently I was fond of telling self serving fairy tales back then and attempting to pass them off as reality.   The reason I am fessing up and setting the record straight, at least on this post, is because after reading the original entry about 13 minutes ago, I was filled with an overwhelming  level of self loathing at the outlandish and loony way I pathetically misrepresented and romanticized the events that were written about, namely the 2010 LA Poker Classic Poker Tournament that was held at the Commerce Casino.
It’s now about 20 minutes after I wrote the last paragraph and I’ve been sitting here in front of my computer, in my messy room the disgusting scum pit also known as my bedroom, trying to make sense of the battle  being fought in my head. You see, I can’t make up my mind on the best approach to take from here.  You, faithful reader, probably don’t give a rat’s ass about this topic to begin with and I realize that.  At the same time that I want to provide entertainment and some excitement to your life via a fascinating but REALITY based based true short story.
I’m not going to dwell on recreating this post I decided.  Its been a long day (now 1:26 a.m. (NOW 2:25 a.m.)  I will just say it like this okay!
I was basically dead flat broke during the LA Poker Classic.  I didn’t even play in one tournament.  Every time I did get money I always managed to somehow donk it all off out of frustration or because I had been up playing poker for too many hours straight and was beyond delirious. I did play poker with Mike Matusow and all of the rest of the people mentioned below but it was part of a training class.  The story about reraising Mike the Mouth all in is totally true.  But for the rest of the shit:  I didn’t have money through out the whole time and in fact I was so depressed and just bummed out the whole time.  I did meet all those people and they were cool.
This is Anthony Mandich and Mike Matusow



I played poker with Mike Matusow, Tom McEvoy (Main Event Winner, 1983), Joe Sebok (Barry Greenstein’s son), Adam Levy and others during the LA Poker Classic this year.  It was sick.  Mike Matusow is very cool and very good at poker. 

I actually had the balls to re raise his re raise and put him all in on the river when holding Queen Nine on a Queen high board when a river Jack hit.  Unfortunately for me, Mr. Matusow insta called and turned over pocket Jacks for a rivered set.   Oh well.  It was fun.

The accessibility of the poker professionals at Commerce Casino was so awesome during the LAPC.  I look like a rock star as it is, and a damn good looking one at that, so I had no problem fitting in, plus Commerce was my home casino for so long that I just felt like I owned the place anyways.  But yeah, during the LAPC I met so many pros and hung out with the cool ones for extended periods of time.

Quickly let me just list the coolest and the not so cool.  Actually the only one that was less then cool in my opinion was Johnny Chan, who didn’t want to take the one second required to take a photo with me but whatever.  He’s not that big of a deal to me anyways.

Peter Eastgate who won the main event in 2008 was one of the coolest by far.  He was more interested in me and what I was up to or at least he had the ability to make it seem that way.  I wanted to take pics with him and he suggested we go outside of the tourny room to avoid the security because you are not supposed to snap photos inside the casino.  When we got out the doors Peter Eastgate grabbed my ass and whispered, “lets go to my room.”  Just kidding.  Ha ha ha don’t get mad Peter I’m only fucking around.  Nah, he was way cool and we ended up talking for about an hour actually.

Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly were totally so sweet.  High fives from Phil Laak, suggestions for better and “more attractive” camera angles from Jennifer etc.  She’s smoking hot in person too by the way.  I like her.  Even though she busted my friend Vince from Sacramento out of the 10k Main Event when they both flopped sets but hers were Kings and his were 8’s.  Oh well no shame there really.

Lets see, my hands are getting tired a little so I wanna cut this off pretty quick but….John Juanda, Todd Brunson, Michael Binger, Vanessa Rousseau, Ely Elezra, Al Barbieri, Jason Mercier, Eric Seidel, Chino Rheem, John Pham were all cool and seemingly interested in talking and not fake as fuck.

I gotta go now cuz I gotta take a bath and get ready to bail out.  My friend is taking me to Hustler Casino tonight to play in the $3-$5 ($300 Buy in) game they have there.






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