I Just Shit My Pants

Uh huh.  Sure I did.  I’m feeling combative.  First of all I’m tripping on either Heather Batchelder or her boyfriend Aaron DeLavergne.  I’m not sure which one of them actually was doing the typing when they commented on my last blog that I shouldn’t be fronting myself off on Facebook.  What the hell does that mean?  I got no idea what that is supposed to mean at all.  There was also a comment about drugs.  Something along the lines of “Drugs are cool?  Really?”.  I went back and visited my post and couldn’t find a reference to drugs being cool.  Not directly or indirectly.  But you know what?  Now that I’ve been accused of it, fuck it, DRUGS ARE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, I’m being combative.  I’m really starting to hate this blog thing too.  You have no idea the amount of things that I ‘m holding back on discussing.  It’s starting to piss me off something fierce.  Things I would like to discuss but am restraining myself from actually discussing:

1.  Grandma Shirley the Tyrant

2.  Online gambling, particularly the casino segment of poker rooms.

3.  Indian gaming casinos such as San Manuel Casino and Pechanga Casino.

4.  The inane individuals who I see on Facebook.

5.  Reasons why I agree with the statement “Doing the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

There are many other topics that fall into this category.  It totally sucks because I’m coming to find out that I am actually just a pussy.  I come across like I don’t give a fuck about anything and that I can say or do anything I want to say or do.  It’s not the case.  It’s not true.  I mean truly I’m a coward if you think about it.  I can’t even LIST some of the topics I would like to discuss.  Hows that for self censorship.

Now I’m even getting more pissed so I gotta go.  Fuck my life. Just kidding.  But seriously though….Fuck my life.

Suck Me haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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