Going back To Work Again?

I just had an unreal convo with this girl Krista that is a recruiter for Sole Technology.  She was bad ass. I’m not going through an external recruiter for this position so I feel much better about my chances of landing the job because of that.  Its always way harder when the employer has to shell out 20k in one lump some payment to the recruiting agency just for the privilege of hiring you.  That is a shit load of cash and I’ve noticed that jobs I’ve obtained via external recruiters  always come with alot of scrutiny from everyone for some reason.  I don’t really like scrutiny lol.  Unless you are scrutinizing how good looking I am or scrutinizing a painting, I’m actually not in favor of excessive amounts of scrutiny.  Anyhow, so it seems I might have a face to face interview coming up which is pretty cool and positive news.  I just checked out the job requirements on Monster.com (didn’t even know it was listed lol) and the job is definitely pretty intense.  Its a good thing I’ve had a good long break from the corporate world number one, that its a cool company with cool products in a cool industry number two,  and that I’m bad ass number three.

So yeah this is one of those inane posts that are posted for no good reason.  Talk about things that nobody cares.  Wearing all the things that nobody wears.  I’m a moving on up to the Eastside to that deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyyy moving on up.

I filmed this little video yesterday of me and my mom Heather Davies and my step dad  Chip Davies at Big Lots which used to be Pic n Save back in the day.  It wasn’t even really that funny of a video it was actually kinda dumb  I thought.  I posted it on Facebook just to fuck with my mom and surprisingly its gotten some really favorable reviews.   It just goes to show you.

I’m not really sure what it goes to show you but yeah.

My Uncle Gordon Bayne and I have been having heads up poker matches quite often lately.  And I have to be honest, I am kicking his fucking ass.

Sorry Uncle G but hey you know…I love you kid.

I downloaded some music last night.  Simplex…..the whole record I think.  Really cool older punk band from Costa Mesa area that I used to see all the time. I’m really close friends with their bassist Rich Zaydel aka Bald Rich aka Baldilox.  Anyways the guitarist Landon apparently has turned over a new gay leaf and he was talking lots of homoerotic dirty talk to both me and Rich on one of our little insult trade off posting pages on Facebook.  So that was interesting. Apparently he is in line to get his Baby Blue Belt after recently receiving his Pink Belt.   I’m not sure what the belts signify but apparently it has something to do with Gay Karate or Gay Kung-Fu.  Hey….God bless him….it was great to hear from him anyhow and it definitely brought up some good memories of the past so I went and searched out their band Simplex under “free mp3 download Simplex punk” and I found their whole record in .211111345643 seconds.  So that was cool.

This chick Briar I know from New Zealand told me she doesn’t like my blog because I diss people.  I don’t agree with that but everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I do want to share a freaky story about someone but I can’t do it because I know they stalk the fuck out of me on the internet and they will know so quick if I even indirectly mention them.  But yeah I do have a freaky story about a crazy thing to recount for you all someday not today.

My sister Theresa’s baby is so cute and little.  The kids name is Jaelynn which I think is a very cool name.  I don’t know about the middle name of “Lore” but hey whatever.  You’re talking to a guy whose kids middle name is Alabama, a state I have never been to and never will go to.    But I absolutely love her name Ciara Alabama Mandich and actually I absolutely love her.  She’s a treat and a half my kid is.  She’s truly bad ass.

Okay enough of this crap I gotta go.  I got shit to do motherphuggers.

I read this book

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