What Anthony Mandich has been up to

Hello to my adoring public, its your favorite jackass Anthony Mandich here again to spread a little peace, tranquility and poker know how on a Wednesday at nearly HIGH NOON.  Actually its 11:59 a.m.  as we embark on this thrill ride through my brain.  I know I’m excited and I sure hope you guys are too.

All things considered, I couldn’t be happier really.  My art career is starting to gather some momentum which is just unreal.  I’m super stoked about that.  I work so hard at it that I feel as if I am killing myself slowly by even partaking most days but I just can’t help myself.  Like the world of poker, the art world is just so fascinating and complex and subtle and beautiful.  Hold on a second am I describing myself  or art?  LOL.  Both actually…..

Seriously though, perhaps I can leave my mark in some small way upon the world through a painting I may do in the future.  I’m no Rembrandt but I’ve got imagination and I know this:  lately when I finish a piece, whether its graphic art or a canvas, I get goosebumps because I know I’ve created something that personally, if I was at an art gallery or at an opening or even at someone’s house and I saw something like what I just created, I would have no choice but to get that wierd feeling I get that I’m looking at something unreal and just so damn cool.  I haven’t sold that many paintings and an artists life is a tough one so there has got to be some reason that I’ve been going at it since 2001 hard out.

I love the fact that I’m improving, that my pieces are put together in a more polished manner every time.  I’m no way near to having reached my potential with my art career.  No way near.  And that fills me with the happiest, warmest and most satisfying feeling I can feel.

Halfway through the graphic side of a painting I'm doing for Kitty Lee

20 Hours Straight Using Photoshop 7.0

Human beings need hope.  Hope not only sustains life, it causes life to thrive.   God promises to give life and give it abundantly somewhere in the bible and I think I know what He’s talking about with that one.  Poker and Art are two mainstays in my life and they always will be.  The simple reason is that both of them are a microcosm of life and I will NEVER know all there is to know about either one of them.  In fact there is so much information readily available about Poker and Art that its like overload to my brain.  How can I ever be bored if that is the case.

Maybe its not the greatest purpose ever but at least I have a purpose.  For that today I am grateful and thankful.

Does anyone else feel a little bit choked up right now?  LOL hahahahahahahahahahahaha what a bunch of sissys.  LOL.  God I’m good.  Anyhow I should cut off this Emo Kid post before I dig myself in deeper.  Besides I need to make a phone call to a very special lady name Krista who works at Sole Technology.  (More about that later….)


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