USA falls to Ghana for the SECOND TIME

I’ve just been watching the USA vs. Ghana World Cup Football Match and the boys couldn’t pull it off.  They fell when they gave up a goal in Extra Time.  Pretty much sucks really.  I was watching it on a live stream on some website called  and its pretty rad to watch the game on the internet because there is a chat feature and you can talk shit to other people which is always enjoyable.  I met some dude from Florida named superglued and we bravely hung in there after Ghana scored the goal that put them ahead 2-1 and all the USA haters started their ridiculous sing song chants of “FUCK the uSA”, “say bye bye USA”  “jajajajajajajajajajajaajajajajajajajaja usa sucks” and other such shit.  The USA is easily the most hated nation in the world if you were to go by the content of that chat board.  And really its true because when I lived in Australia and New Zealand, nobody had anything nice to ever say about the USA but its kinda funny how the girls sure seemed to like the boys from America….I always got lots and lots of chicks.  So that’s something.  Anyways good job USA for making it out of the first round.

Some thrilling action from the USA's win over Algeria in the first round of the FIFA 2010 World Cup

The blonde chick has the hottest ass

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