Garage Sale Signs

The Very sexy belly of one "Anthony Mandich, Urban Legend"

So I just got back from putting up 3/6 big signs and 3/3 small signs for my Momma’s garage sale she is having tomorrow.  I hope there is a big turnout and that she sells lots of useless items because I’m sure she needs some cash flow for her trip to the Cayman Islands which is coming up next Friday.  Did I tell you all that my mother (bless her beautiful heart) has missed my birthday every single year since I was a pup because of her annual pilgrimage to 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman?  Yep, the only two years that I was able to celebrate the momentous occasion of my birth with my mother were the two times I ventured out to Cayman myself.  Pretty sad actually.  Its not my mom’s fault.  I certainly don’t begrudge her the three weeks she gets every year to unwind from all the stress that life has added to her life in the preceding year.  Certainly, much of that stress has been specifically identifiable as stemming from me and my adventurous often tumultuous life.  So like I said, I don’t begrudge her an annual three week respite from California and all of its pressures.  This year is no different with the stress level, except perhaps I am not the sole cause of all of her furrowed brow and extra worry.  Thank God for that.  In fact, it might be said that my lovely mother is actually starting to have a little faith that I might turn out okay after all.   Anyway, yeah I just got back from hanging those signs.  I did a pretty shitty job all told, but damn it is stressful, the sheriff’s cars kept driving around, checking me out and I’m pretty sure its not exactly legal to be posting signs on people’s cars, house windows, horses and what not so I was in a bit of a quandary on where to place them.  Also I didn’t really prepare myself adequately for the job.  Suffice to say I’ll get an earful in the morning but oh well I’ll cross that bloody bridge when I jump off of it.

Good night faithful readers.

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