The Quotes I Live By By Anthony Mandich LOL

I don't think I am ever going to be hired again

These are some of my Favorite Quotes.  Notice that they are all MY quotes.  That speaks volumes in and of itself right there.  Wow, I am really self absorbed in a cuddly sorta way.

  1. “To be completely honest,……”
    2. “Shut the fuck up man, Jesus, I’m so sick of listening to your babble.”
    3. “Whatever dog lips.”
    4. “They can fuck off”
    5. “Yeah but who’s bad ass.”
    …6. “Really, you think you can beat me heads up?”
    7. “Dude………”
    8. “I know I’m a bad kid but I’m trying to behave.”
    9. “Who wants to suck me?”
    10. “I’m all in.”
    11. “Send it jackass. How did that feel?”
  2. 13. “Why are you even with that BITCH?”
    14. “You are the most pussy whipped little sissy.”
    15. “Hi, honey….no…..I haven’t been at the casino.”
    16. “I’m not even on drugs…..”
    17. “Mom do you have any money?”
    18. “Chip can I borrow twenty bucks?”
    19. “Heeeeeeeyyyyyy…..whats up you sexy little mama?”
    20. “Fuck….you are so fucking hot!!”
    21. “We should make out..immediately.”
    22. “Fuck him…aren’t you sick of that idiot yet? Come over!”
  3. 24. “Stick your tongue in my MOUTH!”
    25. “You have the best ass.”
    26. “Those panties are making me feel funny inside.”
    27. “I don’t give a shit if you just got done running.”
    28. “Fuck taking a shower first bitch.”

    31. “I want cuddles….”
    32. “My mom already knows dude. She thinks I’m just a jackass.”
    33. “Fuck”
    34. “Let’s go to the casino tonight.”
    35. “You are the worst fucking poker player I have ever ever seen.”
    36. “What a moronic call. Fucking Jackass.”
    37. “Whatever dick.”
    38. “I hope you die. Let’s play heads up idiot.”

  4. 44. “My ringer was off.”
    45. “I left my phone in the car.”
    46. “I was in a business meeting had to turn it off.”
    47. “I was on the other line long distance.”
    48. “I didn’t get no voice mails.”
    49. “I don’t have any missed calls.”
    50. “You didn’t text me.”
    51. “Whatever…fuck you.”
    52. “No….you fuck off jackass.”
    53. “You better have my cash fucker.”
    54. “Hell no I don’t wanna play for I.O.U’s. Fuck that.”
    55. “Dude I like chick music. Call me a fag I don’t care.”
    56. “Oh, you really think your gonna get more chicks then me…”
  5. 58. “Grow some balls. I can’t believe you even give a shit about her.”
    59. “You’re crying? Huh? Why would you even want to work it out with her? She’s a whore! She talks shit about you all over town. She fucked your best friend. She gave ME a blow job….just kidding man. No…dude….I’m just kidding…take it easy psycho. I wouldn’t let that skanky bitch touch my cock
  6. 60. “Doubt it.”
    61. “Fuck that!”
    62. “Why? Cuz I’m fucking hot that’s why. Why do you think? Just shut up!”
    63. “You are so pissing me off right now.”
    64. “God you are such a little baby.”
    65. “Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt?”
    66. “Do I have to do it right this second?”
    67. “I willlllllllllllll.”
    68. “You’ll be sorry for that I guarantee it.”
    69. “Watch and see”

    72. “I don’t care about what other guys had to put up with. I’m not an “other guy”.”

  7. 88. “I didn’t make that mess.”
    89. “I don’t even use the fucking microwave.”
    90. “Why do I have to be held accountable for that?”
    91. “Oh I am the slob is that it?”
    92. “What do you mean I’m selfish?”
    93. “I’m sorry okay. I will be a better kid I promise. I love you.”
    94. “Huh?”
    95. “Who is itttttt? I’ll be right out I’m getting changed.”
    96. “I’m not sleeping.”
    97. “I don’t PAY for drugs. Are you crazy. People just give it to me.”
    98. “It wasn’t me. I didn’t even touch your door let alone go in your room.”
    99. “Do you have any money?”
    100. “I’ll pay you back next week. I swear.”


  1. #2,13,16,32,33,37,44,47,48,49,51,52,59,69 & 97 are noteworthy…#100 probably the one most used these days and I’m sure the #1 quote you hear back is “FUCK TONY, What the FUCK? Didn’t I just give you money last week?? FUCK”



  2. self expression is vital to who you are…
    Anthony Mandich Urban Legend…
    Gambling addict…
    who gets drugs for free…
    lets forget your Bad Ass, and would like to borrow $20 bucks, but dont trip Chip.., pay ya back next week…
    Chips been calling. oh the ringer was off ooops….
    Just your ordinary guy..right..Anthony Mandich



  3. AAAHH!!! You used #1 on me last week!!Does that mean ur not really being honest when you say that?? :/…shizzle… and 99 that’s familiar too LOL!!!:P



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