Corruption Rotting For Eternity by Anthony Mandich


  1. when i clicked on that picture and then magnified it i was absolutely blown away by the immense detail and work you put into this man. fucking really cool



  2. this piece baked with meaning
    very clear message (for me)
    The hate surrounds her
    hate scars
    hate destroys everything beautiful

    I really love this piece. I have a certain level of amend I fear will never really be made for my choices and associations in my mixed up youth. I saw things no human being should ever see. I keep secrets that horrify me. I have lived my life since that time, in a way that is loving, accepting and tolerant of people. I participate in groups that actively spread the anti-hate message to all areas of human life. I will never shed the scar that period left on my soul.



  3. You can click on the image. I encourage you to click on the image. I encourage you to zoom in and explore this amazing piece of art. If you are going to comment, I’m looking for comments that contain the first ten words that come to mind when you look at this piece. Follow that up with your overall thoughts on what you think I’m trying to say here as well as what this piece makes you feel when you really look at it. Thank you very much. If you are overwhelmed by it and need to talk about it, then by all means call me direct. I can be reached by mobile phone at +001 949 4009252. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do.



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