The Guggenheim

I went to sleep this morning waiting for my video to upload on to YouTube.  I awoke to find an invitiation to submit my video “A Fantastic Journey through the Nazi Regime” to a special project where it will be shown at the Guggenheim.  That’s pretty crazy huh.  I doubt if it will be selected, I mean I’m not that good but still I submitted it anyway.  Here is the statement I included with my submittal:

My name is Anthony Mandich and I am an artist living currently in California.  Despots and oppression weigh heavily upon my heart and my  art often takes me places which reflect this.  The intention of my video is to reveal the corruption and decadence inherent to the Nazi  Party in the 1930’s and 1940’s, to be a voice for fellow artists who are no longer with us such as Lin Zhao and Delara Darabi and to show my undying admiration for the late (and enchanting) Marilyn Monroe.  My video is a pan and zoom collection of over a hundred pieces depicting   these themes set to some instrumental and very cool music by the band Air.  I would love to share my video and my art with you at the Guggenheim and with people everywhere who have a conscience and need a voice to speak against social injustice and despotism.  It is my intention to change the world’s attitude one piece at a time and to keep the memory of those that have suffered for their craft alive forever.  Thank you very much.

Here is the link to the video:

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