My new adventures by Anthony Mandich

This tale begins with me going to Huntington Beach at the stroke of midnight last night to pick up an old “friend”.  I’m not sure how this person’s husband would react to this tale so I’m going to leave her identity a secret unless she does something to piss me off.

The first bad thing I did was take my mom’s car.  It’s a minivan a Ford Something.   It’s relatively new and comfortable to drive and definitely does not attract unwanted attention from our friends in the Law Enforcement Community.

Off with his head thank God!

My step dad left a set of keys to this luxury vehicle in his Hyundai when he and my mother departed for the Grand Cayman Islands a couple of weeks ago.  I’m allowed to drive the Hyundai but its a beater.  It has no tinted windows and I’m less certain about this car and its ability to fend off the attention of law enforcement.

The reason I went to Huntington Beach to begin with is because this friend (lets call her Dolly) was pretty desperate to see me I guess, and agreed that I should be able to go play poker at Larry Flynt’s fabulous poker room in Gardena, the world famous Hustler Casino.    Since I had no money of my own with which to play, Dolly graciously agreed to sponsor me, with the understanding of course, that should I win (a near certainty according to me), she wanted her money back plus half of the winnings.


That’s the exact word that was flowing through my brain.  Whatever.  Here was a chance for action, the chance to make some much needed money.  There was no risk for me other then the risk we human beings take every time we leave the house.  I mean anything can happen anytime right?  So needless to say, even though I barely slept the night before because I was working diligently on my new video, Nouvelle Vague-Dance With Me (which can be seen by pasting this link in your browser’s address bar, ) , I was more then keen to go pick up Dolly and make my way to the Hustler Casino.

I quickly decided to take my mother’s car and being the good son that I am, I dutifully posted a message informing her of my intentions on her Facebook wall.  (Yes, my mother Heather Davies, does indeed have a Facebook account which she uses on a daily basis).  I was very shadowy and vague about why I needed to use her car, rather then Chip’s Hyundai.  I think I muttered (can one mutter while typing?) something about not trusting the Hyundai for longer trips and that I needed to drive “down by the beach”.

Dolly was already quite intoxicated as evidenced by her slurred messages to me on Facebook (again is it possible to slur one’s words while typing?) and I was never the hugest fan of Dolly the Lush.  So there was that.  She was goading me into hurrying “the fuck up” and other assorted choice appeals for me to get my ass in gear.  I was in no hurry however, as I had quite a few unfinished conversations to wrap up on Facebook, a couple of projects pending on Photoshop, and a myriad of other concerns that needed to be addressed.  Plus, I knew Dolly did not have a car, was wasted and would go out no matter what time I made it to her.

I will continue this tale on my next post.  This could turn out to be a tale that needs to be told over a period of several posts in fact.  Until next time….

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