My Life’s An Adventure by Anthony Mandich (3)

Morale has been boosted at Camp Mandich due to the increase  in audience size for this gripping series of true life tales from my sordid past .  We swelled from 6 to 7 members.  I’ve never been one to shy away from my member swelling so….

Flashback to 2010 for a minute, even though there are many tales to tell about the good old days.  We will start introducing new new adventures and new characters as the story begins to unfold.  At the same time its necessary to keep my clan updated about whats going on here and now and shit.  So…..

It’s Friday at Midnight and I’ve somehow managed to con Polly into not only going to the Hustler Casino with me but also into paying for me to gamble.  That is true talent.  There was absolutely nothing to it either.  She wanted to see me, and she was bored at home, and she was already pretty smashed and there are all the reasons right there.  I simply mentioned the existence of the casino and the fact that I found myself a little short on funds (no explanation given or asked for) and asked her if she had any money to which she replied, “I have lots of money, always”.  Coombaya my Lord, I thought.  This is great.   Polly was an underbankrolled poker players dream I tell you.  I’m just talking about the money part of it really and also the fact that she agreed to provide the money with no argument, convincing, or sales tactics of any kind necessary.  I got to her house and she was waiting outside as promised.

I had my earphones in listening to some  Rancid when I pulled up to her house after blindly passing it and her up the first time and being forced to turn around.  I seem to be permanently preoccupied with other thoughts these days and my head is never really in the moment which is a sad thing in a way.   Polly popped herself into her seat and the first thing I looked at as she was getting in was the size of her ass because in one of her earlier emails to me when she was pissy about me not coming out the night before she had told me to kiss her plump ass.  I was hoping it wasn’t plump  because that would be a real shame.  Polly had always had just a beautiful little ass and I used to really enjoy all sorts of activities that revolved around it.  I was somewhat relieved to see that it hadn’t grown disproportionately.  In fact, she looked really good which is also a relief as I don’t want any of my exes to be looking all hideous then me ever have to admit that I went out with them and someone who just met them for the first time says something like, “Dude, you went out with her?”.  And me have to be all embarrassed and feeling the need to justify what obviously must have been a charity mission on my part or somehow have to convince the guy that, “Dude, she was fucking hot when I went out with her”.  And then finally, to be forced to bear his look that says loudly and clearly, “Uh huh……huh”.

die for me

We discussed many many things during the time it took me to drive the 24 miles between Polly’s dad Harry’s house in Huntington Beach and the Hustler Casino, which is located off of the 110 Freeway at Redondo Beach Blvd, in the lovely city of Gardena.  I will discuss those “many many things” in my next installment of “Anthony Mandich, The People’s Choice”.


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