My New Adventures (Part 2)

I want to dedicate this installment of “My New Adventures by Anthony Mandich” to the 6 (six) people who so avidly read the first installment.  It’s really heartwarming to know that I am positively affecting the lives of so many people.

I snuck out of the house, it was about a quarter to midnight when I finally got away.  I didn’t really want to wake up my Uncle Gordon, the old codger that lives here.  I’m not sure why I call him Uncle since he and I are not related in any way except blood.  He is my lovely mother, Heather’s brother.  I don’t wanna get into Uncle G for now but just understand that there would have been words between us if he woke up while I was in the process of taking my mom’s car at midnight.  So I got away and headed to Huntington Beach.  I had my Sprint Palm Pixie all dialed in with the address to Polly’s house so I was sweet.  Except for the fact that I was fucking tired and certainly was not looking my handsome best, I was still reasonably confident that good times were in store for me.

I hadn’t seen Polly in about 13 years or so.  She used to be my girlfriend.  When I lived in Newport Shores and the Fun Zone, she was my bitch.  I met her years ago at this bar in Costa Mesa called the Lava Room.  I had gone there with my friend Justin Doyle, a resident of Australia (Melbourne) who I had met years prior in Hawaii where I was vacationing with my chick at that time, Elke.  So anyways, Justin came back down to California and was staying with me at my house on 37th and Seashore in Newport.  He slept on the floor of my room some nights.  Alot of times though he had to sleep on the living room floor which must have been a living hell for him because we had some fucked up roommates and they were dirty, loud, drunken louts.  The two couches in the living room were already being taken up by some fuckheads from New Jersey if I remember correctly.  The people out there didn’t go to bed ever or so it seemed and I’m sure Justin would have been pretty miserable those 3 or 4 nights a week when I was busy getting busy with sluts I pulled from Cassidy’s or Mutt Lynch’s or the Stag Bar.

Getting laid that year was like fishing in a barrel for me.  I lived two houses from the sand in Newport Beach, which meant that the out of towner hoes didn’t have to get in their Jettas or Cabriolets and drive anywhere to hook up so it was just fucking extremely easy to get them to come back to my house after a night of playing pool and getting wasted at Cassidy’s.  Basically I would just say “let’s walk over to my house” once they called Last Call and nine out of ten times that was a big 10-4 Good Buddy.

I mean really and truly, living anywhere in the vicinity of say 45th Street to the Pier in Newport gave guys a distinct advantage when it comes to pussy just for the convenience factor for all parties involved.  My roommates were always amenable to me bringing bitches back to the house so I always brought bitches back to the house. That was my role in our clan of hunter/gatherers.  Tony Mandich-Bitch Magnet.

Just kidding of course.  (about the bitch magnet).

All kidding aside the bottom line is that Justin couldn’t have been all that excited when I met Polly at the Lava Room.  For starters Polly was fucking hot hot hot hot hot and only 19 at the time.  She lived in Huntington Beach off of Newland somewhere and Justin got a sense that his little slice of heaven on my floor was slipping away from him, when for one of the first times that I can remember, I didn’t even try and get her to come to my house.  I don’t even remember kissing her that night.  I do remember wanting her to be naked and perched on my face for a couple of days but I kept those wants inside my head.  I simply obtained her phone number and gave her a little hug before Justin and I took off back to my house.

Stay tuned for Part 3

Four chicks for four paintings by Anthony Mandich

This is an idea for Anthony Mandich to paint


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