My Life is So Neat (IV)

So Polly gets in the car….I haven’t seen her in 14 years or some shit so its kind of strange to be back at her house once again in Huntington Beach, California picking her up.  Kind of strange?  How about fucking really strange.  Think about it, this chick is married (for the second time actually I found out later) and lives in another state.  The only reason we are in contact at all is because I randomly saw the facebook account of her SISTER on one of my buddy’s wives facebook accounts and only in passing.  I’m such a scatter brain that to have it hit me again at some point days later,and have the “could give afuckitis” strong enough to actually take th e time to find the sisters account again and scan through it until I found hers and to even bother looking at her scant pictures (maybe like 10 total) AND to find one that actually interested me enough to send her a message saying so, thus breaking the long frozen communication cube (doesn’t make sense sorry) and getting the ball rolling on this current “hey what’s up friend” status we have going on at the minute…..well let’s just say thats like one in a million.  There’s even more going against the chances of us ever talking to each other again then that but I won’t even go into that shit let’s just leave it at that.  All of these thoughts flew into and out of my head in about a second as I let her into the car.

I mean fuck.  I’m no emo kid.  Who gives a rat’s ass why she was in the car and what the chances of that happening could have been accurately predicted at before she got in?  I sure didn’t.  All I knew was that it was still pretty early for poker on a Friday night and I was being bought in by some chick that wanted to get fucked up and my buy in was the price for her being able to be in my magnificent and handsome presence.  One track mind for sure.  And its one track was definitely not “I want to fuck my Ex Girlfriend” . Who cares about that.  I can fuck chicks whenever I want to be actually honest so I wasn’t about to get all stoked on the chance of boning some chick I used to bone day after day a century ago!  Nah, my one track mind was all POKER POKER POKER.

Still though I had to get her to the casino, still in a relatively good mood and whatnot or I could kiss my buy in money good buy! Pun intended.  Gay pun at that.  So I went on the offensive, peppering her with questions that led directly from her answers, never really giving her a chance to catch her breath really, until we were walking into the casino towards the bar first (Jager Bomb for me-terribly prepared by the bartender and a big Two Thumbs down to that moron and a Corona for her on her).  After I got my warmish drink down I sorta waited her out until we were at the ATM and she pulled out some cash, gave me a hundy and said “see ya later” and went back to the bar. Five minutes later I was doubling up the fifty bucks that I bought in with, putting the other fifty dollar bill in my wallet as a definite souvenir to take home commemorating the Polly and Tony big reunion episode.

The hand I doubled up with went down like this.  I was in the big blind with pocket 8’s with one caller in front of me.  (Blinds are 1 and 2 respectively).  I raised it to like 11 and he quickly called.

I think its a shame and really sad that Jean Harlow died at age 26

It was definitely a Jack though.  Again he checked in front of me but this time something told me he was trying to do a trappy type check, feigning like that turn didn’t help him in any way.  He’s a bad player though, and it was kind of obvious that he had a jack to me.  Praying that he did, I “took the bait” and let him “trap me”.  I bet 20 which he raised to 40 which put me all in.  I pretended to think about it for a second but didn’t even want the rest of the table to get a glimpse of my Hollywood Acting Job just yet so I quickly just smiled and turned over my flopped set of 8’s and of course by that time he was drawing DEAD.  Even another Jack on the River which would give him trips would give me a boat and he was pretty pissed off about losing that hand.  He fully thought that he had conned me into calling with an inferior hand to his like Jack King or some shit.  Which really, if your poker game is all about “trapping” with top pair top kicker hands, then you are probably not only a losing player you are also usually the one getting trapped.  Anyways his shit Ace Jack hand was fucking dominated and he gathered the rest of his chips and hit the highway.  Too bad.  I would have loved to take all of his chips.

Stay tuned for part 5

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