Freaky Shit from Chris Gultch to Anthony Mandich

I’m about to play a No Limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament on Pokerstars and I just checked my Facebook Account quickly.  The first thing I noticed was that my buddy Chris Gultch (Death Mickies) posted the following link on my wall.:

You follow that link and it takes you to some chicks Myspace account and this fucked up music.  Slow Jamz is her name from Massachusetts or something.  The song is like some soupy love song where the dude is saying “I wanna know what turns on”. 

By the way in the poker tournament I called a FIVE WAY all in preflop with KKJJ and flopped trip Jacks and took down $7,500 on my first hand.  Moved me up to 6/6009 players.

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