2010: From A Creep’s Vantage Point

Peter Tosh said it best when he sang, “you can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.”  I don’t really even know if that was Peter Tosh to be honest but really I wonder if I am only fooling myself at times.  I can be sailing right along in this world, making friends, selling paintings, enjoying life the way it seems like it should be enjoyed.

marlboro: light smoke big cloud

Maybe “bad” is the wrong way to put it.  How about strange, unexpected, unexplainable shit starts happening.  I don’t mean good unexpected things unfortunately.  I’m talking more about things that are pretty much the polar opposite of what I was either hoping for or at least expecting.  Let me give you a few examples okay.

Out of the blue two months ago I got a call from a woman who was my recruiter at Kimco Financial.  Her name is Heather Pease and I consider her a friend now.  We’ve hung out socially and all that shit.  Anyhow, she calls me all excited and proceeds to let me know that she “found me a job”.  This is completely out of the blue on a Friday afternoon while I was on my way to San Manuel Casino to play in the $200+ No Limit Hold Em they offer.

I didn’t let her know how excited I was when she told me the job was Accounting Manager for Sole Technologies (maker of ‘es, Etnies, Emerica etc.) but inside I was stoked.  Long story short, after much ballyhooing (whatever that means) and pre-interview hysteria, I went to the interview, talked to the Controller and H.R. Manager for an hour or so, was informed that I would be called back the next week for Round 2 and I left.  It was an okay day anyhow because I met my good friend Heather Bell for lunch right before the interview started and also the interview went well (I thought…..).  I had an email about a day later from Krista who is not the H.R. Manager but is an internal recruiter for Sole Tech and the one who initially phone interviewed me, told me how great of a bubbly, optimistic, energetic soul I was etc.  She asked me how it went and why I thought I was the best candidate for the job.  I proceeded to write back a beautiful essay of sorts which I know was very well written and relevant because (a) I am a good writer and (b) I showed it to 5 or 6 people whose opinions I trust who told me it was very well written.

Now the fact is that I did not apply for this job, I was recommended for the position by someone (Heather Pease) who did not have any sort of vested interest in making this recommendation, not financial or otherwise.  I was told by Krista during our phone interview that this carried a lot of weight.  Since I did not apply and was asked to come in for the interview I was absolutely blown away by the fact that since the interview a month ago, I have not heard one thing regarding the position.  I mean I realize that I did not get it.  Duh.  That’s obvious by now.  I just can’t believe how fucking rude and disrespectful it is to not let me know that.  Especially considering that I have called all three of the individuals and emailed personal thank you letters after the interview to them as well.  In fact, with Krista, I have emailed her, called her and texted her.  All with zero response.  I find that terribly unprofessional and a bad way of doing business.  That’s example one.

Wow my hands are tired already after just one example.  Guess I’ll continue this later.


  1. I get the angst, believe me, I do. But don’t assume anything. I once applied for a job and didn’t hear anything for 6 months. I was hired. People get busy and put things on the back burner. Try to not take it personally. I know it’s hard but try. I’m sorry man. You never know, you can still get a phone call punkin’. A good unexpected one.



    1. Aunty I love it when you call me poodle and punkin’ it reminds me of the old days when i used to get wasted at your christmas eve parties every year and you and I would dance until the wee hours, completely smashed, in fact shit faced and then when i would pass out, how you and all of the other cousins and relatives and what not, would gather round the drunk and rebellious preteen Anthony Mandich, and proceed to write and draw strange and wonderful pictures and poems over every square inch of visible skin on my body, or how sometimes you guys would shave my underarm hairs with a dull razor and also a big chunk out of head too, then dress me up in my christmas sweater, pile all the blankets in the house on me, drag me directly in front of the fire place where you had stoked a raging inferno, turn the heat up to the HELL setting and then leave the room laughing and chuckling and singing christmas carols while i nearly died from hyPERthermia due to the nearly twenty percent increase in my internal body temperature, which was of course well past the mark that would usually guarantee brain death, stroke or at least a painful aneurism. Wow good times, good family, good life huh? thanks for the memories Aunty Michelle!!! See you soon hopefully!



  2. I totally understand.

    I applied for a position in a different department at the University where I am presently employed. I have a master’s degree…while it is in architecture, it has prepared me for tons of different positions. I am a designer! I have graphic design skills, I can build a website, work on nearly any graphic program you could imagine, write well, talk well, and I am NOT afraid to talk in front of crowds. I started presenting my projects before a jury in my first year of school…I am an excellent presenter, I am eloquent and can take a position and sell it…especially if it is something I believe in.

    So…I apply for this job…where I will be pitching new ideas for the nursing dept. to the deans and provosts…big deal…I have presented projects and design schemes to the Ahmansons! The job involves advising students. I already advise students, and have been celebrated by the university for my care and attention toward the students. I even had these letters celebrating my work with the kids forwarded to the search committee.

    The job closed on July 15. I have called or emailed once a week…they told me someone on the committee had surgery and the search was postponed until the 1st of Aug in the mean time…the job is posted “open until filled”…which means everybody and their brother has now applied and the competition will be even stiffer…I will stop by the office again on Friday when I take my walk at lunch… but my hope is dwindling.

    I really love my job, and the people I get to associate with. But this would mean allot more money, and a move from a classified position to a professional position. I really wanted this. Maybe it’s better. I make less, but I can wear jeans and a tee shirt to work…the other would require me busting out the blazers and dress slacks…wearing tights to cover my tattoos…



    1. Kellie you are quickly immersing yourself into the lions den my friend and mother. Your comments lead me to believe that you can sell ice to Eskimos and therefore it begs the question. Why, Kellie, is your son Anthony not a more famous artist today if you are in possession of said skills, many of which I have always been privy to growing up? Don’t you think its high time you use your descriptive linguistic beauty to further the cause of my art career in every imaginable way?

      Your duty to your offspring is not presently being fulfilled, in the opinion of said offspring. It would give me great filial love in my heart were you to rectify this unfortunate set of circumstances post haste. Thank you in advance dear mother.




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