big mouth strikes

Anthony Xanadu Mandich Its a pity that someone so beautiful as you has forgotten her true love Anthony. Woe is me Shelly. Where did the love go baby doll? What happened to your dreams of a magical night at a secret beach, two young lions cavorting elegantly in the shorebreak, eating seals and dolphins toether and then making mystical leo …love? sniffle sniffle…i’m heartbroken. my lion heart is broken and i wanna start eating some humans to lash out

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Diane Garcia Schneider NERD!

Yesterday at 09:12 ·

Shelly Mcgeath Haha Diane. I know right

Yesterday at 13:43 ·

Diane Garcia Schneider Someone has to tell him!! LOL ; )

Yesterday at 14:52 ·

Anthony Xanadu Mandich i was gone all yesterday so i didn’t see this short but sweet gem from you two. i’m going to publish it as a stand alone blog right now. finally a couple ladies with some game. good for you.

A few seconds ago · ·

i see a little light even though its still night

i give you all a boy could give you take my tears and thats not really all tainted love

sweetness, sweetness i was only joking when i said i’d like to mash your three tooth in your head

it’s pouring rain it’s pouring rain

last night she said oh baby i feel so down and i don’t know why i’ve been walking for miles

show me secret sins love can be like bondage seduce me once again

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