Sneaking into Pechanga

This was written and unpublished January 17th, 2011.

My friend Dxxxn Mxxxxxxn paroled from the California Men’s Colony West Yard approximately two months ago.  I got a chance to hang out with him yesterday and last night for the first time in quite a few years.  I’ve known Dxxxn since I was a young lad.  He is a couple years older then me.  Its kind of strange that this guy has been in prison plenty of times and yet, of all the people I currently have connections with in the  non cyber world, I would have to say that he is one of the few that I would trust to be in my house alone for an extended period of time without having to worry about anything going missing or  my house being trashed etc.  Much like my friend, Charles McEldowney (Rest in Peace Charlie), Dxxxn is a testament to the adage that there is indeed, honor among thieves.

He came over with a bottle of vodka and a bottle of 7-up asking me, “hey do you have any ice?  I really need a drink.”  I was like “Dxxxxxxxxxxxxn Mxxxxxxn, what’s up buddy?  Sure I have ice, do you want cubed or crushed?”  He was down with the cubed.  I made myself a drink as well.  He had a Vodka-7.  I had a Vodka-7 too, except it was a special one, hold the Vodka.  LOL.  I’m not really a very big drinker anymore.  Just not down with it.

It was a fun time.  We talked about interesting shit like prison stories.  He told me all kinds of crazy stories.  I showed him my paintings.  He was in awe.  Truly he was.  I even convinced him to not only drive us to Pechanga, but even kick down cash to gamble with.  Now that’s a good kid don’t you think?  Of course I had bragged that I was a pretty savvy individual when it comes to gambling.  Everything I said turned out to be true as hell.  He gave me twenty bucks for Cleopatra Keno and I proceeded to turn that into 80.  We went to a blackjack table and he gave me a hundred bucks to buy in with.  He didn’t even want to play but was content to stand behind me and watch me.  I proceeded to turn that into 190.

All the intense gambling got our hunger up so we went and had dinner in the food court.  I had an excellent cheeseburger and french fries with ranch dressing.  I also showed Dxxxn how crazy I was by making myself a “suicide” drink with all of the fountain drinks they had available.  We’re talking maybe 17 different things and I used them all including the unsweetened tea and all the diet stuff.  I  know it doesn’t really sound all that appetizing but trust me it was really very good.

After a relaxing and interesting dinner I decided that we should go upstairs to the poker room.  I wanted Dxxxn to see my poker prowess.  Of course I kicked ass in the $1/$2 No Limit Hold ’em ($40 minimum buy in).  I won all of the hands which I went to showdown with including this one memorable thriller where this old lady raised it to $6 bucks preflop from the button with Pocket Queens.  I had Jack and Four of hearts in the big blind.  There were like 6 people in the hand so even though my hand wasn’t that amazing preflop, I was definitely getting the right odds to call the additional $4.   I flopped two pair and suckered the lady to call my all in bet.  I took that old woman DOWN!  She was very nice about it and congratulated me on a good hand.  I thought it was a pretty classy move on her part especially since my starting hand was so shitty compared to her Pocket Queens.

Anyway, I didn’t finish this post when I started it like about a week ago so maybe I could write a little more some other day but not right now lol.

Not sure what I was thinking

Hi, My name is Anthony Mandich and I truly mean it


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