Fascist CBS decides to pull Serene Branson stroke video after it goes viral

CBS television reporter Serene Branson had difficulty forming words during a live update before the Grammy awards on Sunday night.  Apparently the short video clip went viral very quickly.  Fast forward to an hour ago.  To a room in Norco, California where a  guy named Anthony Mandich finally gets to a subject he’d had in the back of his mind to do a little research on all day….Serene Branson. That guy Anthony is me.  I’m a little frustrated already I’ll give you that.  But clicking on link after fucking link to try and find this stupid fucking clip of Branson having her stroke or whatever it was on live television got me even more frustrated.

Try googling the story yourself.  You aren’t going to find the fucking video because.  Oh you will find plenty of sites claiming they have the video.  You will click on them and then wait patiently as your toxically slow fucking internet connection loads the video player which will begin  exhibiting signs that it is buffering, that there really is a video there.  A minute or two will pass.  Then the following LAME FUCKING MESSAGE APPEARS ON THE VIDEO PLAYER:  This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CBS.

I tried several different blog and news sites and everyone of them had the same toxic fucking result.  This result has pissed me right the fuck off.  What does CBS think it is achieving by pulling this video off of the internet after it has already swept across the nation and in fact the world?  All the claim has done is piss people off and make people resent the Big Brother tactics displayed by CBS in handling this story.  Fucking lames.

Okay enough of my rant.  This particular frustration is one of a litany of similar (yet different) frustrations I am enduring at this point in my existence.  I’m not much of a psychotic overreacting lunatic huh?  Really, I’m not! (Chuckling softly to myself— not LOLing)  The point of this little post is to express my Dislike of not being able to find the video immediately upon jfgiing (just fucking google it) it.  It just seems stupid and is not going to buy the reporter her dignity back, if she even lost any to begin with.  I would like to know the rationale behind the decision.  So if anyone knows what that is, please comment on this post and let me know.  I’m reasonably sure that it has something to do with not wanting people to have ammunition to keep the issue alive and do parodies and skits and all of the normal sub sewer rat mentality type things fucking idiots do on youtube and other sites.

If you are simply interested in finding out what all the overblown hoopla was all about and you are not too stoked that you can’t view the fucking thing then I will provide you a link to see the video.

I watched it a couple of times and I was not impressed.  I didn’t feel particularly bad for the lady reporter, Serene Branson.  She had a temporary speech impediment due to a medical condition.  An unverified condition, allegedly a mini stroke.  She garbled her words for like 5 seconds.  End of story in my mind.  Who really gives a shit about all the speculation.  Fuck all that shit.  I wish her well, a speedy recovery etc.  Hopefully she goes to work for a less censorship prone organization.  CBS, you can fucking suck it.

Anthony Mandich will probably die of a stroke himself but for now he is one sexy man.




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