Ian McCall (# 1 Flyweight in the World)

Ticket For Ian's Fight in Hawaii

Congratulations to my friend Ian McCall for his awesome performance vs. Jussier da Silva, the  number one ranked flyweight in the world and undefeated coming into their match on the Tachi Palace fights card February 18th, 2011.  I just got a chance to watch the video of the fight and it was really something!

Ian's a bad ass man with a nice mustache

Lean and ready to fuck shit up

For the rest of the fight da Silva tried in vain for another opportunity to submit the resilient McCall.  Too bad his efforts were met with nothing but upper cuts, jabs, overhand rights and lefts and the one time da Silva did manage to get McCall down (at the end of the third round) he was given a steady diet of elbows strikes to the top of the head.  That’s how the fight ended with McCall delivering elbow strikes and giving every ounce of fight that he possessed in his body to the top of da Silva’s head.

Now 9-2 with his only losses coming to Dominick Cruz (UFC 135 lb. Champion) and Charlie Valencia (one tough motherfucker), Mr. Ian McCall is in line for a title shot in August, 2011 and trust me he is going to win that fight and stand alone above the flyweight division.

Congratulations to you Ian and keep up the destruction my man.  You are bad ass.


  1. I just wanted to throw this out there. First, Ian McCall is fighting in May, 2011. Its not a championship fight as the champion is not available for a bit due to an injury suffered in his last fight. I believe Ian tweeted that, “the champion hurt his vagina”or something to that effect. Second, I am the official artist for Mr. McCall, Future Flyweight Champion, Ultimate Fighting Championship. I am very proud to be recognized by Ian and his mother Denny, as Ian’s official artist.



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