People Who Died

I just got done watching Basketball Diaries for the first time.  I have Netflix now so it was as simple as rating a few movies that I’ve already seen, pushing enter and voila! Basketball Diaries was the top rated selection for me to watch.  My friend Sean Stenlake of all people is the one who told me about the movie and the song “People Who Died”.  That song is a trip.  One of those songs that a person who has faced the loss of loved ones in bunches can definitely relate to.

I think about death quite a bit for some reason.  I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with it exactly.  Its kind of an unfathomable idea for me though.  Death.  It seems so final.  Self absorbed as I am, its hard for me to imagine how the world would continue to function without me.  Realistically, everybody would talk about my death for about five minutes and then it would be back to their lives.  I suppose that is the way it should be.  Who wants to dwell on some dead guy?

I’ve known quite a fair number of people who are no longer alive.  Maybe in the afterlife or wherever they are, if you remember them it gives them some kind of energy or something and makes them more “alive” for lack of a better word.  I think maybe I should take the time, now, to remember the people that I’ve known that are no longer on this planet.  I’m doing this in the hope that they get some sort of psychic charge out of this and it helps comfort them wherever they may be now and also helps them live on somehow, in some form.  Who knows.  Maybe their is a crazy world out there where the dead people live and they are in some kind of a war or something and they need that energy to carry on their fight.  Woudn’t that be something?  And if you could see that world right now would you see people who lived a thousand years ago who no longer even get the indirect flicker of psychic energy from here on earth so they are stuck forever? Stuck like an automobile that runs out of gas.  For a while that car sits and all it needs is a small amount of fuel and a turn of the key and its off and running again.  But if it sits for too long its going to take more then gasoline to get it going again.  If it sits for too long its going to need a new battery.  If years go by even a new battery isn’t going to do the trick.  The decomposable parts like rubber hosing and belts and stuff rot away, the oil turns into sludge, the rain rusts the metal, thieves vandalize its body and steal the valuable parts.  Eventually the pile of junk metal may not even be recognizable as a car.  Is this what happens to the dead who died so long ago that nobody remembers them?  I truly hope not.

That sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it?  If I’m not mistaken though, its the natural order of things.  I think it might be important to take the time to remember the human beings that existed before us.  Really take the time and think about them and think good thoughts for them.  Wish them well in whatever battles they are fighting.  Give them comfort and peace through the power of your prayers and beseech the God that controls the whole universe to show them a little love and to perhaps have mercy on you when your number is called.

Stay tuned for my roll call.  I’ll do it in my next post.

Be thankful for every hour that blood courses through your veins and for every breath you draw and every beat of your heart my friends.  Life is short.

Spring is in the air and Anthony Mandich is going to enjoy this summer!

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