People….they don’t understand

I am literally blasting my music so fucking loud right now its sick.  Taking full advantage of having a five bedroom house that I share with only one other human being and a bevy of friendly ghosts.  May 1 is D-Day for Anthony Mandich, Artist and Urban Legend.  I’m going to miss this house and Sean Stenlake my very good friend and his  Playmate girlfriend Natasha (who is a hot little piece of ass let me tell you).  I’m going to miss them for sure but I will still get to see them…probably more often then I do now actually.

Its the ghosts that I’m really going to miss.  I don’t really think they are going to be following me and that causes a pain in my heart that you just wouldn’t understand.

I’m a creature of the night no doubt about that.   I love being alone late late late as fucking hell at night on an empty freeway cruising to or from playing poker or just alone here in my room.  I feel in tune with the ghosts that live in this room with me.  Both of my grandparents used to live in this room.  Both of my grandparents are dead.  But not dead to me.  You see they live in here with me.  At least a part of them do.  My grandpa Archie actually died in this house.  Not in this room but downstairs surrounded by who knows how many people.  The spectators, his children and grandchildren, nephews and nieces and cousins were kind enough to see him off as he began his journey…..back upstairs to my room hahahaha.  He’ s here for sure.

He’s gotta be here or  else tell me a reason why I get this insane urge to go out back and check on the fucking pigeons all the time!  My grandpa loved pigeons and he used to raise them in Trinidad and in California.  He was a funny and bad ass little bird man.  Then there’s my grandmother, Granny Bayne.   She didn’t really consider herself my grandmother in reality though.  My mom had me when she was only 16, and of course still lived with her parents.  She actually found out that she was preggers with me while the family was on the bloody boat to America.  How funny is that?  Hot.  Anyways my grandma definitely considered me as her son.  When I talk about Archie and Brenda Bayne in a special issue of People Who Died:  Roll Call I’ll tell you guys some funny as shit stories about my granny.  She was so rad and believe me she inhabits this room for sure for sure for sure.

There is one more ghost that stays in this room with me and I feel like she is protecting me and I am protecting her.  She makes my heart hurt so bad sometimes that I almost can’t handle the overwhelming enormity of the pure emotion that washes over me.  Tears goosebumps and all sorts of familiar (since Valentine’s Day 09) and oddly comforting feelings.  That’s my sister Natalie Ann Mandich Amador.  My little sister Nat.  She loved to stay awake late too and she lived in this room for a few years.  She’s my little voice of reason a lot of nights, I swear she actually talks to me and I know that sometimes she is a bit jealous that I’m taking off to enter the world of the night outside this room.  I’m sure she cruises other places too but I get this feeling that she is as comfortable as an old family dog when I’m here just internetting it up or doing my paintings and pantings hahahaha.  She loves it when I’m here and I’m going to miss her so much when I am forced to leave.

People that read this are going to say that they are going to be with me forever in my heart and all that shit.  I don’t want to hear it honestly although I do truly appreciate the effort.  Its just not going to be the same.  For instance I’m currently blasting 2+2=5 by Radiohead as I type this.  I got this guy Aaron Maturino over at my house right now.  I’m pretty much ignoring him and I’m lost in my head but not totally lost because my grandparents are there too watching me…I can sense my granny always getting ready to give me some sort of advice like she always did.  Even as a ghost I just brush it off like I always did.  I loved giving her shit so she would cluck away like a wounded chicken it was one of my favorite pastimes.  Nat’s here too she wants to go to the casino with me I can feel that and since I’m going and she can’t she’s not that stoked and she wants me to hang out here all night.  I can’t do that but I will leave the Radiohead blaring away for her.  Fuck it.

This entry is about me just cherishing the tried and tested and dysfunctionality of my life here on 2654 Steeplechase Way for the last ten days.  Part of that is of course leaving for the night at 2 in the morning to return when the sun is out.  Doing what I want as one of  God’s children free to roam the planet as a living human being for at least one more day.  This entry is about me going to challenge fate and destiny and the sheep that live here while evading the true forces of destructo nightmares that are always chasing me and beckoning me closer.  Thank God I have Nat to steer me clear of that riffraff.

Come with me Granny Grandpa and Natalie.  Follow me wherever I go and lets continue  our ludicrous adventure forever can we?  With Radiohead providing the auditory stylings of course.  I certainly hope it all comes out the way I envision it.  Purple skies and floating along with all of my   thousands of  girlfriends, all of us  just being hot forever.  I can’t believe I’m going to post this nonsense but I am.  I have no shame so fuck it and have a good night for the three of you that read all the way to this point I love you thanks a million.

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