Blow Me: Straight talk about Gay Men

The following is the verbatim chat log that happened on Facebook between Anthony Mandich (representing the Straight community) and Stephen Haproff (for the Gay community).  Note:  the language contained within this chat will shock and offend most, if not all of you, including gays, straights, and whatever else there is on this kinky planet.  Don’t say you weren’t warned…..

If you are not of the legal age to at least buy cigarettes in every state of the great USA, you have no business reading this entry and I command you to close this browser window immediately.  Thank you.

Anthony Mandich


11:46 Anthony mandich

you too sweetie

11:46 Stephen haproff


do you know who you’re talking to?

11:47 Anthony mandich

of course i do jackal breath

it was meant to be a shocker

listen to this song immediately or i will kill you

11:49 Stephen haproff

listening now

but my computer is slooooooow buffering

11:49 Anthony mandich

well make it happen or i will buffer you dude

did you know that i am a handsome motherfucking DEVIL???

11:50 Stephen haproff

wow so hostile


you are handsome

11:50 Anthony mandich

i’m naturally aggresive thats what thats all about i’m a king

11:56 Stephen haproff

okay, I listened. now what

so, you dont kill me…

maybe you could blow me?

11:56 Anthony mandich

did you like that song?

depends how big your cock is lol

11:56 Stephen haproff

I loved the song

I actually remember it

my cock is mmmm… lets see… 6.5ish

11:57 Anthony mandich

did you remember tha ti am bad ass

11:57 Stephen haproff

how could I forget

you keep reminding me

11:57 Anthony mandich

thats not enough girth for for me kid

11:58 Stephen haproff

thats the length…

its REALLY fat

most cant take it

but the size queens love it

11:58 Anthony mandich

yeah fucking right.

you talk like your a slut but we both know your a one man man


get it ]

11:59 Stephen haproff

i get it

11:59 Anthony mandich

a one man man


thats fucking priceless

11:59 Stephen haproff


11:59 Anthony mandich

don’t patronize me stephen

11:59 Stephen haproff

the funniest thing about that is how funny you think it is

I would never

11:59 Anthony mandich

well you are

and i will stab

with the flesh knife

11:59 Stephen haproff



no one has stabbed me with the flesh knife for a loooooong time

12:00 Anthony mandich


i was just kidding

don’t get all turned on via facebook chat dude thats crazy talk my man

12:01 Stephen haproff

now Im hard as a rock and leaking everywhere

12:01 Anthony mandich



i’m making this into a blog

send me a pic

12:01 Stephen haproff


12:01 Anthony mandich


12:01 Stephen haproff

of my fuckstick?

12:01 Anthony mandich

no you deviant

just a stupid picture of you and some of your gay friends being gay

come on now don’t dilly dally

thats my new saying by the way

come on now

you say it like this


12:02 Stephen haproff

cum on my face

12:03 Anthony mandich

cuz its time for me stop this jibber jabber and hey enough of the erotic fantasy shit dude i’ve known you since i was a young school boy with rouind buttocks and a cute smile

12:03 Stephen haproff

and a tight ass

what happened to you? you were such a cute kid

trouble for sure, but cute

12:04 Anthony mandich

if you don’t send me that stud necklasce immediately to 2654 steeplechasee way norco california 92860

we’re all gonnnnnnnnna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:04 Stephen haproff

I will send it to you!

no one could wear it like you

not even me

12:04 Anthony mandich

i am dead serious

12:04 Stephen haproff

that shit was fucked up

12:04 Anthony mandich

you better wend that shit

12:05 Stephen haproff

you can see that I was totally tweaked in that pic

12:05 Anthony mandich


thats okay twizzzzzlah

12:05 Stephen haproff

thats my favorite “before” picture

tells it like it was

12:06 Anthony mandich

you were rolling the glass cock around like a champ. now are you really gonna send me that necklace or does shit have to go down?

12:06 Stephen haproff

Im going to go home tonight and see if I can find that necklace

I think its in my “junk” drawer


12:06 Anthony mandich

thanks. okay i will hold off on sending my boys over.

12:06 Stephen Haproff


are the boys as hung as you?

12:06 Anthony mandich

alright stephen my favorite homosexual man of all time i will have to let you go now.

12:07 Stephen haproff

hasta la vista baby

12:07 Anthony mandich

how do you know how hung i am? have you seen my cock?

12:07 Stephen haproff



not that I recall


then how would you know the size of my glistening, erect, love tool

12:07 Stephen haproff

unless it was in that brief period in West hollywood when you were turning tricks on santa monica blvd

12:08 Anthony mandich

i never turned any tricks. i gave it away

12:08 Stephen haproff


12:08 Anthony mandich

you like my erotic descriptions

12:08 Stephen haproff

thats what my mom always told me… “stephen, how you gonna make a living at it if you keeep giving it away”

12:08 Anthony mandich

lol i knew you would your a simple yet elegant pervert is what you are sir. i am going to tell my mom on you.

12:09 Stephen haproff

I know how big it is cuz you always tell me


it aint all that

those who have, use it

those who dont, brag about it

12:10 Anthony mandich

btw have you ever seen the show

trust me i use that shit all the time doggy

12:11 Stephen haproff

mmmm hmmm

course you do

12:11 Anthony mandich

uh huh…huh

okay so listen. this is being published on the public internet so i just want you

12:12 Stephen haproff

you want me?

I knew it

12:12 Anthony mandich

to know that (lol) the hesitation was so perfect)

you are so easy to lead

i wish you knew how to play poker joker

12:12 Stephen haproff

baby, I am NOTHING if not easy

I always say so

12:13 Anthony mandich

don’t forget my stud neckalce i mean it you didnt even get me a birthday presebnt and i was shocked and horrified about that.

12:13 Stephen haproff

I got your present right here, I was just waiting to see you before I shot it all over you

12:14 Anthony mandich

you’re in the wrong

12:14 Stephen haproff




12:14 Anthony mandich

thats not nice man i ‘m telling catherine happroff on you

12:14 Stephen haproff


she knows how wrong I am

12:14 Anthony mandich

hey you know who i really used to want badly badly badly is your sister andy happroff.


i have masturbated with your sisters face in my mind many many times

12:15 Stephen haproff

I believe you

she still lives in that same house on Vicentia


12:15 Anthony mandich

whats she up to these days

12:15 Stephen haproff

now you’ve crossed the line


being a mom

2 girls

18 & 14


12:16 Anthony mandich

is she hot still

and there is no lines between us pal

jocelyn had some nice boobs and a helluvan ass



its so unfair really cuz you can’t say anything about my sister she’s dead

12:17 Stephen haproff

I know

12:17 Anthony mandich

so i get to abuse you

12:17 Stephen haproff

I made out with her once though

12:17 Anthony mandich

and you have to take it

12:17 Stephen haproff

at cassy’s wedding

12:17 Anthony mandich

who natalie?

you bad boy

12:17 Stephen haproff


12:17 Anthony mandich

thats hot

12:17 Stephen haproff

we were both trashed

my sisters were pissed

I was already gay

12:18 Anthony mandich

natalie would love this convo actually she would think it was so funny and that i was retarded

12:18 Stephen haproff

we both are

12:18 Anthony mandich

why were your sisters pissed

12:18 Stephen haproff

thank god

they thought being gay meant that I shouldnt get pisssed drunk and make out with chicks

I guess

12:19 Anthony mandich

thats gay

pardon the pun

so back to your sister andy

12:19 Stephen haproff

I dont think that was a pun, I think it was simply redundant

12:19 Anthony mandich

i wanna do things with her that make me feel all funny inside

it wasn’t redundant dunce

don’t try to come across as some brilliant poet


12:20 Stephen haproff

I aint


nah just kidding you are a brilliant poet

12:21 Stephen haproff

you are

12:21 Anthony mandich

but can we please get back to andrea happroff and her catholic school uniform? that does things to me that you shouldn’t really be knowing about sir.

12:21 Stephen haproff

no I shouldnt

are you whacking off right now?

12:23 Anthony mandich


but i have before

to andy and jocelyn not catherine

12:24 Stephen haproff

I can honestly tell you that I never jacked off to you

does that bum you out

12:25 Anthony mandich

not at all. i would be actually horrified and shocked if you did

can you try to be a good kid for once though

12:25 Stephen haproff

it’s my lifes goal to horrify and shock you, so if you’ll excuse me for a moment I gotta go and…

okay, I’ll be good

12:26 Anthony mandich

bye stay tuned for a nice blog


  1. Hey, what happens on Facebook should stay on Facebook! I think your “lil” and yes I do mean “LITTLE” buddy was jacking off to your chat banter. Hell, maybe you both were? I personally am a huge fan of group wanks and circle jerks (even the band) and calling gay men “fucking faggots” just like that nigger “Kobe” did….Thank you Krashthrills for the informative “Straight talk about Gay Men” blog, you have heightened my awareness to notice when gays start wanting you to “taste the rainbow” and not from a skittles bag…



  2. I didn’t even read this or proofread it since the actual chat itself so I didn’t know what to expect when I just read it right now for the first time. All I can say is: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!



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