This takes the cake.

Well there is this site called People You Will See in Hell that I have visited several times. I was reading the article called Brian and Shannon Gore

Show them the mercy they showed their own children

tonight.  I tried to respond to the author of the article but for some reason the site’s commenting/contact us section is closed.  Therefore, until I can send my response to them, I am going to publish it here to ensure it doesn’t get forgotten.  You can read the story for yourself.  Here is the link:

I just got done writing them a letter because I was so sad and mad after reading the story that I felt compelled to write to them.  Here is my letter:

Dear Max the Cat at,

Regarding:  Brian and Shannon Gore

You know, I’ve also been reading the horror stories on this site for about a year.  Every time I come on to this site, I eventually find a story that leaves me feeling horrified and heartsick.  I don’t know why I continue to subject myself to it actually.  The stories are well written for the most part; although they do go beyond a simple reporting of the facts.  They are written in a way that elicits an emotional response from the reader.  Invariably the emotional response is pure sad sympathy for the victim; especially children, combined with a strong feeling of revulsion, anger and hatred directed at the monster responsible.   I have done my own mini-investigations into several stories to verify that such unspeakable and unbelievable atrocities had indeed been committed.  You see, some of the stories defy belief.  It just seems inconceivable and not possible for some of these things to have actually taken place and yet each and every story is supported in some way by my searches of prison inmates, newspapers etc.


Brian and Shannon Gore make me feel ashamed to be a part of the human race.  They really do.  Words can’t even begin to describe how much I actually hate them, just from reading what you wrote in this short story.  Needless to say I hope that they rot and suffer for what they did to that little innocent six year old child.  What more can I say?  They are stupid, ignorant, selfish, evil scum and that is the bottom line.


I’ll close by saying this.  I really don’t like this web site.  I hate the fact that this type of shit goes on in the world.  I worry about my own soul and the souls of the world if people have no problem committing acts like this.  In particular this case is so heinous because its not an isolated incident.  This is a protracted case of torture and human suffering and the victim is just a little kid.  She was eating her own skin?  Are you fucking kidding me? I mean really now.  So, Brian and Shannon had no problem sitting around eating pizza, watching tv, living their lives in other words while their flesh and blood daughter is sitting in a cage, encrusted in her own waste and fucking eating her own skin?  Hell….immediately.  That is my judgment on these two.  They actually make me angry.

This site has chronicled some of the most depraved, twisted and stupidly evil atrocities that exist in this modern world.  For me, right now, this story tops the charts.


I guess I feel it is my duty to read these stories, if only for the fact that the poor victim in each and every story gets a bit of psychic comfort because someone on the planet is thinking about them and feeling their pain.


I’m just going to have to start spacing the visits out a little longer though, because my night is ruined after that one.


Nice job writing this up.  Thanks, even though it gave me the heaviest of hearts.


Anthony Mandich

California, USA




  1. I am sick to my stomach, it frightens me to think that fucked up “monsters” like this even walk on this earth. Disturbing. My heart hurts for that poor little girl. I am sure they both are going to rot in hell, but not til they get what is coming for them once they are in prison.



    1. I know right. Seriously though. I just can’t imagine that level of cruelty being perpetrated against a kid over such a long period of time. Its like even worse then serial killers and shit. That was their own daughter for Christ’s sake.



  2. I read the story watched the video and read your response which mirrored what I thought exactly other then that you explained it in a way I would never be able to match



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