honey you got to slow down

You need a love that’s gonna last. My oh my. As these nights get colder and darker and I feel more a part of the universal rhythms that sing to me in enchanting voices of angels I can’t help but wonder if that love is going to come my way in this life.

These days I feel close to nobody individually and everybody collectively. Certainly I hop around, spreading myself very thin. Everybody that wants a piece and some that don’t share me for a few ticks of the clock before I am off to my next rounds.

Lady luck with her fang filled pussy gets my best of everything today and that’s a shame. Well I can’t worry about lasting love until I break it off with that tramp.


  1. Back in the final days of psychotic relationship with April Shand, our anonymous comment writer in this instance. I don’t think anyone should be able to bad mouth anyone on the internet without owning up to it.



    1. Stealing from Lady Luck? hahahahaha seeing that lady luck is just an idea and not a real person i would have to say no. what a strange weird anonymous comment to make. with bad grammar as well. lol. have a good day weirdo.



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