The Kindness of Strangers

A few months ago while panhandling for gas money at the Valero gas station on Pechanga Parkway a guy who owned a medical marijuana dispensary in Temecula first gave me $5 cash which I was totally stoked on.  Then I guess he had second thoughts and came over to my pump (always pump 12 over at Valero), swiped his credit card, told me to fill it up, and proceeded to drive away.  I put over a hundred dollars worth of gas in my van and I was so blown away by that guys kindness.  I forgot his fucking name which is a shame because I remember posting something about him on Facebook saying that he made me have faith in the world again or some dribble like that.

After I lost my money one day at Morongo Casino, I wandered into the high limit slots area where this lady named Anna had just won a $2500 jackpot on a $1 dollar slot kind of like China Shores but with with cowboys and what not.  She filled the whole screen up with these little fucking windmills.  Anyways, I said something like, “lucky five dollars for me”? And she asked me if I wanted five bucks and I said YES.  I lost that five bucks really quick and I just sorta wandered back to where she was.  She didn’t seem to mind at all which I am very perceptive to because I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s gambling entertainment by watching them win and hitting them up for cash.  Plus the casino will kick you out for doing that shit.  Anyways while I’m sitting there she wins a thousand bucks and turns to me and give me a high five.  So I was thinking for sure I could get some cash from her hahahaha.  I said, “how about a twenty” and sure enough she said hell yea and actually called a change person over, broke a hundred dollar bill and gave me forty bucks.  That was so cool.  Then I was still sitting there and like five minutes later she says I’m her good luck charm and tells me that if she wins another jackpot she will give me a hundred bucks.  Well I had just lost four hundred so I was stoked to hear that.  Five minutes later she wins another jackpot for 1700 and gives me a hundred dollar bill.  Anna, you are a cool ass lady!


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