The teensy weensy tip of the iceberg called PIECE of SHIT File.

Katherine Nadal, a bitch from Texas,  was allegedly high on coke, Xanax and methadone when she got the bright idea to cut off her son’s penis and testicles, effectively ensuring him the life of a eunuch from here on out.  Her son was five weeks old.  Thankfully she received a ninety nine year prison sentence.  On the  Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s online inmate locator, Nadal has a projected release date of May 10th, 2106.  That is not a typo.  She is scheduled to be released from prison next century after having been convicted on one count of Injury to Child SBI.

Jacquiline “Nikki” Reynolds was 17 when she killed her adopted mother for no apparent reason.  I stumbled across this crazy chick when combing through the State of Florida’s online inmate locator.  Just randomly popped in the name Reynolds and started checking out all the seemingly interesting looking inmates.  This girl Nikki Reynolds had a hot prison id photo so I started researching her online before possibly sparking up a little letter writing relationship.  Good thing I did because the chick is psycho and got all obsessed with some guy named Carlos Infante in high school and ended up stabbing her mother to death one fine evening.  Even after watching her “Snapped” episode and listening to her interrogation video and reading everything I could find about her, I still can’t come up with the twisted  reason behind her stabbing mom.  She is getting out of jail soon…

Asshole,  Joe Smith,  killed this poor girl Carla Brucia on Super Bowl Sunday in 2004. He was high on cocaine and horny I guess.  His life was super shitty because of his addiction problems and family problems and this and that and whatever blah blah blah.  So he decided to abduct this poor little 12 year old girl, and it was caught on CCTV from the car wash where it happened.  He raped her, strangled her and left her body on the grounds of a church.  He blamed everyone but himself  for his horrible crime and he got sentenced to death.  Thank God for that.

This past weekend some dude at a Seattle Home Show got arrested when he was caught with a little video camera attached to his foot with a mirror all going through his iphone.  The hot MILF he was trying to videotape was concerned the dude was standing so close and looked to her husband to help.  Hubby came through and tackled the dude.  He got charged with voyeurism.  He was an old looking ugly bastard. 





13 thoughts on “The teensy weensy tip of the iceberg called PIECE of SHIT File.

    1. I don’t know Nikki Reynolds but this site is a bunch of shit..we all make mistakes and she has done her time.


      1. Worked with her and her BF; was friends with them with my girlfriend at the time as we all worked together. She had serious mental problems. Was adopted and became obsessed with Carlos. But we would all hang out some nights after work, it was an Ice Skating rink. Very religious family. But very bi polar schizo/ Was a very nice girl but hat mental problems. A few times we hung out just us when my girl and her guy were working till hanging out with a group later. We were not great friends. But part of a group all worked and chilled with a few beers some nights all about 16-18 ish years old. Normal shit. But she would def say some crazy shit to me when alone. Ask me to go tell her bfriend that I passed her house and saw her being taken out in an ambulance. She would do anything to keep him. Instead of therapy the parents took her to church. As you see problems add up. Later also finding the real mother who gave up for adoption had problems and tried to even end the pregnancy/ She was not right. But no one ever expected what she did. She spent from 17-the age of 37 in jail and had mental problems. From all I know it was reduced from as many as 39 years. Must have been a good inmate to do 85% and get out good behavior. But she 100% had a mental disorder and did a terrible thing. But a lot more is not known about her. I dont think she ever got in trouble except for the single worst thing you can do. I dont think she is a future problem to society and spent the best 20 years of life in jail. Lets she what she does now, not a mentally messed up 17 year old is like at closing in on 40

        A last note I did hear from one time after. And from the horses mouth. It was all about a teenage mental obsession with the boyfriend and she loved her mother but in her twisted mind at the time her mom was going to mess her plan for Carlos, again just as bad, up. The killing of her mother was pretty spur of moment and reason she kept stabbing was she knew in her sick mind that her mom was ot going to live and asked for forgiveness while telling her she loved her cause she wanted it to just be over and end the pain. She did call the cops on hersself right after. Not protecting her i any way. But mental illness can cause them to do things a normal person would never think to do


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