Ian McCall Was Robbed By Inept Australian Official

Apparently Australia Department of Sport and Recreation head Craig Waller needs to undergo some remedial math training in wake of his error tabulating the judges scorecard after the Ian McCall-Demetrious Johnson fight held on March 2nd, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. He nonchalantly added up the scores and somehow got it wrong which led to the fight being declared in favor of Johnson.  This in turn led to the public, the UFC, McCall and Johnson being denied the opportunity to take part in, or witness what would have been an exciting finish of Johnson by McCall in the fourth round.  Funny, the whole reason they put this caveat in place to begin with, was for situations just like this where the fight was a draw according to the official results turned in by the Judges.  It was only announced later, at the press conference, that the initial result was in fact pure bullshit and that the official result was a draw. The two combatants didn’t seem overly perturbed by the whole idea to be honest but Joseph Benavides, who awaits either Johnson or McCall (definitely going to be McCall), is now unfairly going to be forced to wait for a rematch before his shot at the inaugural UFC Flyweight Championship takes place.  Not that I give two shakes of a lamb’s tail on how long Benavides has to wait because, shit, who cares, but still its just added consequences of a dumb mistake by this dumb official.  Craig Waller, what were you thinking?  Actually, don’t answer that because nobody cares about what you were thinking.  You fucked up kid, pure and simple, and I would be crucifying you even more apart from the fact that you did seem pretty sincerely chagrined and apologetic about your mistakes.  

The fact that this was going to be called a draw to begin with is a travesty of justice as well, in my opinion.  Ian destroyed Johnson in the third round, basically beating him senseless and dominating him from the mount.  Certain moronic viewers in various chat discussions have said that the draw was the correct decision because in their opinions, Johnson had won the first two rounds.  Again, I must emphatically say, BULLSHIT.  If I have to , on pain of death, concede anything to Johnson, it would possibly be a razor thin 10-9 win in the second round.  Other then that, fuck that.  


Ian McCall won.  I know it and so does anyone else with a brain.


Here was my reply to one of these brain dead guys who thought that the draw was correct.


MtlBen (anonymous) 11 hours ago
Gave the first two round to Johnson but the third to McCall, but still the first two to mighty mouse, he rocked McCall in the first… But beside the controversial decision….great great fight and McCall is gonna have the first fight against the futur champion so he’s gonna have a chance to prove the judges were wrong.
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AnthoMandich 0 seconds ago
You are full of shit and so is vespaman. Johnson did not win the first two rounds. That is just plainly not true. He might have squeaked out a 10-9 in Round Two but no way did he win the first round. I wouldn’t call a slight stagger straight to happy grin and no apparent effects from the blow being rocked. That punch where “he rocked McCall in the first….” was his only highlight in a round where McCall showed superior octagon control, wrestling etc. The third round was complete and utter destruction for McCall. That is definitely a 10-8 round. Even calling this fight a draw is pure bullshit. No fucking way it was a draw. Ian won. Straight out. How many take downs did Ian get as opposed to the big fat ZERO posted by Mighty Mouse (perfect name)? Something like 4-0. Bottom line is you are full of shit. Suck it.

By the way Ian McCall earned a $50,000 bonus in this fight which makes me very very very very happy.


  1. Ian congratulations dude! I am so fucking stoked for you man! Excellent job just being a bad ass mother fucker and a rad fighter and a cool dude and for getting the fifty thousand bucks. Now buy one of my paintings okay.



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