Aaron Jacob Parsons is a wanted man.

7:07 p.m. Wednesday April 18th, 2012 Update on the Aaron Jacob Parsons Saga:

Click here for an update that you won’t really believe.



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for all the inside information about the case involving Aaron Jacob Parsons and his role in the ST. Paddy’s Day B’more Beatdown





Update 10:49 p.m. Wed April 4th, 2012

In REPLY to the article in the Baltimore Sun by Justin Fentin:

AnthonyMandich at 8:13 PM April 04, 2012
To clarify: a video filmed by @CASHton_Kutcher, starring Aaron Jacob Parsons and a cast of cowards who beat, robbed, and stripped naked a man who was defenseless, drunk, alone, and clearly in over his head, was posted to worldstar and twitter.

The initiator of the physical violence is an aspiring male model, and famous dj in the Maryland ghetto named Aaron Jacob Parsons.

This is a fact, not an allegation.

His words and mannerisms BEFORE he put his hand in the victims pocket and took his car keys, are indicative of premeditation (consideration of an act beforehand that shows an intent to commit that act).

<>He mentions worldstar, chuckles about how he’s GOT to take the boy’s money, and then proceeds to do just exactly that. Clearly this was not done in self defense as he unconvincingly tried to make it appear on his twitter account.

I am Anthony Mandich, the person who wrote up the story and posted it at krashthrills.wordpress.com. The smug attitudes, and hysterical laughing while this guy was robbed and then stripped naked on the streets pissed off everyone on the /b/ forum at 4chan.org.  

They outed him and that’s that. Now Mr. Parsons is going to pay, hopefully with some penitentiary time.

A person who shows a shameful lack of courage in the face of danger is a coward. Aaron Parsons deleted his Twitter account which contained approximately  30,000 tweets as soon as it was clear we were onto him.  30,000 tweets.  That’s a lot of tweets to throw away at the first sign of danger.   I laugh at him for that.  I’m also grateful he’s never heard of “consciousness of guilt” as well.  Deleting your Facebook and Twitter is drastic and also another sign that he knew full and well that he had been a bad bad kid. Idiot…

Although I am somewhat naive to the intricacies of the law, I believe factors that indicate premeditation, can be utilized by motivated prosecutors to elevate the charges  that a defendant faces.

 When the act that follows (the premeditation) is  one that you wouldn’t write home to Mommy about AND results in the suffering and degradation of an innocent person, consequences should be quite severe, in my opinion.

Helpless (harmless)…forced to endure abuse of a humiliating and heinous nature…robbed, beaten, stripped of his garments…his tag heuer watch.. his dignity, pride, and self confidence…

 all for the sake of bemusement (at best)


You would trade your humanity for something as intrinsically worthless as filming yourselves beating a man so you can post the results on the  internet??   (and in the meanwhile prove yourself  to be of base origin, a low life contemptible Neanderthal, completely devoid of  high values or ethics, shoddy, inferior in quality, with a selfish lack of  human decency)

I hate to break it to you ladies and gentlemen but that’s nothing to aspire to.  I mean listen…I’m so far from perfect it can’t be overstated just how far away I am.  Light years, galaxies, solar systems even.  But, with all of my flaws and lapses in judgment fuckups, I’m still a human being striving to evolve.  If I found myself  as devoid of hope as the animals who perpetrated this hateful action, my life would be over because often, that faith in the nobler aspects of mankind is the only thing that keeps me plodding along.

The last comment I want to make here is regarding the color of everyone’s skin.  Race is certainly a hot button topic in society today.  When hasn’t it been?

Pervading charges of racism abound constantly to the point where it becomes so redundant that in my opinion it just cancels itself out.

A large percentage of the comments I’ve read on my own blog here and all over the internet are inappropriate, insensitive and fucking beyond ignorant.  Again, so overwhelming in nature, that I find myself laughing at some of the crap I read.  I never censor comments on my own site.  I think censorship is fucking hideous.

People have been calling me a racist all over the internet and I honestly don’t give a flying rat’s ass.  I’m not racist.  No matter what way you slice it, I’m not fucking racist.  Of all the lowlifes in this world, white trash inbred redneck motherfuckers talking about white pride and all that separatist crap about preserving some non existent white race blah blah blah blah…they annoy me more then any other lowlife cross section of any race that exists in this world.  I hate em.

I can’t stand ignorance.  And brothers let me tell you… nothing sings louder in my heart head and soul as being true then the idea that racial superiority is BULLSHIT with a capital B just like I typed it.    Fucking utter bullshit.  I’m white.  I’m from Trinidad and Tobago.  It’s black.  I don’t give a shit.  I like black people, I’ve fucked hugged scores of black chicks (hot ones), and I have plenty of black friends.  I like Asians just fine.

The stereotypes about Asians and gambling are true though….let me tell you hahahaha.  I’m a big time gambler and gambling knows no color lines.  One of my very best friends in the world who unfortunately got shot and killed  was Vietnamese.  I speak Spanish fluently because I like Mexicans.

I just don’t give a gosh darn shit about race.  Its not an issue I consider before making decisions in my life for the most part.  

I’m not in prison and never have been so why should I ride in the white car and exclude a huge percentage of the world from my insane life?  Screw Fuck that.  Its pretty much obvious to anyone with a brain, that every group on the planet has its pieces of shit and its stars.  I hate pieces of shit no matter what color they are.  I don’t even know why I’m even saying this because honestly I don’t give a care  shit what you think, about what I think, about the color of a man’s skin.  If you don’t like me then I’m sure we can exist in our own little corners of hell the planet without ever crossing paths.  Fine by me.

I just wanna live baby.

So there it is.  That’s what I think about all of this stuff shit.  Take what you want out of it and leave the rest behind.  And enjoy your life as much as you can without making some else hate theirs.  That’s not too much to ask in my opinion.  Bye bye……

What follows is the original Post 

Update 12:42 a.m. Wednesday, April 4th, 2011 2012 Just noticed that lol.


I’ve been told off by several readers of this post for my anti-women and anti-homosexual venom so I’m going to correct the portions of my write up that contain these disparaging  views.  I apologize to anyone offended by these remarks.

UPDATE:  9:52 a.m. Tuesday, April 3rd,2011

This post is getting an unbelievable number of views and from what my stats indicate, many of these are from wonderful people hot bitches.  I just wanted to say thanks for that.  

Here is the basic story as I know it.  Approximately 9 days ago in Baltimore, Maryland an adult male  standing on a sidewalk was surrounded by a group of young adult males and females.  One of the females who looked like she was just wearing panties and a tee shirt started grinding her butt stinkyfat ass into the guys crotch like she wanted to make love get penetrated.

One guy in a grey beenie starts creeping up to the victim on his right then two guys with white shirts are right next to him on the left.  The taller one, Aaron Jacob Parsons reaches into the victim’s front right pocket and grabs something before the guy could stop him.  Then the victim starts walking towards the criminal Parsons who sucker punches him with a cowardly but lethal right hook, sending the innocent man tumbling to the concrete where he is then beset upon by the crowd of approximately 15 people who proceed to punch, kick, slap and stomp him.

I was lurking on 4chan.org/b/ laughing out loud like a mental patient at the crazy shit that goes on there when a link to the video causing all the commotion popped up along with the usual /b/tarded request for justice, saying how this bullshit couldn’t be tolerated and a bunch of random blah blah blah.  Same sorta shit you will see there right now if you feel the need to walk on the wild side.

Our version of the video was on Twitter and came from  the account of Rashad PItts aka King Cash aka CASTton_kutcher.

His Twitter page and Facebook were still up at that time so I was reading his tweets where he’s talking all tough about dry snitches and all this other ghetto ass bullshit basically trying to intimidate the pests from /b/ who were already getting started with a seek and destroy mission against him and his buddy the now infamous Aaron Jacob Parsons.

Rashad Pitts was the cameraman who filmed this inhuman assault.  He was also revving up Parsons, egging him on to steal the guys watch and introducing his video with an “only in baltimore” which was followed up by Parsons with a shout out to worldstarhiphop.com.

It was also posted on the attackers Twitter page which has since been deleted along with his Facebook.  The original guy who started the whole thing is Aaron Jacob Parsons @flyguyparsons on Twitter.

The continuation video is on LiveLeak.com and it is deplorable and despicable.  Here that is:


It shows the poor getting robbed like a dead man and stripped all the way naked on the street corner.

It made me sick to watch. Once the first punch was thrown by Parsons, it seemed to trigger the pack mentality in the rest of the group.  I’ve never understood why these types of beatings are tolerated, and in fact seem to be the modus operandi for most street gangs to use when dealing with someone considered a rival or an enemy.  There just seems to be an element of implied cowardice inherent in this form of doting out punishment.  Where is the challenge in having 15 guys beat down one guy?

I don’t see the bravery. I don’t see an element of respect being garnered by the ones issuing the beating.  I simply believe that mob beatings lack honor and are not anything to ever feel proud of.    I always think to myself what a bunch of really bad people cunts to do that shit.  Even the females ugly ass whores that were there were slapping the guy when he was on the ground and shit should be sent to the penitentiary. Ruffians!! Assholes!.

Obviously they all know they are going to the penitentiary soon because they all deleted their social media accounts and started making anonymous threats on 4chan.org/b/.  I guess they thought they were going to intimidate an army of anonymous /b/’s but the /b/’s were having none of that.  They started digging deep and got Aaron Jacob Parson’s phone number (443)-633-8508, his Myspace, Facebook etc., posted the video on youtube.com (which was taken down by the interesting management pussy fucks at youtube…God I strongly DISLIKE hate youtube).

It was put on reddit.com. Here’s the link for that UPVOTE FOR JUSTICE: http://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/rqyle/assault_man_randomly_assaulted_and_robbed_for_his/

It was pretty funny to read all the tough talk coming from those cowards on their twitter accounts only to have them delete their own accounts and run for the hills like the dastardly dopes pussies they are.  I for one, sincerely hope they are arrested and sent to prison for what they did to that poor guy.  Darn Fuck them.  And dudes….you guys hang out with the loveliest females ugliest, skankiest looking, stinky ass whores I’ve ever seen.

You guys are mean!! Die Fuckers

Aaron Jacob Parsons, hitting the guy was one thing. Turning out his pockets when the dude helpless on the ground yet another.
Not entirely sure that I understand the need to take off everything including another mans panties
i’m so sorry for being SUCH A meany BITCH
no matter what the color of my skin is i am an hero asshole
Hi, I’m Aaron, I enjoy sweater vests and long walks on the beach…


Here is Aaron Jacob Parsons Facebook

Then and there I got a sinking feeling in my chest, I knew what was coming was something that our oblivious victim in the green mountain dew shirt was not going to enjoy terribly much. A cowardly assault I could handle, shit I’ve seen millions of them live and on the world wide.  I pretty much have numbed myself to getting emotional about matters out of my control and to be honest there is just so much out there in cyberspace, much of it exponentially more horrifying then this but…..and yes there is a but….I do not claim to understand myself well enough to even try and figure out why some stories just take hold of my brain, to the point that i cannot move from my chair until my heart tells me that i have done everything possible to investigate and figure out why (mostly) this or that fucked up situation took place.  i get so mad at some of these people and i feel so sad for these victims that my own internal justice center compels me to doggedly pursue every scrap of clue out there, looking under every rock, reading every thread, google data mining myself into oblivian,  until my brain and heart sigh and i’ve somehow killed six hours and i’m fucking starving  dying of thirst need to piss so bad…i’m drained…dead to the world bemoaning the fact that all my good intentions for a session of real productivity handling tasks often crucial to my survival on the planet, let alone my well being have been thrown out the fucking window yet again.  I never have anything tangible to show for my efforts which is a shame because if i’m honest and not just tooting my own horn, i’m saying about myself, “the kids got talent”.  there is no denying it, i’m smart, savvy, well educated and tenacious as a badger.  you would probably be shocked if it i told you to what lengths i’ve gone to fully immerse myself in one of my quests to understand what basically boils down to the pig headed, evil nature of quite a large percentage of the population roaming the planet today, and every day before today.  i learn some of the craziest shit in the strangest ways and it probably serves no purpose except between me and the victim, especially if they have died as a result of whatever it is i’ve latched onto,  i feel this weird connection and i can’t stop myself from continuing whether my right shoulder is aching my fingers and feet are numb like they are right now or not, i can’t stop until i feel like the victim feels that i’ve done my duty to get to the bottom of whatever it is that caused them to be victimized and usually die.  its respect and sadness and overwhelming empathy that drives me and its truly for the most part a personal thing. i do write this blog but nobody reads it and i really couldn’t give a shit for the most part, i’m just doing my part to keep striving, searching for answers to queries that will never be answered to my satisfaction.  i get clues but true satisfaction never. i’m always in search of that story that the world has got all wrong, one where the perpetrator is the victim, one where my faith in humanity can somehow be restored a little. i can’t even define for myself  what my quest even is so i’m definitely doomed.  how can you find the answers you are looking for if you don’t even know what the question that you’re asking is?  that’s a devastating thought to me it really is.  but what am i supposed to?  all i can do is resign myself to another long session of data mining until i have followed every thread, investigated every possible correlation among the minutia available at my fingertips.  using a machine to try and understand what motivates a person its fucking retarded.  its not good for me to dwell when i’m in this reflective, yearning, questioning mood, on nights exactly like tonight when the room is quiet except for the sounds of my fingers, the humming of the piece of shit tower i’m using, the sound of the rice cooker popping to signify that its done.  my face is hot, my ears and cheeks are burning and i’m babbling.  there is some point to this exercise if i could just figure out what it is and let the profound truth of it just release itself and in doing so release me from this chair i would be so grateful.  when i wrote the post i’m editing right now (why by the way has been reblogged on this site should you choose to have me shut the fuck up and just get to the content you came here for) i was in a different mindset.  if you are ever bored you should spend a day going through all my posts.  there are unquestionably some brilliant things that i’ve written lurking in my archives.  the truly special ones i reread in awe, never even remembering writing them and i get that sense of twitchy freaky hairs on my arms standing up sorta creepy (but not) feeling coursing through my head and my narcissism lulz take over and i know i am fated for something more then an ordinary existence.  lol aren’t we all. for fuck’s sweet sake.  killing me.

I tell you what, i’m not deleting this stuff but i’m going to do you all a favor and move my original content back up and this literary mumbo jumbo bullshit to the end and i’ll even warn you before you start reading it that you will end up cursing my name and muttering to yourself if you choose to continue past a certain point.  

I’ll just do that now …hold on….

I find myself often (rightclick/copy/openlink)ing anything remotely interesting on the internet and this was no exception. I probably had thirty windows open and refreshing (we have the worst slow shitty dsl) and my routine usually is to stay on whatever i’m on at the time until i know its safe to start clicking on the new batch of bullshit.  Its fun, its addicting, you learn a lot of useless information but you feel connected to the world at the same time so whatever.  anyways i digress as usual.  sorry about that. 

143 thoughts on “Aaron Jacob Parsons is a wanted man.

  1. Why hasn’t Rashad Pitts yet been prosecuted?

    Watching the second Baltimore beating video on WSHH I notice a person with the New York shirt is holding his phone to the beating victim; that means he is the cameraman of the first video. Then a few seconds later (9:04 of 14:22 of the WSHH video) he’s seen grabbing and dragging the victim. We know he touched the victim, so why hasn’t he been prosecuted yet?


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    worries that they plainly don’t understand about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the entire thing with no need side effect , people could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thank you


  3. Aaron J. Parsons has been arrested. I have quite a few updates on this story but I’m not too sure that anybody wants to hear my views on it anymore….so I may just let this sleeping dog lie now. Peace.


  4. Reminds me of those videos that show a bunch of hyper monkeys going crazy in the jungle. Everyone of these trash, both males and females, are not far removed from the monkeys you see in the jungle. The main difference is they lost some body hair and developed a more evolved language than wild monkeys swinging from vines. They were probably searching the boy’s pockets for bananas.


    1. Honestly, I can’t say that I agree with your comment in any way. The only thing accomplished by your ignorant stereotypical pointless comment is tangible only in your own mind. I am approving it because I don’t censor comments. Period. But I hate your comment. I really do. You talk about evolving. Perhaps you should try doing a bit of it yourself…


    2. i doubt very highly that they were searching the “boy’s” pockets for bananas. that’s actually a ridiculous assertion and i’m positive that you realize that. i understand the frustration that you are feeling when witnessing something like this video but expressing yourself through racial pejoratives only shows that maybe you need to evolve a bit yourself. take it for what it is my friend. we are trying to rise above the masses. not sink to their levels. just saying. thanks for your input though i really do appreciate the fact that you took the time to read my post and respond. have a good one.


    1. I read that yesterday too. I tend to agree with the Bealefield dude in a way though to be honest. I really don’t think color was that great of a factor in this crime honestly I don’t. I’ve said it from the get go. As a matter of fact my original story on this story didn’t even mention the color of the victim or perpetrator’s skin. I even agree with his characterization that it was “drunken criminality” (or something like that). I don’t think it should be a hate crime…Strong Armed Robbery, Assault, Battery, Lewd Acts or Sexual Battery etc etc. But not a hate crime. Many will disagree but everybody wants it to be more than it actually is for some reason. They want to have an answer for Trayvon Martin etc. That much is clear when reading through the responses on all the various corners of the internet. But reality is reality and those dudes were just drunk assholes wanting to look cool and that’s what the result was. I’m actually curious as to what everybody’s answer to the question of what the penalty should be.

      For Aaron Jacob Parsons, if its his first offense as a 19 year old kid I wouldn’t be overly shocked if he got a suspended prison sentence of 3 years and 3-5 years formal probation. As a matter of fact that would be a good penalty for him. Now everyone is going to hate me for saying that but who gives a shit.


      1. my question to you would be … is this?
        or this?
        and how long till you see more of this?

        if police dont crack down pretty fast its going to get very messy very fast in america …


  5. Maryland State Senate Contacts


  6. The victim needs to know that under Maryland law he does not have to wait for the police to press charges on his behalf. He can go directly to a District Court Commissioner and file charges himself.


    It’s all right there directly from the MD court system. He should bring a copy of the video evidence with him as the commissioner has some discretion on whether to file the charges.


      1. Krash,
        We need to keep this going by emailing both the mayors office and state reps in maryland stating how we dont feel safe going to baltimore and how we will never move there or visit. getting a 1000 neckbeards to form a physical protest is like herding cats, but emails……..


          1. Alright, I emailed the mayor and all the state representatives. if you gimme an email i can forward the email if you want to have a few more people send it. It has all their senates emails on it in bcc, itll save alot of copy/paste.


      2. I would honestly be surprised if he hasn’t seen it. Im sure he is incredibly grateful for all the efforts you have put forth. I think it’s very admirable what you are doing. I think anyone who would disagree is an ignorant asshat.

        That being said, I read just about every single response and was surprised by the amount of people using the “N” word. I find that word to be utterly disgusting and shame on those of you who use it freely….via the Internet…pussies. Not that it matters but I am a 30/white female and I was mugged by a black male when I was 18 years old as a result of a gang initiation. As horrific as my personal experience was it did not push me to generalize an entire race by the actions of one sick individual. As a matter of fact, the detective who hunted down my attacker and helped get him off the streets and into a jail cell was one of the kindest, self-less, individuals who wouldn’t stop until justice was served. Guess what, he was black and he was not willing to give up when some of the white officers had. My point is scum is scum and it comes in every color. Which reminds me- To the scum bag who wrote something along the lines of ‘Take a stand join the klan’: Shouldn’t you and your idiot friends be working on your next 15 minutes of fail on the Jerry Springer show? Go play in traffic, inbreed.

        Anyways, I think you have done an outstanding job, regardless of what others may say. I hope for the sake of the victim those disgusting monsters and fat hookers spend the remainder of their pitiful lives locked away behind bars.


        1. I seem to love stepping in it. Here goes. Join the klan guy wasn’t that bad. I not into thr klan but he is right about the naacp and tbe fact is you are a racist if you say white pride but not bla k or brown. Then again they brought the racist tag upon themselves why being racist and talking about white pride.

          I loved your comment. Thanks so much! One other little thing is I don’t think they deserve drasric beyond belief LIFE sentences. I was thinking a year. It was ugly and stupid and just fucked up but still at end of day dude is fine. No lasting effectz.as I said before I do.t really think it was a hate crime more like “lets roll the drunk out of place Guy “gyb


  7. Zimmerman is being railoroaded to satisfy mob rule…

    1. My conclusion is that:
    A. There had been eight previous burglaries in the last 14-months that fit the description of Trayvon Martin.
    B. Zimmerman was interested in protecting his community and courageously did so without much training or compensation and was helpful in other cases.
    C. Per the 911 call, it was dark, raining, and cold, and Martin was walking
    toward him holding something in his waist band Zimmerman could not see.
    D. Zimmerman said “F’ing Cold” or “F’ing punks” per enhanced audio.
    E. Following does not mean the aggressor in a physical confrontation.
    F. He asked Martin his name and why he was in the area.
    G. Martin struck the first ‘reasonable’ blow. (No one has a right to respond to a question with violence no matter how annoyed one is).
    H. Martin responded with violence and a broke Zimmerman’s nose.
    I. Martin was on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the pavement and then grass, and police reports back up his injuries.
    J. Zimmerman then shot Martin in self-defense.
    K. Martin is protected by the “Stand your ground” law.
    L. Under law, ‘reasonable fear’ equals immunity for Zimmerman.
    M. Zimmerman passed two voice analyzer stress tests.
    N. Injuries and evidence are consistent with Zimmerman’s version.
    O. A motion should have been filed for dismissal and he should have been acquitted based on this immunity.
    P. There is no substantial evidence or witnesses to altar the presented facts to show probable cause.
    Q. The Judicial system cannot bow down to mob law or it compromises it for everyone.
    R. Zimmerman is poorly represented as evidence by his lawyer’s press
    Conference, and without knowing the rules. He probably thought he call the prosecutor up since she talked to the protestors via phone.
    S. The courageous move would be to acquit Zimmerman, but work on laws
    and guidelines for neighborhood associations and modify the “Stand Your Ground Law.”


  8. Zimmerman is being rail-roaded:

    1. My conclusion is that:
    A. There had been eight previous burglaries in the last 14-months that fit the description of Trayvon Martin.
    B. Zimmerman was interested in protecting his community.
    C. Zimmerman said “F’ing Cold” or “F’ing punks” per enhanced audio.
    D. Following does not mean the aggressor in a physical confrontation.
    E. He asked Martin his name and why he was in the area.
    F. Martin struck the first ‘reasonable’ blow. (No one has a right to respond to a question with violence no matter how annoyed one is).
    G. Martin responded with violence and a broke Zimmerman’s nose.
    H. Martin was on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the pavement and then grass, and police reports back up his injuries.
    I. Zimmerman then shot Martin in self-defense.
    J. Martin is protected by the “Stand your ground” law.
    K. Under law, ‘reasonable fear’ equals immunity for Zimmerman.
    L. Zimmerman passed two voice analyzer stress tests.
    M. Injuries and evidence are consistent with Zimmerman’s version.
    N. A motion should have been filed for dismissal and he should have been acquitted based on this immunity.
    O. There is no substantial evidence or witnesses to altar the presented facts to show probable cause.
    P. The Judicial system cannot bow down to mob law or it compromises it for everyone.


  9. Shit got picked up by my local nbc news station!! They just aired the story with video today! Looks like it hit mainstream media quicker than everyone thought.


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  11. To the Baltimore Prosecutor in this assault case: You’ve seen the actual footage of this assault. Please enforce Maryland Law by Arresting and convicting the persons(s) shown in the assault footage to the maximum degree allowable by Law. Thank-You.


    1. I am pretty sure the Baltimore Prosecutor is well aware of what his responsibility is regarding this case. I have heard that they are possibly waiting for the Grand Jury to convene. There is no way that a case that has seen this much publicity surround it, is going to be just forgotten about or ignored by law enforcement/courts etc. Just chill out buddy, I’m sure we will be seeing some action taken on this case soon………..I understand the impatience though………hopefully they are trying to identify that bitch in the black panties I really despise that drunk hoe.


    1. Wow. That’s a drastic reaction to a guy getting beaten up dude. Overreact much? Chill the fuck out. No race was has begun. It’s not time to start killing anybody. Don’t be fucking crazy.


  12. I hit like when I see nigger in the comments, sorry have to get that one out. Oh and I love this article, congrats to the writer and thumbs down to those big lipped apes that ruined this beautiful country.


  13. The Baltimore Sun’s Article mentioned that the victim did not know where it all happened, probably because he was so drunk. I dont know if this is new info or not but after watching the video a couple of times and going on google maps I am sure that it happened here: http://g.co/maps/hftuk. Ironic that it was infront of a courthouse. Aaron Jacob Parsons might find himself back at this place if he is caught.


  14. I don’t think there’s much of an escalation in violence these days. It’s been going on all along. The difference is that more people have smartphones that make it easy to capture video and post it online. Obviously, it’s easy… these inbred, ignorant, semi-human savages managed to do it, after all.

    Doesn’t change the fact that I’d dearly love to have been nearby at the time. I am armed most of the time.


    1. I totally agree with that. Shit wasn’t so easy to video back in the day so it was pretty rare when you would see shit like this happening often. But…even though it WAS probably happening, I DIDN’t Know it was happening and I guess ignorance is bliss in a certain sense


  15. TAKE A STAND JOIN THE KLAN!!! Its about white rights, white life, not white power. These animals have their NAACP and Black Panthers, Reconstruction and Jim Crow are over learn that being white isnt something to be ashamed of. Protect yourselves and the fellow white man, theses pieces of shit obviously dont care about your safety. You think this same video would have been filmed at the corner of Harford rd and North Ave??? No! these animals dont feed on their own kind they target what they perceive as the weak, and in Baltimore that is the White Man. Now is the time to change that thinking.


      1. wow. im pretty sure its shit like your comments that are just not helping anyone or anything.

        i hope you were joking, regardless, its not the time or place to start calling people names.

        i am mixed, my father is white, my mother is black. i felt disgusted by this video, and many others like it.
        but, i am appalled by your response.


        1. Some of the com

          ments have been really apalling. All over the internet. I get where people’s anger is driven from….these incidents….on both sides are deplorable and their have been many lately. I wish I knew what the answers to the deep rooted questions that these incidents, in and of themselves, ask every time they happen. Every solution seems to be a reactionary band aid. Covering a gaping wound with a band aid….how often does that work? This world is in trouble. There seems to be no forgiveness or softening of the attitudes or the resolve, on either side. I don’t even think aaron parsons, rashad pitts, or any of those fools even meant the whole thing to be a racial thing. They were just being full on drunk assholes. Unfortunately, white America doesn’t see it that way and hopefully, our victim in this case doesn’t end up being the symbolic martyr that ignites some huge race war. People are spoiling for a fight…you can sense it by surfing the net and reading comments people make. I think the white people have had it with what they see as reverse discrimination and racism and the blacks feel just as hard done by and bitted only they feel like its all deeper then just right now…its institutional and permeates the foundation of this country. I get a very unique perspective on this whole topic and let me tell you why. My website’s stats page shows me the detailed info on all of the thousands of referrer links to mt post


          1. Sorry this written on my phone so pardon the grammar. As I was saying I see detailed info for all the incoming referrals on my stats page and there are thousands. To find my post nist people clicked on a link that they found in random internet land. Places you would never ever think to look for clues as to how people are really feeling about this topic. Because the fact that the sheer numver of hits I have had on my blog fascinates and amazes me, I have clicked on many of the referral links and read the comments and got the overall mood of the people. What I might do is a post breaking down the origin of the 50,000 plus views of my post on aaron parsons and provide some examples of where people are mentally with this whole thing. The answers might scare you. They. Certainly. Scare me


  16. I’m a black female and I feel disgust and shame. It’s not right what they did to that man. I live in Canada and maybe I’m being naive but I just can’t see that happening here. The racial tensions are just not even remotely close to being as high. If anything there is more religious division, and I’m not advocating for that, either. I look forward to the day that we can all look back on events such as this and call them a dark chapter in our human history. This saddens me beyond belief. Well, hopefully the victim will see the perpetrators brought to justice. I come from a very multiracial family and those are the values I was brought up with. As a result, racism in any capacity simply makes me feel physically nauseous. This is disturbing.


      1. Jose….this got picked up by my blogs spam filter at first and I almost never got a chance to see it for that reason. I wanted to thank you for putting this together for me. I really appreciate it greatly. I did as you suggested and sent the email off to all of those emails you listed. What a great help you have been for me! I appreciate it buddy!!!


  17. In REPLY to the article in the Baltimore Sun by Justin Fentin:

    AnthonyMandich at 8:13 PM April 04, 2012
    To clarify: a video filmed by @CASHton_Kutcher, starring Aaron Jacob Parsons and a cast of cowards who beat, robbed, and stripped naked a man who was defenseless, drunk, alone and clearly in over his head was posted to worldstar and twitter. The initiator of the violence is Aaron Jacob Parsons. This is a fact, not an allegation. His words and mannerisms BEFORE he put his hand in the victims pocket and took his car keys, indicate premeditation (consideration of an act beforehand that shows an intent to commit that act).
    He mentions worldstar, he chuckles about how he’s got to take the boy’s money, and then proceeds to do just exactly that. Clearly this was not done in self defense as he unconvincingly tried to make it appear on his twitter account.
    I am Anthony Mandich, the person who wrote up this the story and posted it at krashthrills.wordpress.com. The smug attitudes, and hysterical laughing while this guy was robbed and then stripped naked on the streets pissed off everyone on the /b/ forum at 4chan and now Mr. Parson’s et al are going to pay, hopefully with some penitentiary time. A person who shows a shameful lack of courage in the face of danger is a coward. Aaron Parsons deleted his Twitter account and all 30,000 tweets as soon as it was clear we were onto him. I laugh at him for that. I’m grateful he’s never heard of “consciousness of guilt”. Idiot…



  18. this is just the tip of the iceburg. Obombo (as in Dumbo) the racist king has stealthly ignited this sentiment. Blacks feel empowered to act like someone else posted….blacks acting like blacks. Black ignorance is not ignored but taken in by the general populace and there is a mounting resentment toward the gloves off treatment. You can not get beyond skin color if the steriotypes are constantly being reinforced. This kind of behavior is not just an isolated incident. The bigger problem is not with getto trash such as these old world primates but the lack of disapproval from their own piers. Blacks have a problem with individuality, they are conditioned to believe that there is a standard “black” ideal that they all have to adhere to. This mentality restricts them from standing against the cultural steriotypes that seem to continue to define them. Unfortunately, when a black person who is popular comes forward and points out how rediculous and counter productive this lack of individuality is that person is demonized as an uncle tom. There has never been a time in history where the country hasn’t afforded the black population more perks and opportunity and yet race relations are at their worst. This country just can’t seem to get beyond the color of one’s skin with no one…including blacks….getting a free ride. We can’t do away with the reminder of seperatism…Black Chamber of Commerce as an example. Why not just a Chamber of Commerce. The reason is simple. There is a disproportionate advantage to perpetuating this race mongering and it seems to me it will not go away until you take away the motive. As long as blacks profit from the race card, as long as whites are forced to confront the “white guilt” machine things will not change and future generations will be doomed to the same senseless behavior and resentment will continue to fester.


    1. i somewhat agree with this poster. I think he could have said it and sounded a little less racist in his remarks, but he has a valid point.


  19. Text that fucking number (1 443 717 5419). I just left him a handful. Think you’re all “hard” because you had your “apes” around you. You know have a target on your back Mr.Nigger


  20. when will you all stop this insanity when when when why all this hate black white black come on now, have you all forgotten who we are, where come from, we are all one. this shit needs to stop. is there ever going to be one day of peace in this world. not one man is stepping up to stop all of not one soul. when will this hate truly stop.



    FUCK NIGGERS!!!!!!!


  22. Hoping for an arrest soon. This is what people need to know about Baltimore. It is not as pleasant as media makes it out to be. This needs to stop. What scumbags!


  23. I am appalled at the young generation in Baltimore, MD! I have been here for 30 years and i have never experienced of this ind. I am just appalled. That young man and hid fellow companions need to be arrested and punished! Justice must be served; if we allow these young adults to continue on with these senseless crimes what will the would become when they are in charge! Someone please tell me!!!!!!!!


  24. Hi,

    I am from holland. And i can not believe this video, the group of weak puny littler fuckers.
    This guy did nothing wrong, and the fat bithces fucked him first, then the so called motherfuckers run in.
    On my turf? I wasted this foul black trash!! Dead row with the brothers and sister, motherfucker


      1. A good friend of mine is a detective in Baltimore, but he’s in Mexico on vacation. If y’all need any help, LET ME KNOW. Fuck this nigger slime. -Pete


      1. i cannot believe that someone downvoted both you… wtf is wrong with people.

        cant you see how past actions affect the future so negatively? if we choose to continually seek revenge againsta another, the vicious circle of anger, hate, mistrust, agony, pain, and death are always going to keep happening.

        these *animals* should be brought justice. but the real question is. how do we teach / educate man to love eachother?


  25. This is a daily occurrence, and it is quite frustrating.

    However, your clearly a horrible writer. Your article, comments, and arguments are almost as infuriating as this video. I understand why you want to express your feelings towards this cowardly beat down, but your message is weak and only shows how feeble minded you are.

    I don’t mean to insult you, but maybe try stepping back for a moment, controlling your emotions, and write something that people won’t find so annoying and immature when reading.


    1. Please don’t swith the subject. Focus on this issue. Don’t try to obfuscate the heinous vicious assault! I’d be mad as hell and all you think about is writing style!?


  26. The worst part about these videos is that fact that so many people can relate. When i was 17, I got jumped by a group of 6 with an aluminum baseball bat, which resulted in me being put in the hospital for two weeks. And what was it all for? My wallet, $20, and a four year old cellphone. I was in my neighborhood, walked these streets all my life, and grew up thinking nothing like this would happen to me with in blocks away from my home.

    Now for the racial comments… I’m sorry to see that so many people take a racial bias within these comments, but I understand why it exists. Society needs to change, especially within the black communities. Black racism exists for a reason- There are no roll models left within their communities, only falsely empowered shit heads who don’t care what message(s) they send to the youth. There is no value, culture, or integrity left. Only shame. But hey, this isn’t just an issue within the black communities, it’s in every ones backyard.


    1. You are correct about everything you said there. Its a shame that things have to come down to race all the time but I guess its just a reality of life. That being said, it is not a reality that I choose to accept. I’m not in prison, have never been there, and God willing, I’ll never be there. I point that out because I think that only being in prison forces someone to live the segregated lifestyle. I’m a free man in this world and I get along well with all nationalities colors and creeds. With one exception, I have to admit that the whole Muslim/Islamic/Sharia Law group terrifies me, puzzles me and I would rather have nothing to do with anything related to them. Call it racist if you will but its definitely coming from a fear of how fucking crazy they are with the allah akbar bullshit.


  27. Fucking cowards I was jumped by a bunch of those fuckers before, they run in packs, I still managed to hospitalize one of them. Hope they get arrested, They deserve what they get


  28. This is amazing. I’m glad you took the time out to make this. He’s a clown, a wanna be, etc. He deserves to be locked up. I wonder what the fallout would’ve been if the guy would’ve shot everybody. Where would the so-called “black leaders” stand? Excellent work.

    Oh…..and I’m a black man. I can’t defend this at all. All of these “racist” comments, I’m not offended at all. You’re right about us, it’s just sad that we can can’t figure it out ourselves.


  29. I Hope That Guys italian !
    I don’t claim to be a Italian or wanna be a italian, but I respect them.
    The italians clean up their own backyard.
    I hope all of you fuckers involved get cleaned!


  30. Reblogged this on Anthony Mandich–Artist and Urban Legend and commented:

    I’ve been asleep I was so fucking tired. In the meantime people have accused ME of being racist for the venom I displayed by writing this post. All I can say to that is WHATEVER. Anybody who knows me knows that the last thing I am is racist. Period. So save it bitches!!!!! Oh yeah and thanks for the 6,000 views in one day. That is bad ass!!!!


  31. U fucking bitch and ugly ass dirty aids infested smutts clown ass pussies try that shit w someone like me yall woulda got fucked up


  32. more people need to see this. those fucking monkeys need to be put into their place, this is disgusting to watch. no matter what race no one should treat another human being like this. and these righteous black panther fucks have the guts to get on tv and cry like little bitches about justice. if i saw that happening on the street i would give them .45 justice


  33. I feel you need to grow up. The attack was brutal and cowardly and the people who participated should be caught and punished. But the filth and venom flying out of your post is nearly as ugly as the assault. “I truly could care less what color they are” doesn’t ring true from someone who finds it so easy to use the anti-gay and anti-woman insults you’ve sprinkled on this page. Change yourself, grow up, being vulgar isn’t pretty or tough or manly.


      1. LOL….right on Cookie Puss…I don’t know if you are telling me to lighten up or our buddy Roger Bland but I love that comment. That’s my new motto. Lighten up faggot…..


  34. Why doesn’t he talk? Yell? Scream? Why doesn’t he even try to block the sucker punch, cover up on the ground, why is he like he is drunk or stoned? That would make it even weaker to do this to someone who is that inebriated.


    1. Are you retarded? The dude obviously suffered a pretty major concussion getting sucker punched and hitting his head on the concrete. Pretty hard to block a sucker punch. Do you actually know what a sucker punch is?


    1. I’m just a 59 year old woman from Texas, but I wanted to thank you for speaking out…and personally, I think your unedited language was not a problem. I too, felt so sick and outraged when I watched this…I would have felt the same it the victim had been black & the crowd white! I don’t understand people who have absolutely NO moral compass in their lives…that it can be OK to hurt someone just for the fun of it. I want to see every last one who participated in that shameful event caught & prosecuted. BTW, your post has caught more than a few eyes! I actually found your site through a comment on weaselzippers.us linked to the Daily Caller. http://weaselzippers.us/2012/04/05/obama-campaign-scrubs-website-of-alarmist-videos-targeting-black-voters/

      Thanks krashthrills/anthony!


      1. Hey there 59 year old woman from Texas,
        Hey I really liked your comment just thought I would let you know that. And yeah that’s pretty weird about where you found my article! I have never even heard of weaselzippers.us but i am glad you found me either way. You should start following my blog. I’m pretty bad ass lol you will love it.

        Anthony J Mandich krashthrills


    1. Now we know why they were originally enslaved!! Because they cannot act like rational human beings, but a bunch of fucking savages.


      1. Clearly that is bullshit. Bad apples come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Must I trot out my collection of the scummiest pieces of white trash shit you’re lucky to have never heard of? Because I can dude. Trust me.


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