However, your (sic) clearly a horrible writer.

I just did this last night. I rock. My name is Anthony Mandich

A comment from “Just for Thought”
“I feel you need to grow up. The attack was brutal and cowardly and the people who participated should be caught and punished. But the filth and venom flying out of your post is nearly as ugly as the assault. “I truly could care less what color they are” doesn’t ring true from someone who finds it so easy to use the anti-gay and anti-woman insults you’ve sprinkled on this page. Change yourself, grow up, being vulgar isn’t pretty or tough or manly.”

A comment from “Roger Bland”
“This is a daily occurrence, and it is quite frustrating.

However, your clearly a horrible writer. Your article, comments, and arguments are almost as infuriating as this video. I understand why you want to express your feelings towards this cowardly beat down, but your message is weak and only shows how feeble minded you are.

I don’t mean to insult you, but maybe try stepping back for a moment, controlling your emotions, and write something that people won’t find so annoying and immature when reading.”

Anthony Mandich Created This. If You Have $25k You Want it? It's Yours

The other comments I saw seemed to be pretty positive in response to my article on Aaron Jacob Parsons and his gang of street pirates who thought it would be cute to beat, rob, strip and humiliate some random dude wandering around in Baltimore.

Looking back through my post I will admit to using some rather disparaging remarks to describe the females visible in the video.  I used terms like “stinky ass fat whores”, “cunts”, and of course “bitches”.  In retrospect I realize that I should have taken the time to divorce myself of the angry emotions that were flooding my brain after watching the video, gather my thoughts, and come up with a better analysis.

Anthony Mandich's Original Art Depicting Marilyn Monroe in a Familiar Pose

It was also pointed out to me that I used some pretty harsh terms to derogatorily describe the perpetrators of this senseless crime.  I used terms like “faggot”, and references such as “i love to suck cock”.  I offer up no excuse for my bad behavior.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere apologies to the homosexual community as well as the female community for my thoughtless comments.  I promise to watch what I type in the future, perhaps asking myself, “What Would Jesus Do?” if I find myself unsure about what I’m writing.

I hope this post paves the way for a reconciliation between myself and the homosexual/female communities.

I think its a shame and really sad that Jean Harlow died at age 26


Anthony J. Mandich


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