ciara and anthony are trolls for LIFE

me and my kid are two peas in the pod and i’m not sure that that (double negative?) is that  good of a thing.  cuz i’m a bad kid and i’m learning tonight that ciara’s pretty bad too.  we were sitting here, where we are now in front of this computer while ciara pulled out her laptop and set it on a chair right next to me and we started doing what we do. but the thing is i didn’t quite know what it was that ciara did before  tonight.  so let me tell you about it okay.  ever heard of some site called  yeah me neither until tonight.  its this site where you go on there and you are automatically talking live to a stranger.  okay well first of all that should be setting red flags all over the fucking place which it was.  i had visions of cho mo’s talking to my kid trying to sway her their way which i’m happy to say i don’t have to worry about anymore.  why cuz my kids the troll.  my fifteen year old straight a student daughter is an internet meme.  lol.  check out this little snippet of conversation between ciara and murilo on omegle.  which she had no shame in writing right in front of me.Image

isn’t that lovely.  my daughter is now a papi’ to a proud bouncing little 18 year old man named murilo.  strange strange world we live in where father daughter bonding comes in such a unique little package.  ummm i mean i even had to steal one of her little tumblr blog posts check this out.  isn’t it endearing and heart warming?  the story of a ten year old’s unrequited love.  really charming and almost chicken soup for the soul.  the soul of the devil.


now we are wrapping up the bonding experience for the night.  this time i think we are going to go without the cinnamon challenge which we undertook a few weeks ago.  hey if you want to relate to your kids these days you gotta dig deep dude.  these kids are crazy.


she wanted me to put a different picture in there but i like that one with the dogs.  okay this is my first post on my new domain which is ……i lost the wordpress that used to be in my name.  kinda rolls off the tongue right.  okay so i gotta give a shout out to ciara alabama mandich and her blog which is



    1. What exactly are you trying to understand? That might be the first step? I’m not trying to really explain anything to you so I would think that would lend a little to the argument as well. Anyways….thanks for the sunshine sunshine. Bye now.



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