/b/ OP shares the chronicles of neal

these are the chronicles of neal as told by phil on 4chan.org/b/   i don’t know any other way to save this shit because 4chan always ends up dropping the threads and then they are 404 which means you can’t find them and this is the funniest shit i’ve ever seen so ….


File: 1333942372.png-(222 KB, 882×2749, NEAL.png)
222 KB Anonymous (ID: WPvUe1kF) 04/08/12(Sun)23:32:52 No.392058229

So /b/ I was telling everybody my stories of Neal earlier, you seemed to like them, though I might continue.
>Be in 6th grade still
>Only a week left of school
>Neal has been rather quiet lately, mainly cus me and my friends now let him sit with us at lunch and what not because he never disrupted anything, and there was the possibility of Neal unleashing his wrath yet again, so james wasn’t near him without tardwrangler supervision often
>AI teacher thinks that it is a wonderful idea for us to throw an end of the year party with tards
>Teacher has no idea of the sequence of events she has set forth
>This party is to be held three days before the end of school, and it is to be 80s themed
>Be the day of the party, I have my hair slicked back and be in a white t-shirt cus i’m lazy and unoriginal
>The AI class has set up the entire thing, soda, candy, food, music, and what not
>I talk to my friends as we wait for the tards to enter
>The tards make their entrance into the gymnasium where this is being held
>Most of the tards look… well retarded
>Neal is dressed up as micheal jackson, he looks fucking badass
>Neal walks over to us, everybody says hi
>Neal seems a little bit off today though, lots of energy
>Turns out Neal skipped out on his meds today, not a very good thing
>Neal=ticking time bomb of raptardness
>James walks over to us, I can already sense his bad intentions
>”Hay gaybo wuts op”
>Neal just stares at him, in a way I had never seen before
>”Wats rong wit nile”
>Neal drops his soda on the ground

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:34:16 No.392058505

Neal cont.
>Neal walks away
>Wait wut?
>James shouts after him “ya guna cri gaybo?”
>Neal walks behind one of the curtains in the gymnasium, nothing can be seen in the darkness over there
>A minute later Neal appears all the way across the gym on top of the stage we had in there
>He is completely naked, underwear and all, aside for the single glove that micheal wears
>Engage raptard screech (the tard rage invoker)
>The tards frenzi
>The downy tard from my original story kicks over the sterio
>”kids just wana hav- kids just wana- kids just wana have fun” it continuously plays that single part of the song
>There are no wranglers around to subdue the tards the rage ensues
>Neal jumps off the stage and charges james
>James is tackled to the ground by the naked neal
>”Gut off may gaybo”
>Neal proceeds to rub his chode-like, uncircumcised penis all over james neck and chest
>The roar is stopped
>”whos da gaybo now yames?”
>Oh god the site was amazing
>The tards run out of the gymnasium crying and screaming now that they can think straight sense the screech has ended
>The only people left in the gymnasium are me, the teacher, and my friends looking at Neal whipe his phallus on james face.

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:35:04 No.392058668

Cont. again, fuck this damn flood detection
>Neal gets up off a james, his deed has been done
>He proceeds to get dressed again
>Just as he finishes the tardwranglers finally alive
>Too late bros
>The teacher retells the things that had ensued and they walk over to carry Neal and James out
>Neal walks up to me and hands me a quarter for no apparent reason
>As he is being carried away Neal looks to be just as peaceful as he always is, because he did not give a single fuck, he never did, and he never will
>Neal waves as they exit through the double doors and screams “buypil”
>I wave back at Neal as it is the last time I will see him for over a yeah “Bye Neal”
I still have that quarter
so you guys want moar?

>>  Anonymous (ID: SreErpnW) 04/08/12(Sun)23:35:34 No.392058783

Oh god why

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:35:41 No.392058796

OH by the way read the entire picture first or else you won’t get any of the shit i’m talking about

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:41:47 No.392060104

bumping just in case anyones out there

>>  Anonymous (ID: zZbofHKy) 04/08/12(Sun)23:42:02 No.392060164



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Just. Beautiful.

>>  Anonymous (ID: zZbofHKy) 04/08/12(Sun)23:45:53 No.392060935

I want to see that quarter fag.

>>  Anonymous (ID: C032k8lU) 04/08/12(Sun)23:46:29 No.392061061

Keep going, OP, this is basically all the entertainment I have tonight. 😀

>>  Anonymous (ID: O+mDN8nv) 04/08/12(Sun)23:46:44 No.392061127

I’m bumping for OP because tard stories make me laugh.
Continue OP.

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>>  Anonymous (ID: 1Y9d2p/p) 04/08/12(Sun)23:47:34 No.392061295

>so you guys want moar?


>>  Anonymous (ID: taG5agxJ) 04/08/12(Sun)23:48:55 No.392061567


>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:51:03 No.392062026

OP here I’m getting the pictures as we speak hold on

>>  Anonymous (ID: 69ZlFsYf) 04/08/12(Sun)23:53:34 No.392062560

yes, my friend

>>  Anonymous (ID: gJAK3iUC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:54:03 No.392062664

What a fucking boss.

>>  Anonymous (ID: ppayTH26) 04/08/12(Sun)23:54:45 No.392062821

if this 404s please repost op

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:54:55 No.392062857
File: 1333943695.jpg-(1.49 MB, 2592×1936, Timestamp and quarter.jpg)
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Time stamp niggers, close up on quarter coming up

>>  Anonymous (ID: zZbofHKy) 04/08/12(Sun)23:55:38 No.392063016

how do we know it’s not some random quarter?

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:56:01 No.392063083
File: 1333943761.jpg-(15 KB, 359×480, Neals quarter.jpg)
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Here is probably the most valuable piece of currency I possess

>>  Anonymous (ID: 69ZlFsYf) 04/08/12(Sun)23:56:04 No.392063097

how about you just get on with the story, please.

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/08/12(Sun)23:56:40 No.392063227

How should I prove said quarter is Neals?

>>  Anonymous (ID: kPupXtmr) 04/08/12(Sun)23:56:43 No.392063238


Who gives a fuck? This shit is fucking gold.

>>  Anonymous (ID: hJO27iTm) 04/08/12(Sun)23:57:21 No.392063373

i’m fucking crying oh my god

>>  Anonymous (ID: l56OpEAq) 04/08/12(Sun)23:58:21 No.392063594

best fucking tard story i’ve ever read


>>  Anonymous (ID: cIsvlRpd) 04/09/12(Mon)00:00:07 No.392063963


>>  Anonymous (ID: ppayTH26) 04/09/12(Mon)00:02:04 No.392064426

op where r you?

>>  Anonymous (ID: hKAdqbWb) 04/09/12(Mon)00:03:03 No.392064671
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>mfw i cant stop laughing and have to explain to my gf im laughing at tards

>>  Anonymous (ID: qn/VoB/F) 04/09/12(Mon)00:03:20 No.392064736

Please sir can we have some moar

>>  Anonymous (ID: fDHapmar) 04/09/12(Mon)00:03:24 No.392064750

I laugh because, one: this is why I didn’t mind having special ed kids in my class and two: they make many lulz

>>  Anonymous (ID: 5algGisy) 04/09/12(Mon)00:03:49 No.392064838

continue the archiving!

>>  Anonymous (ID: cIsvlRpd) 04/09/12(Mon)00:04:26 No.392064980

He’s making the story in word i think, so he can post it all at once and he wont lose anything if he encounters flooddetection.

>>  Anonymous (ID: cIsvlRpd) 04/09/12(Mon)00:08:54 No.392066018

OP where are you?! D:

>>  Anonymous (ID: 91DZ8RMl) 04/09/12(Mon)00:09:08 No.392066073

Keep the thread alive for OP!

>>  Anonymous (ID: vwBQe3rI) 04/09/12(Mon)00:09:18 No.392066123

raptard……made my whole fucking week

>>  Anonymous (ID: wuk4IHWt) 04/09/12(Mon)00:10:41 No.392066436


>>  Anonymous (ID: AeE/d6UX) 04/09/12(Mon)00:11:18 No.392066582

OP, quick question. Are you the motherfucker who made the jeffy the tard thread about 2 weeks ago? because i was a part of that thread and i have never laughed harder in my life

>>  Anonymous (ID: 1dpmPgUY) 04/09/12(Mon)00:11:19 No.392066587
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OP fuckin’ delivers

>>  Anonymous (ID: 5algGisy) 04/09/12(Mon)00:11:27 No.392066618

bridgewater, MA?

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:12:35 No.392066874

Ok so you guys want more, here ya go
Neal: story of the lighting raptard
>Be in 7th grade now
>Haven’t seen Neal in over a year, he and his parents had moved to a different school district due to the previously mentioned problems with this one
>Be in the third marking period, it’s ok, not the same without Neal though
>Walking down the hall one day, low and behold Neal is walking down the hall, all 5 feet of him
>Run up to him
>”Hey Neal! You coming back to this school again?”
>He now has his own personal tardwrangler at all times except for lunch, who explains everything to me
>Unfortunately I have no classes with Neal do to the whole integration system being destroyed by the wrath of Neal
>I see him in the halls all the time though
>You see the thing about our middle school is it is that it has multiple buildings, which you have to travel outside to get to
>As I mentioned before Neal possesses lightning speed, which he doesn’t display very often
>One day I while I am walking to woodshop with my friends I see something blaze past me followed by a familiar noise
>the lightning raptards mighty roar
>50 feet behind him is the wrangler unable to keep up with him
>Everybody looks on in shock as Neal plows directly through a small Asian girl carrying her books (As previously stated Neal doesn’t give two shits bout civilian casualties)
>Neal looks behind to see how far he is from the wrangler
>He silences his roar as he can see he has won
>Neal fails to see the glass door directly infront of him and plows through that just as he did the asian girl
>Neal is out
>Tardwrangler finally catches up and picks up Neal to bring him back to TardHQ just as he comes back to consciousness
>Neal sees me as he is being carried away
>Neal is back everybody

>>  Anonymous (ID: wuk4IHWt) 04/09/12(Mon)00:14:10 No.392067294

nah bridgewater, NJ my school has tards named james and neal (really spelled neil) and they act that way, so its a fake story with real inspiration

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:14:39 No.392067387

Sorry everybody, computer shut down mid-story
Nope bruh

>>  Anonymous (ID: G0VEQEwT) 04/09/12(Mon)00:15:58 No.392067698

This shit is so much gold, it should be kept in Fort Knox!!

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:16:53 No.392067934

Who wants moar?

>>  Anonymous (ID: G0VEQEwT) 04/09/12(Mon)00:17:44 No.392068137

Please, Sir, can we have some moar?!?

>>  Anonymous (ID: LzuEx2ah) 04/09/12(Mon)00:17:46 No.392068142


>>  Anonymous (ID: iV/fwj2L) 04/09/12(Mon)00:17:58 No.392068171

are you serious? of course i want moar.

>>  Anonymous (ID: l56OpEAq) 04/09/12(Mon)00:18:01 No.392068182
File: 1333945081.jpg-(28 KB, 400×317, 1332871402121.jpg)
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FUCKING. MORE. OP is a cool guy

>>  Anonymous (ID: hKAdqbWb) 04/09/12(Mon)00:18:03 No.392068193

dear god more

>>  Anonymous (ID: hKAdqbWb) 04/09/12(Mon)00:18:34 No.392068314
File: 1333945114.jpg-(4 KB, 119×126, OP was cool.jpg)
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>>  Anonymous (ID: mSpNlqQb) 04/09/12(Mon)00:19:31 No.392068513
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>mfw i read this thread

>>  Anonymous (ID: C032k8lU) 04/09/12(Mon)00:20:23 No.392068715

I do, I do!

>>  Anonymous (ID: G0VEQEwT) 04/09/12(Mon)00:21:06 No.392068876

So, OP, you are saying that Neal will never be taller than potato?

>>  Anonymous (ID: ib4IOkPg) 04/09/12(Mon)00:22:59 No.392069313
File: 1333945379.png-(128 KB, 834×1162, Neal2.png)
128 KB

Archived the rest for all you lazyfags.

>>  Anonymous (ID: rkVFs4Zv) 04/09/12(Mon)00:23:35 No.392069438


>>  Anonymous (ID: LzuEx2ah) 04/09/12(Mon)00:24:24 No.392069607
File: 1333945464.jpg-(60 KB, 339×339, 1313357332286.jpg)
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Please continue OP

>>  Anonymous (ID: gJAK3iUC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:24:50 No.392069691

Thank you, based Anon.

>>  Anonymous (ID: vlJoNVhp) 04/09/12(Mon)00:30:50 No.392071126
File: 1333945850.jpg-(40 KB, 200×200, 1320201535001.jpg)
40 KB

I believe that ” The Chronicles of Neal” should become a part of /b/ history, even if it is just falsely spoken or not.

Aye or nay?

>>  Anonymous (ID: e+RZVrW8) 04/09/12(Mon)00:31:23 No.392071253


>>  Anonymous (ID: XR+UtoW3) 04/09/12(Mon)00:32:25 No.392071495


>>  Anonymous (ID: XR+UtoW3) 04/09/12(Mon)00:32:57 No.392071609


>>  Anonymous (ID: DN+JM2LV) 04/09/12(Mon)00:34:19 No.392071926


vote for -> >>392058229

>>  Anonymous (ID: ib4IOkPg) 04/09/12(Mon)00:35:21 No.392072175
File: 1333946121.png-(28 KB, 509×653, Neal3.png)
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Last archive before I go to bed.

>>  Anonymous (ID: +YUgEly7) 04/09/12(Mon)00:35:40 No.392072245
File: 1333946140.jpg-(8 KB, 200×200, e9a91aa9db4d.jpg)
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>>  Anonymous (ID: 69ZlFsYf) 04/09/12(Mon)00:36:00 No.392072319

bumping, because OP is an American Hero.

>>  Anonymous (ID: FROcccvT) 04/09/12(Mon)00:36:01 No.392072323


Way ahead of you on this thought.

>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)00:37:31 No.392072652

Oh my good god, I cannot describe how happy I was to be reading this for the first thread on 4chan tonight. I might as well quit while I’m ahead.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 8TES2wro) 04/09/12(Mon)00:37:35 No.392072674
File: 1333946255.jpg-(41 KB, 601×405, 1297580371854.jpg)
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please sir, may i have some moar?

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:40:19 No.392073272

You may or may not be correct
Neal: Clash of the tards part II
>Be in the last marking period of 7th grade
>Neal has been quiet for a while now because the principle claims that he will not deal with the same stuff the grade school did
>Neal don’t give a fuck, but he is inactive for a while
>My classes no longer have a tard day, so I don’t get to see Neal as often
>To my luck my lunch is moved to the same period as all the tards
>Neal starts sitting with us again with the blessing of his tardwrangler
>Everything going fine, and then I see somebody walking over to us that looks familiar
>It is james, in all of his dickishness
>He has started to grow a pedophile-esque mustache (tard got held back in tard classes)
>He a foot behind Neal just breathing

>>  Anonymous (ID: XR+UtoW3) 04/09/12(Mon)00:41:17 No.392073472
File: 1333946477.jpg-(96 KB, 299×448, DSC_4080.jpg)
96 KB

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:41:19 No.392073475

God damn this flood detection
>”Wuy yu guys let a gaybo laik nile sit wit yu”
>I calmly tell him to go away, as I don’t to start any trouble
>”Ai stay uf ai want”
>proceed to ignore him
>Frustrated by nobody giving a fuck about him he pushes Neal out of his seat and sits in it
>”Hey james that wasn’t nice, let Neal sit down again”
>”no nile es a gaybo”
>Neal has had enough of this shit
>Commence the raptard screech
>The new lot of tards have yet to feel the rath of Neals screech rattle through their brains making them ultrasensitive
>Tards all rage, food is thrown, it happened to be hot dog day, tiny meat-penis replicas were flying everywhere
>Neal picks up a hot dog and starts smacking him in the neck and chest with it, while simultaneously screeching directly into james eardrum
>Kinda reminded me of Neal rubbing his dick on james chest
>The wranglers are almost done restraining the raging tards and are about to move onto Neal and james
>Neal sees this and goes for the finisher
>He rises his hand just as he did in the first clash of the tards
>Falcon punch charging
>Just as the last of the raging tards is restrained Neal hits James nuts as if he is trying to kill all of the little james that are stored up in there
>James faints out of the pain
>Neal silences his screech, sits down and eats the hot dog he had just rubbed all over james
>The tardwranglers finally arrive and carry them both off to HQ as the cafeteria watches in aw
>Neal looks as if nothing is wrong, he simply waves at me and utters that familiar slur of words

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)00:41:45 No.392073562

OP do you still see op?And how old are you now?If you lost contact when it was?

>>  Anonymous (ID: 69ZlFsYf) 04/09/12(Mon)00:43:31 No.392074012


>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:44:01 No.392074139

I am still in contact with Neal, although it isn’t often I do see him sometimes

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)00:44:39 No.392074315

sorry i meant if you still see neal, or james or FOR GOD SAKE DO YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF ANY OF THIS FUCKERS?

>>  Anonymous (ID: 5algGisy) 04/09/12(Mon)00:45:32 No.392074530

i love this thread

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)00:45:42 No.392074574

how old are you now op

>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)00:46:59 No.392074927
File: 1333946819.png-(67 KB, 905×812, neil4.png)
67 KB

>>  Anonymous (ID: 69ZlFsYf) 04/09/12(Mon)00:47:12 No.392074972

>tiny meat-penis replicas were flying everywhere
dear god

>>  Anonymous (ID: SLon5fk8) 04/09/12(Mon)00:48:31 No.392075329

OP, there is no need to ask if we want moar.


God this is great!

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)00:48:42 No.392075375


>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:49:10 No.392075493

I may be able to find a picture of james, do you guys want me to find that, or continue with the next installment of the chronicles of neal

>>  Anonymous (ID: XR+UtoW3) 04/09/12(Mon)00:49:47 No.392075639

I might just commit suicide after this thread 404’s because I will have nothing left to live for

>>  Anonymous (ID: Jwov9Z0X) 04/09/12(Mon)00:50:07 No.392075719

Both OP! We love these!

>>  Anonymous (ID: zX0GCwf3) 04/09/12(Mon)00:50:13 No.392075751

Fuck that just continue with the lulz

>>  Anonymous (ID: LwGk1/ms) 04/09/12(Mon)00:50:19 No.392075783


personally the mystery of how he looks makes it that much more appealing, because we can imagine our own version of him and relate that much more. So, voting installment!

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)00:50:27 No.392075810

i suck your e-penis for the pic if it’s from neal i give you my e-ass

>>  Anonymous (ID: IFF/zARn) 04/09/12(Mon)00:51:50 No.392076127


>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)00:51:58 No.392076158

op your stories are like diamonds on this pile of shit we call /b/ DONT YOU DARE STOP DELIVERING

>>  Anonymous (ID: V/ayW2FW) 04/09/12(Mon)00:52:28 No.392076263

I need the picture, OP
I need it.

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)00:52:29 No.392076268

Yo niggers vote for this to be archived on chanarchive i shall start working on the next instalment

>>  Anonymous (ID: XR+UtoW3) 04/09/12(Mon)00:53:11 No.392076407

OP I fucking love this. Keep this shit coming.

>>  Anonymous (ID: htAwcSmt) 04/09/12(Mon)00:53:28 No.392076479

Oh god. Anon actually delivers. Tip of my hat to you OP. All should be like you.

>>  Anonymous (ID: Jwov9Z0X) 04/09/12(Mon)00:54:20 No.392076642


>>  Anonymous (ID: V/ayW2FW) 04/09/12(Mon)00:54:23 No.392076659

This shit *is* archived

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)00:55:38 No.392076919

4chan /b/ >>392058229 archived 21 minutes ago


>>  Anonymous (ID: XR+UtoW3) 04/09/12(Mon)00:56:08 No.392077019

Clearly one of the better threads in /b/. I honestly hope OP isn’t a troll and leaves us with a mindfuck cliffhanger

>>  Anonymous (ID: ao2NsYlX) 04/09/12(Mon)00:56:47 No.392077158

“and what not”
i fucking hate that phrase
you are a faggot

>>  Anonymous (ID: FLle34vj) 04/09/12(Mon)01:00:47 No.392077978

get over it

>>  Anonymous (ID: sP9Zmzbf) 04/09/12(Mon)01:02:46 No.392078394
File: 1333947766.jpg-(286 KB, 1280×960, 1302047161849.jpg)
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Fap material for good story telling, please post more!

>>  Anonymous (ID: D0Lb39Lx) 04/09/12(Mon)01:02:49 No.392078405

PLEASE don’t 404…

>>  Anonymous (ID: JhwqpcUR) 04/09/12(Mon)01:03:28 No.392078556

Holy shit you are a fucking glorious person.

Write a book, you hilarious motherfucker.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 6n8mVBg+) 04/09/12(Mon)01:04:10 No.392078689


>>  Anonymous (ID: mSpNlqQb) 04/09/12(Mon)01:04:40 No.392078798
File: 1333947880.jpg-(8 KB, 259×194, no 404.jpg)
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>>  Anonymous (ID: UyefWE4A) 04/09/12(Mon)01:04:48 No.392078821

If I had a dollar for everytime op came through I would have one dollar. For this spanking young Jimbo.

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)01:05:32 No.392078950
File: 1333947932.jpg-(48 KB, 223×300, nealpromode.jpg)
48 KB

this is how i see neal with the ”gonna crack your nuts you nigga” mode engaged

>>  Anonymous (ID: 1WMfH7Sv) 04/09/12(Mon)01:05:48 No.392079007
File: 1333947948.jpg-(50 KB, 501×700, another_collection_of_some_ver(…).jpg)
50 KB

oh dear god moar!

>>  Anonymous (ID: VZzomljs) 04/09/12(Mon)01:06:17 No.392079112
File: 1333947977.gif-(775 KB, 265×215, 1328465619791.gif)
775 KB

just making sure this doesnt die

>>  Anonymous (ID: 8TES2wro) 04/09/12(Mon)01:06:37 No.392079161
File: 1333947997.jpg-(23 KB, 420×417, 1297579643097.jpg)
23 KB

>>  Anonymous (ID: 5FOrGaB9) 04/09/12(Mon)01:07:55 No.392079367


>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)01:08:21 No.392079439


>>  Anonymous (ID: 2ZbYcKMj) 04/09/12(Mon)01:10:55 No.392079910

super bump

>>  Anonymous (ID: +AHloWiF) 04/09/12(Mon)01:11:01 No.392079926

dont die

>>  Anonymous (ID: MiLI9Ist) 04/09/12(Mon)01:11:10 No.392079956
File: 1333948270.jpg-(153 KB, 900×771, 1332470298854.jpg)
153 KB


>>  Anonymous (ID: mSpNlqQb) 04/09/12(Mon)01:12:11 No.392080130

OP don’t be a faggot. This is the most joy i’ve had all weekend

>>  Anonymous (ID: PDvEIoKA) 04/09/12(Mon)01:12:31 No.392080185

god damnit I want this to be real so bad

>>  Anonymous (ID: CeBIeNdh) 04/09/12(Mon)01:12:57 No.392080275
File: 1333948377.jpg-(17 KB, 400×300, 1333432494235.jpg)
17 KB

Applause and gratitude

>>  Anonymous (ID: 2ZbYcKMj) 04/09/12(Mon)01:13:07 No.392080313

if this dies i will probably raptard screech too

>>  Anonymous (ID: EvNnYnly) 04/09/12(Mon)01:13:39 No.392080419
File: 1333948419.jpg-(4 KB, 100×100, kermithmmmm.jpg)
4 KB

Waiting on OP

>>  Anonymous (ID: VZzomljs) 04/09/12(Mon)01:13:47 No.392080442

you cocksucker OP dont you dare leave us

>>  Anonymous (ID: 3ABLj47b) 04/09/12(Mon)01:14:36 No.392080602

Jesus, this shit is fucking hilarious. Thanks, OP. And godspeed.

>>  Anonymous (ID: AYTnMew7) 04/09/12(Mon)01:14:38 No.392080613


>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:14:44 No.392080639

By the way you guys I still have 5 years of stories to go through plus tons I skipped cus I just wanted to give you guys the best of the best. so If this happens to 404 I will just make another thread tomorrow, look out for it
Neal and the new special ed. teacher
>Be in 8th grade now
>First marking period
>Old special ed. teacher quit for personnel (I personally think she couldn’t handle the rath of Neal)
>This year there is a special class you can take if you are interested in using a period of your day to help the tards
>Obviously I signed up in order to be with Neal more so I could make sure I see if anymore hilarity ensures
>I walk into TardHQ that day and there is a new teacher
>She’s young, seems to really enjoy what she is doing, everything looks as if it has been going well for the day

>>  Anonymous (ID: F/TCWvrb) 04/09/12(Mon)01:15:25 No.392080784

op. wtf!!

Don’t rustle my jimmies

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:15:39 No.392080846

Neal cont. please dont detect floods nigger 4chan
>Her day is about to take a very unexpected turn for the worse
>I am sitting down on the carpet with Neal helping him read a book on Dr. Suess (this kid really fucking loves his Dr. Suess)
>Neal doesn’t understand what half the words mean so I do my best to help him by explaining the meanings
>We come across a word that neither of us knew
>Neal thinks that I am only not telling him because I want him to figure it out for himself (which I did sometimes just because I felt it was better for him than me just telling him)
>Neal is starting to get very frustrated, and for the first time it is directed at me not somebody else
>I do my best to calm him down but he is stuck on the thought that I know what it means
>Neal engages in the mighty raptard burst roar(For you new guys in hear he does this when he is about to wreck shit)
>I am going to die
>It didn’t matter than I was half a foot taller than him, I was scared shitless
>Everybody except for the teacher knows what is about to happen, they just watch on in horror as there is nothing they can do
>Teacher runs over thinking she can help
>bad idea
>Neal engages raptard screech, enraging his tard brotheran
>James is on the floor pissing himself, the others are throwing shit at each other in the utter rage that neals screech invokes
>The teacher gets hit with a stapler traveling at speeds previously unseen by man

>>  Anonymous (ID: dz97qXuT) 04/09/12(Mon)01:15:42 No.392080856

can we at least see what Neal looks like?

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:16:24 No.392081001

Final of the new special Ed. teacher fuck the flood is back
>Neel now turns toward me and stops his screech momentarily to talk
>”tal me wat it mean pil”
>In despiration I tell him it is a bad word that nobody is supposed to say
>Neal believes me entirely
>He goes the rest of his life as far as I know convinced that acumen is just as bad of a word as fuck
>All of his anger immediately disappears
>He gives me that toothy grin and simply sits back down as if I had just shared a secret with him
>I sit down next to him and he whispers to me “Don wury ai won tal enyon wat acurmin mens”
>”Ok Neal”
>Tardwranglers burst through the door
>One carries Neal the other carries the new teacher to the Nurses office
>As Neal is exiting TardHQ his toothy grin remains
>She has no idea what the fuck she is getting into
sorry it took so long you guys still here?

>>  Anonymous (ID: NruclP3r) 04/09/12(Mon)01:17:53 No.392081306


>>  Anonymous (ID: 1CCH3eHG) 04/09/12(Mon)01:17:54 No.392081310


>>  Anonymous (ID: rxqpXIaZ) 04/09/12(Mon)01:17:55 No.392081319

this is forever in /b/rostory

>>  Anonymous (ID: AYTnMew7) 04/09/12(Mon)01:18:28 No.392081435

Yes. Moar.

>>  Anonymous (ID: sP9Zmzbf) 04/09/12(Mon)01:18:32 No.392081465
File: 1333948712.jpg-(64 KB, 540×720, 1307338128108.jpg)
64 KB

Yes. Please go on.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 3ABLj47b) 04/09/12(Mon)01:18:48 No.392081519


>a stapler traveling at speed previously unseen by man

You made me spit out my drink, you nigger.

>>  Anonymous (ID: alvLIays) 04/09/12(Mon)01:18:49 No.392081521
File: 1333948729.jpg-(32 KB, 257×276, 1325277942358.jpg)
32 KB

yes we are now write more you glorious faggot

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)01:18:56 No.392081548

a already posted a photo from neal, see here>>392078950

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:19:57 No.392081751

Oh god that picture is hilarious

>>  Anonymous (ID: yEjuSHvE) 04/09/12(Mon)01:19:58 No.392081757
File: 1333948798.gif-(16 KB, 125×125, 4WY5o.gif)
16 KB

>mfw this thread

>>  Anonymous (ID: IFF/zARn) 04/09/12(Mon)01:20:13 No.392081819


>>  Anonymous (ID: TAPffhyZ) 04/09/12(Mon)01:20:20 No.392081848

yes op im here and you sir made my day
i have a few myself becasue my mom is special so i volunteered with the special olympics -_____-

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)01:20:58 No.392081971

thx op, i could do a better one if i got a better res of >>392068513

>>  Anonymous (ID: 6Irokv8b) 04/09/12(Mon)01:21:16 No.392082028


>>  Anonymous (ID: 8TES2wro) 04/09/12(Mon)01:21:46 No.392082126
File: 1333948906.jpg-(62 KB, 360×360, 1303865460136.jpg)
62 KB

nigger, im never leaving you, sir…i love you….

>>  Anonymous (ID: SLfp01sl) 04/09/12(Mon)01:22:10 No.392082201

>Inb4 OP is Neal

>>  Anonymous (ID: Aljr+xVY) 04/09/12(Mon)01:22:41 No.392082301

this shit needs to keep going because it is fucking hilarious.

>>  Anonymous (ID: rxqpXIaZ) 04/09/12(Mon)01:22:49 No.392082323
File: 1333948969.jpg-(8 KB, 229×300, roflbot.jpg)
8 KB

pic related

>>  Anonymous (ID: MiLI9Ist) 04/09/12(Mon)01:23:00 No.392082365
File: 1333948980.png-(751 KB, 1350×4651, Fats mcgeeorg.png)
751 KB

I fucking hate retards, and I also hate Neal, but mother of fuck this is funny as all hell. Reminds me of “Fats Mcgee and his retard three” if any of you remember that.

>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)01:23:11 No.392082395
File: 1333948991.png-(90 KB, 1238×888, neil5.png)
90 KB

>>  Anonymous (ID: TFLahJCM) 04/09/12(Mon)01:23:29 No.392082461

>>Motherfucking platinum gold encrusted diamonds.This is the pinnacle of tardstories

>>  Anonymous (ID: inG1XdjH) 04/09/12(Mon)01:23:29 No.392082462

oh my god, this is one of the best threads I’ve ever read. Thank you op, this will surely be the highlight of my week.

>>  Anonymous (ID: KOwyP9C/) 04/09/12(Mon)01:23:46 No.392082504

okay holy shit, do you have moar of her.
her body is fucking perfect

Also praise be to OP for this glorious thread

>>  Anonymous (ID: QWL5Ov7L) 04/09/12(Mon)01:24:23 No.392082619
File: 1333949063.gif-(1.4 MB, 193×135, 1333903971702.gif)
1.4 MB


>>  Anonymous (ID: fyVY02iP) 04/09/12(Mon)01:25:19 No.392082804

i now have a subfolder in my win threads entitled “Chronicles of Neal”

>>  Anonymous (ID: iMuCzWr+) 04/09/12(Mon)01:26:24 No.392083003

these stories are one of the best things ive read on 4chan in awhile, for once OP is not a faggot

>>  Anonymous (ID: Aljr+xVY) 04/09/12(Mon)01:26:41 No.392083054
File: 1333949201.png-(34 KB, 200×200, slurp.png)
34 KB


>>  Anonymous (ID: sP9Zmzbf) 04/09/12(Mon)01:27:34 No.392083235
File: 1333949254.jpg-(61 KB, 540×720, 1305957838909.jpg)
61 KB

Sorry bro, a lot of my fap material are single shots.
I try for similar figures, but that’s about it.

>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)01:30:09 No.392083732
File: 1333949409.jpg-(53 KB, 223×300, roflbot.jpg)
53 KB

shitty caption version

>>  Anonymous (ID: jutGdSDe) 04/09/12(Mon)01:30:37 No.392083826

bumping for great justice

>>  Anonymous (ID: HiCVtxWU) 04/09/12(Mon)01:31:21 No.392083984

Bamping for awesome stories.
This is the best.

>>  Anonymous (ID: urBcVAuW) 04/09/12(Mon)01:31:49 No.392084086

It is safe to say that I love you OP.

>>  Anonymous (ID: dVSRJxxR) 04/09/12(Mon)01:31:52 No.392084102

Not OP, but I think it’s time to share the ballad of J.J.

>Be in 10th grade
>Do Upward Bound, cool program that’s college prep
>UB friend’s brothers are spec. ed
>Oldest, J.J., is so cool his best bud’s a penguin
>Become fast friends with nicest tard ever to grace this earth

>Rich guy who’s dad buys him everything
>Total dick of a bully, let’s call him Donny
>Donny wears a ring with a stone the size of his knuckle
>Likes to put the rock palm-side down and smack tards he passes in the halls on the head with it

>Be eating lunch
>Hear ear-piercing cry of pain
>Instantly know J.J. is in trouble
>J.J. sitting, hands over his head, in the hallway, Donny smacking him like a bitch.
>My brain has never known such rage
>Donny Gets layed the fuck out
>Teachers “Didn’t see anything”

>>  Anonymous (ID: zpPtP4FZ) 04/09/12(Mon)01:31:54 No.392084112
File: 1333949514.jpg-(254 KB, 750×600, epic bump.jpg)
254 KB

Haven’t seen a thread like this in quite some time. Huzzah.

>>  Anonymous (ID: SIKfJpog) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:02 No.392084137

Oh please sweet fuck post more. These stories have me in fucking tears.

>>  Anonymous (ID: QP7waEzX) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:29 No.392084228
File: 1333949549.png-(239 KB, 400×375, Bombadil.png)
239 KB

Great Justice

>>  Anonymous (ID: 2ZbYcKMj) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:30 No.392084230


>>  Anonymous (ID: EvNnYnly) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:31 No.392084232

Can’t help but bump a thread like this

>>  Anonymous (ID: 6n8mVBg+) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:36 No.392084252

Bump for Neal

>>  Anonymous (ID: KOwyP9C/) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:45 No.392084280

i gotya bud. thanks anyway, i definitely appreciate your taste.

>>  Anonymous (ID: qzrq9sIG) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:55 No.392084312


>>  Anonymous (ID: VGDb5prz) 04/09/12(Mon)01:32:59 No.392084319

awesome. keep goin OP.

>>  Anonymous (ID: idNGcLo3) 04/09/12(Mon)01:33:23 No.392084402

Faster OP, faster!

10/10 for best tard stuff I’ve seen since the retard three.

>>  Anonymous (ID: IXmr2QoX) 04/09/12(Mon)01:33:37 No.392084441

This is fucking fantastic. Much love op

>>  Anonymous (ID: 13jcSCL7) 04/09/12(Mon)01:33:42 No.392084452
File: 1333949622.jpg-(13 KB, 400×400, 18137403..jpg)
13 KB


>>  Anonymous (ID: N5wxjR8c) 04/09/12(Mon)01:34:03 No.392084524


>>  Anonymous (ID: fyVY02iP) 04/09/12(Mon)01:34:09 No.392084551

i will never forget “haypil” for as long as i live.

OP got any yearbook pics of these kids?

>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)01:35:53 No.392084896

I literally haven’t even bothered with any other threads tonight. This is the most enjoyment I’ve ever got out of 4chan haha

>>  Anonymous (ID: SIKfJpog) 04/09/12(Mon)01:36:37 No.392085031

I couldn’t fucking agree more. This is the funniest shit I’ve read all week.

>>  Anonymous (ID: qKlxgoaK) 04/09/12(Mon)01:37:56 No.392085283

I can count to haypil

>>  Anonymous (ID: Zn1BJ9fD) 04/09/12(Mon)01:38:14 No.392085347
File: 1333949894.gif-(1.46 MB, 609×269, 1332199787810.gif)
1.46 MB

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

>>  Anonymous (ID: a7IAYxfk) 04/09/12(Mon)01:38:36 No.392085416
File: 1333949916.png-(1.02 MB, 956×626, 1328107712609.png)
1.02 MB

Is Neal related to Raptor Roger?!

>>  Anonymous (ID: vd3bTMbT) 04/09/12(Mon)01:40:17 No.392085710
File: 1333950017.jpg-(15 KB, 248×209, yeah.jpg)
15 KB

>exif data
good stories OP. dont get yourself in trouble by saying something stupid.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 52gBC/Ne) 04/09/12(Mon)01:40:43 No.392085776

posting in epic thread

>>  Anonymous (ID: Sx5rz/I3) 04/09/12(Mon)01:41:31 No.392085925


>>  Anonymous (ID: zgivG2LC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:41:32 No.392085928

hurry up OP

>>  Anonymous (ID: AYTnMew7) 04/09/12(Mon)01:42:01 No.392086028

Please sir, can we have more?

>>  Anonymous (ID: 1dpmPgUY) 04/09/12(Mon)01:43:52 No.392086372

haypil y u tarlkin bout meh

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:44:02 No.392086395

Ok heres some moar /b/ros
Neal brings his pet turtle to school
>Be in 8th grade still
>Still in the first marking period
>The new teachers thinks that it would be a wonderful idea for people to bring in things to show the class every day it’s a different student
>Today it happens to be Neals turn
>He brings in his pet turtle jimmy in to show the class
>Everything seems to be going well for the show and tell, Neal is passing around the turtle for people to hold, I mean it’s a fucking turtle what could happen, right?
>Seeing as nothing that good is goin on I leave to go to the bathroom
>Take a piss in probably what is three minutes (It was a very long piss)
>I walk back into the class room and utter chaos has insued
>Neal is screaming “JEMMI JEMMI WUR AR YU” while one of the tards is crying in the corner (I’m assuming Neal let lose a short screech for a second to get everyone attention)

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:44:45 No.392086523

Neal cont. fucking flood detection
>The turtle was gone apparently he was lost among all the handing him around
>Do you hear me? They lost. A fucking. Turtle.
>I run up to Neal asking him what is wrong,
>”Ok Neal calm down, i’ll find Jimmy”
>I start looking around, I search fucking everywhere, turtle is no where to be found
>All of a sudden that fucker james walks in
>He’s got a big retard grin on his face, and he has been gone sense right after I left
>Neal immediately catches on and commences the tard screech
>Shit goes from chaos to pure cluster fuck in seconds
>Not only is Jimmy the fucking turtle gone, now I have a raging mob of tards in a close space
>I scream to james over all of the noise
>James is now crying and is of no use
>I see a sliver of green in the back of the room in the corner of my eye
>I investigate the site
>It is Jimmy the fucking turtle half way under a bean bag, he was there the entire time
>I pick him up and present him to Neal who is overcome with happiness to have jimmy back
>The new teacher still isn’t able to handle shit, and she is just sitting in the corner of the room
>Neals screech may have stopped but the tard rage hasn’t
>A tard finds the stapler yet again and boom it connects with the Ms. springer while breaking the sound barrier
>Out cold
>Tardwranglers burst in the room and subdue the tards
>Neal is perfectly fine so he is left in TardHQ this time but apparently it was my fault jimmy was lost
>I am dragged out by the principle who accompanied the wranglers
>The last thing I see is Neal, there sitting in the corner with jimmy
>I got a fucking week of detention
You guys here still?

>>  Anonymous (ID: frB9YgJA) 04/09/12(Mon)01:45:04 No.392086576
File: 1333950304.gif-(104 KB, 437×430, 202.gif)
104 KB


>>  Anonymous (ID: SIKfJpog) 04/09/12(Mon)01:46:00 No.392086751

Onward OP we’re not going anywhere.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 3xARd5h3) 04/09/12(Mon)01:46:23 No.392086823

The tard launching the stapler gets me every time

>>  Anonymous (ID: wE+KiNIQ) 04/09/12(Mon)01:46:50 No.392086907


How could we NOT be here, OP?

>>  Anonymous (ID: AYTnMew7) 04/09/12(Mon)01:46:54 No.392086920

Don’t ask. This is gold. More.

>>  Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/09/12(Mon)01:47:15 No.392086973

I am monitoring this thread.
This shit is better than porn.

>>  Anonymous (ID: idNGcLo3) 04/09/12(Mon)01:47:18 No.392086987

Here and ever awaiting your next story.

Don’t stop.

>>  Anonymous (ID: mSpNlqQb) 04/09/12(Mon)01:47:33 No.392087043

best easter by far. Blessed by zombie jesus

>>  Anonymous (ID: /UTln0UF) 04/09/12(Mon)01:47:39 No.392087065

> boom it connects with the Ms. springer while breaking the sound barrier

>>  Anonymous (ID: RU3bXLjo) 04/09/12(Mon)01:48:37 No.392087226

These threads need to be archived. OP I am loving the story of Neal.

>>  Anonymous (ID: yEjuSHvE) 04/09/12(Mon)01:49:36 No.392087408
File: 1333950576.jpg-(53 KB, 525×385, ZqEMe.jpg)
53 KB

please continue op. i love tard stories and yours are top notch

>>  Anonymous (ID: Aljr+xVY) 04/09/12(Mon)01:49:38 No.392087414
File: 1333950578.png-(4 KB, 184×211, bigsmile.png)
4 KB

im fucking LOVING this guys analogies.

>>  Anonymous (ID: LqlgRB9a) 04/09/12(Mon)01:49:52 No.392087452
File: 1333950592.gif-(29 KB, 480×390, tumblr_lyc06uLB4q1qz6z2wo1_500.gif)
29 KB


>>  Anonymous (ID: +ugJ9k1e) 04/09/12(Mon)01:50:19 No.392087535

>A tard finds the stapler yet again and boom it connects with the Ms.
springer while breaking the sound barrier

absolute fucking gold.

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:50:35 No.392087580

Ok /b/ I got a question for you, do you want to continue with just straight up neal, or should I tell you the story of jody his secret admire, both are still completely Neal, but the jody one is slightly less chaotic than the rest

>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)01:50:43 No.392087591
File: 1333950643.png-(78 KB, 1120×832, neil6.png)
78 KB

>>  Anonymous (ID: /UTln0UF) 04/09/12(Mon)01:51:29 No.392087719

A Neal admirer? I gotta see this.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 8Pl6My6V) 04/09/12(Mon)01:51:35 No.392087739

>out cold
jesus i lost it there phil you are the fucking man

>>  Anonymous (ID: inG1XdjH) 04/09/12(Mon)01:52:00 No.392087815


>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)01:52:16 No.392087856


Hard to say haha, I love the chaos but 2 tards in love, you can’t beat that.

>>  Anonymous (ID: idNGcLo3) 04/09/12(Mon)01:53:20 No.392088059


A change of pace with tard love can’t be a bad idea.

Go with that one.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 4LYxuEiW) 04/09/12(Mon)01:53:24 No.392088075

>Shit goes from chaos to pure cluster fuck in seconds

Fucking lost it.

>>  Anonymous (ID: SIKfJpog) 04/09/12(Mon)01:53:58 No.392088161
File: 1333950838.jpg-(19 KB, 460×288, chow-yun-fat_1367803c.jpg)
19 KB

If it’s Neal related post that shit! OP you’re a master of story telling

>>  Anonymous (ID: JM4Hf71t) 04/09/12(Mon)01:54:06 No.392088181

I really hope this shit is archived or some1 saving it cuz i’m tired and I nbeed sleep.

>>  Anonymous (ID: yEjuSHvE) 04/09/12(Mon)01:54:13 No.392088210
File: 1333950853.jpg-(395 KB, 1000×1223, 1330330662063.jpg)
395 KB

bumping for jody

>>  Anonymous (ID: zKshWnun) 04/09/12(Mon)01:55:05 No.392088365
File: 1333950905.jpg-(30 KB, 432×505, 1330660467717.jpg)
30 KB

>bumping for niggers

>>  Anonymous (ID: XR+UtoW3) 04/09/12(Mon)01:55:09 No.392088379

Define “slightly less chaotic”

>>  Anonymous (ID: yfH7MDte) 04/09/12(Mon)01:55:25 No.392088431

How does this shit spread so fast like fucking wildfire.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 4LYxuEiW) 04/09/12(Mon)01:55:33 No.392088453

>A tard finds the stapler yet again and boom it connects with the Ms. springer while breaking the sound barrier
>Out cold

Oh my fucking god this shit is making my jaw hurt from laughter.

>>  Anonymous (ID: LMI8KGXK) 04/09/12(Mon)01:55:44 No.392088484
File: 1333950944.jpg-(48 KB, 445×496, 355643733.177596.jpg)
48 KB

Have any of you niggers even thought of archiving this yet? ARCHIVE NAO!!!

>>  Anonymous (ID: O/49dkVC) 04/09/12(Mon)01:56:23 No.392088590

You guys ill be right back, I have to piss something fierce.

>>  Anonymous (ID: VzRrbvS+) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:05 No.392088719

Someone archive this shit!

>>  Anonymous (ID: sP9Zmzbf) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:06 No.392088723
File: 1333951026.jpg-(46 KB, 453×604, 1286282763382.jpg)
46 KB

bumping for Neal

>>  Anonymous (ID: 4LYxuEiW) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:07 No.392088728

We’ll keep the thread bumped for the next 3mins

>>  Anonymous (ID: rJorS7Z3) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:12 No.392088739

What is with all of these recent tard stories? Not that I’m complaining, because they’re funny as fuck, but they have seemingly been coming out of the goddamn woodworks.

>>  Anonymous (ID: KAbKmzuv) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:15 No.392088752

SO wait. This is fucking fake? If so, what a waste of time.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 6n8mVBg+) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:20 No.392088769

>inb4 OP is Philip defranco

>>  Anonymous (ID: 8BgzkKGH) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:27 No.392088793

Hurry up OP.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 4LYxuEiW) 04/09/12(Mon)01:57:48 No.392088853


>>  Anonymous (ID: mSpNlqQb) 04/09/12(Mon)01:58:09 No.392088918

bumpin for jody

>>  Anonymous (ID: b/U+Ys1W) 04/09/12(Mon)01:58:22 No.392088951

Posting for the sake of posting in this glorious thread.

>>  Anonymous (ID: SIKfJpog) 04/09/12(Mon)01:58:39 No.392088997

Bumping for the Epic of Neal

 Anonymous (ID: rCO1u7hb) 04/09/12(Mon)01:59:32 No.392089148

Bro, if you like Neal you better make sure you stay bros for life. Shit buy 2 of every console when he comes over, and give him the 3rd.

Also have Neal as a roommate. You’ll get free rent and a personal bodyguard/cockblocker for the shewhales.

>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)01:59:37 No.392089167

Anyone who’s interested in keeping these for their own records, been posting them after he tells them in png files.

>>  Anonymous (ID: 8g7C31Gz) 04/09/12(Mon)02:00:03 No.392089242
File: 1333951203.png-(90 KB, 257×318, 1329031501030.png)
90 KB


>>  Anonymous (ID: B5iclMcV) 04/09/12(Mon)02:00:06 No.392089249

Bumping for SHEER WIN

>>  Anonymous (ID: wE+KiNIQ) 04/09/12(Mon)02:00:37 No.392089338

Today is Easter no longer; it is Neal Appreciation Day

>>  Anonymous (ID: 4LYxuEiW) 04/09/12(Mon)02:00:43 No.392089354

bumping for epicness

>>  Anonymous (ID: +ugJ9k1e) 04/09/12(Mon)02:00:47 No.392089364

post more glorious winged neal sir.

>>  Anonymous (ID: SIKfJpog) 04/09/12(Mon)02:01:29 No.392089494

All glory to Neal

>>  Anonymous (ID: iV/fwj2L) 04/09/12(Mon)02:01:54 No.392089574

thanks for doing that already saved them

>>  Anonymous (ID: rCO1u7hb) 04/09/12(Mon)02:02:05 No.392089606


>>  Anonymous (ID: LMI8KGXK) 04/09/12(Mon)02:03:10 No.392089808
File: 1333951390.jpg-(14 KB, 251×143, 355644061.303794.jpg)
14 KB

First and foremost, stop trying to promote your FJ page and pretending you aren’t actually the one who posted that. Secondly:
>inb4 birth of a new meme
>inb4 urban dictionary
>inb4 9fagggots pick this up and run with it
>inb4 distribution of thread archives spreads faster than free crack on Beverly hills

>>  Anonymous (ID: rCO1u7hb) 04/09/12(Mon)02:03:13 No.392089815


>>  Anonymous (ID: B5iclMcV) 04/09/12(Mon)02:03:40 No.392089904

Someone keep two tabs of this thread, save all he stories, make one big compilation of them, and then when it’s over, post it, and I will pay them $125, I shit you not.

>>  Anonymous (ID: C+Sc9t5W) 04/09/12(Mon)02:03:42 No.392089912
File: 1333951422.jpg-(98 KB, 1000×800, 1333783528026.jpg)
98 KB

epic thread is epic

>>  Anonymous (ID: SIKfJpog) 04/09/12(Mon)02:04:02 No.392089970

Dude, can’t wait for more! Bump out of respect

>>  Anonymous (ID: yfH7MDte) 04/09/12(Mon)02:04:22 No.392090025

lol okay big guy, how do we know it wasn’t you then?

>>  Anonymous (ID: LqlgRB9a) 04/09/12(Mon)02:04:45 No.392090103
File: 1333951485.gif-(381 KB, 500×334, tumblr_llmo2qz3cO1qaba70o1_500.gif)
381 KB


>>  Anonymous (ID: FpQCrh19) 04/09/12(Mon)02:05:43 No.392090253

will deliver

>>  Anonymous (ID: 4LYxuEiW) 04/09/12(Mon)02:05:45 No.392090264

Do it yourself lazy faggot.

>>  Anonymous (ID: XJ2xJ+cO) 04/09/12(Mon)02:05:52 No.392090275

bump, love ya Neal

>>  Anonymous (ID: 31xXaHng) 04/09/12(Mon)02:07:01 No.392090481

Don’t 404 you nigger, this is beautiful.

>>  Anonymous (ID: yfH7MDte) 04/09/12(Mon)02:07:16 No.392090535

forget it, not worh even trying to fix the fuckup i have done.

>>  Anonymous (ID: NNQ3glhG) 04/09/12(Mon)02:07:19 No.392090540


What’s your email, been doing it anyway, won’t hurt to piece them together.

>>  Anonymous (ID: vuKsUcfR) 04/09/12(Mon)02:07:45 No.392090614

where be op?

>>  Anonymous (ID: DK3UFn9y) 04/09/12(Mon)02:08:04 No.392090668

bumpin for neal

>>  Anonymous (ID: 13jcSCL7) 04/09/12(Mon)02:08:57 No.392090814
File: 1333951737.png-(119 KB, 1920×1080, 1333943423543.png)
119 KB

haypil its nile hav u siin jimme

>>  Anonymous (ID: B5iclMcV) 04/09/12(Mon)02:09:30 No.392090902

Post them in a new thread, that way everyone can see this.

>>  Anonymous (ID: jIwHMguq) 04/09/12(Mon)02:10:39 No.392091103

Anyone want Shadow fang while they wait for OP?

>>  Anonymous (ID: TFLahJCM) 04/09/12(Mon)02:10:44 No.392091117
File: 1333951844.jpg-(40 KB, 1000×750, goat115.jpg)
40 KB

Oh jesus that works way too well.

>>  Anonymous (ID: HiCVtxWU) 04/09/12(Mon)02:10:55 No.392091150

I have a friend who would have an asthma attack laughing at this. God I wish he was on Skype
> Duncan where the fuck are you?


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