Name my /b/and ****Warning You Might Get Offended****


Here is another thread from from just right now that made me cry laughing.  You can’t expect to post this pic on /b/ and ask for /b/ to come up with a band name for you guys and NOT get this reaction.  You gotta admit this shit is funny though lol……….

Bottom of Form


Top of Form

File: 1334253216.jpg-(48 KB, 960×639, 535128_348473021856399_100000811130546_8(…).jpg)
Anonymous (ID: GQOEBe1X) 04/12/12(Thu)13:53:36 No.392863313  

sup fucking metalheads, this is my new band, im the guy in the fucking middle, i need ideas for a bandname,we play real heavy metal, thanks in advance!

>>  Anonymous (ID: T7HBZ9T2) 04/12/12(Thu)13:55:19 No.392863545
     File: 1334253319.jpg-(69 KB, 266×394, Patrick Confusion.jpg)

>1 Nigger
>2 Spics
>”Real Heavy Metal”

I don’t understand.


>>  Anonymous (ID: 8aoUMVK6) 04/12/12(Thu)13:56:21 No.392863694



>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)13:57:30 No.392863845

dude why you being racist,you know quiet riot had like 2 hispanics in ther and they made it!


>>  Anonymous (ID: vFHFk7GS) 04/12/12(Thu)13:59:14 No.392864068

Hot Tub Metal Machine


>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)13:59:44 No.392864126

cmon i need some real names! we got a gig coming up soon so i need to choose 1 fast!


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:00:42 No.392864256

The Double Spic Nigger dip


>>  Anonymous (ID: vFHFk7GS) 04/12/12(Thu)14:01:29 No.392864365

We Cut Lawns


>>  Anonymous (ID: tM/1xZDv) 04/12/12(Thu)14:02:18 No.392864463

Chaotic Riders


>>  Anonymous (ID: 8aoUMVK6) 04/12/12(Thu)14:02:35 No.392864505

the americans


>>  Anonymous (ID: ZuFiDEgC) 04/12/12(Thu)14:02:35 No.392864506

the retards


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:03:31 No.392864617

Beer Belly


>>  Anonymous (ID: dRDws0cP) 04/12/12(Thu)14:03:40 No.392864635

First choice: Inbred Hate Machine
alternative name: White Need Not Apply


>>  Anonymous (ID: vt2BW489) 04/12/12(Thu)14:03:43 No.392864642
     File: 1334253823.jpg-(31 KB, 504×419, mexico.jpg)

dia de los muertos


>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)14:04:00 No.392864676

why yall being racist, this is america the land built by immigrants so stop being racist


>>  Anonymous (ID: tM/1xZDv) 04/12/12(Thu)14:04:16 No.392864716

Chains of Infernity or Drilling Dropkick


>>  Anonymous (ID: 3titTCwi) 04/12/12(Thu)14:04:32 No.392864752

The Irrelevant Hipsters Who Think that Infiltrating the Pathetic Modern Metal Scene Will Grant Them the Populatrity They’ve so Often Desired but Were Never Able to Achieve


>>  Anonymous (ID: MjE8ar82) 04/12/12(Thu)14:04:58 No.392864816

>While We Lye Pegged
>Chris and the Anal Cunts
>Faith + 1
>Gay Porn Thumbdrives


>>  Anonymous (ID: FZ8JJo3W) 04/12/12(Thu)14:05:27 No.392864885

3 across the front


>>  Anonymous (ID: uxCS5TdC) 04/12/12(Thu)14:05:44 No.392864913

two spics and a nigger


>>  Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/12(Thu)14:05:52 No.392864936

1000 Pounds of Virgin


>>  Anonymous (ID: /zlewnje) 04/12/12(Thu)14:06:01 No.392864957

Orange County Cocksuckers


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:06:14 No.392864993

Cause racism is funny.

How about “Chode”


>>  Anonymous (ID: 8aoUMVK6) 04/12/12(Thu)14:06:20 No.392865013

the good ol’ boys


>>  Anonymous (ID: T7HBZ9T2) 04/12/12(Thu)14:07:40 No.392865198

>Implying Quiet Riot “made it”

As much as I love those guys, they crashed and burned.


>>  Anonymous (ID: dRDws0cP) 04/12/12(Thu)14:08:02 No.392865265

Lynching Material


>>  Anonymous (ID: nTTQ/hWy) 04/12/12(Thu)14:08:08 No.392865280



>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)14:08:35 No.392865337

alright but i need serious names stop talking shit


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:09:23 No.392865461



>>  Anonymous (ID: 8aoUMVK6) 04/12/12(Thu)14:10:15 No.392865575

fat chan


>>  Anonymous (ID: 3titTCwi) 04/12/12(Thu)14:10:28 No.392865604

they only made it with the 1 hit wonder because it was a cover song and randy rhoads used to be in the band. other than that they aren’t worth mentioning.


>>  Anonymous (ID: nTTQ/hWy) 04/12/12(Thu)14:10:29 No.392865606

u mad?


>>  Anonymous (ID: soxbmAvu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:11:32 No.392865764

‘why is there a black guy this isn’t hirax’


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:11:48 No.392865805

Tar-Skinned Pygmoids of the Dense Bush


>>  Anonymous (ID: 3titTCwi) 04/12/12(Thu)14:12:00 No.392865829

3 Fat Fucks


>>  Anonymous (ID: dRDws0cP) 04/12/12(Thu)14:12:25 No.392865880

(acronym for Raping all white women)


>>  Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/12(Thu)14:12:32 No.392865891

Somehow you managed to assemble three guys, each of whom is fatter than any person I know. Great job.
How about:
Hairy Balloons
Grease Eaters
Trash Trio
Burger Boys


>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)14:12:39 No.392865903

your dumb they had more songs,and yeah they did do a cover but the song they covered wasn’t metal, they turned it into metal,but this is not the case.


>>  Anonymous (ID: M79QVaK0) 04/12/12(Thu)14:12:46 No.392865928
     File: 1334254366.gif-(1.08 MB, 256×192, 646250769.gif)


>>  Anonymous (ID: Pk0V2ubH) 04/12/12(Thu)14:13:14 No.392865982

Fat Hirax Sepultura Revenge!


>>  Anonymous (ID: 3titTCwi) 04/12/12(Thu)14:13:38 No.392866025

Not Quite In Living Color But Close Enough


>>  Anonymous (ID: 2xlE8dLR) 04/12/12(Thu)14:13:57 No.392866075

Fattest Faggots on the West side


>>  Anonymous (ID: 8aoUMVK6) 04/12/12(Thu)14:14:05 No.392866092

the Obvious Trolls


>>  Anonymous (ID: MzOBh3T0) 04/12/12(Thu)14:14:40 No.392866179

Ate 4th Member


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:15:02 No.392866229

The Ghosts of Flossenburg


>>  Anonymous (ID: 2TFirG70) 04/12/12(Thu)14:15:26 No.392866276


the three fat fucks


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:17:00 No.392866482

Melanic Breed


>>  Anonymous (ID: dRDws0cP) 04/12/12(Thu)14:17:11 No.392866506

No Humans Involved


>>  Anonymous (ID: 3titTCwi) 04/12/12(Thu)14:17:36 No.392866567

>they had more songs
Cum on Feel the Noize and Metal Health, that’s it. 1 hit wonder. they suck.

>they did do a cover but the song they covered wasn’t metal, they turned it into metal
A fish from the sea cooked up, put on a plate and dipped in tartar sauce is still a fish.

You’re dumb, you fat mexican nigger. and your band sucks. go back to school.


>>  Anonymous (ID: 2TFirG70) 04/12/12(Thu)14:18:01 No.392866636

That’s a good name sugestion, anon


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:20:52 No.392867056

The Best Ye Breed


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:22:33 No.392867317

Infantile Sex Regression


>>  Anonymous (ID: qdjVTcB2) 04/12/12(Thu)14:23:41 No.392867475



>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)14:24:11 No.392867553

its funny your all racist because you probably dont have friends but its cool saying a race can’t make it in music.


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:25:33 No.392867758

Retrogressive Phallic Worship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>>  Anonymous (ID: vIeBdAxW) 04/12/12(Thu)14:27:34 No.392868054
     File: 1334255254.jpg-(5 KB, 251×241, 1325801797066.jpg)

give us a music sample then op, then we can judge…


>>  Anonymous (ID: 5021lIP2) 04/12/12(Thu)14:29:11 No.392868298



>>  Anonymous (ID: 3titTCwi) 04/12/12(Thu)14:29:20 No.392868317

Pulling the race card to discredit legitimate statements makes you a racist. Welcome to /b/


>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)14:30:49 No.392868542

we just started like not two weeks ago,im thinking of putting something up but seeing how most of people on here are racist they would probably thumbs down the video


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:30:52 No.392868549

You could name yourselves after the famous Dutch squire & sheriff of Faan, De Mepsche. That’d make a good name OP. Its original, and probably not taken already.


>>  Anonymous (ID: /yzDkfT3) 04/12/12(Thu)14:31:25 No.392868639

1 nigger and 2 wetbacks


>>  Anonymous (ID: jI6e6ahH) 04/12/12(Thu)14:32:55 No.392868857

“I Threw Up a Little”


>>  Anonymous (ID: G08+dYph) 04/12/12(Thu)14:37:00 No.392869462

The Illegal Immigrants


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:39:25 No.392869849

Sickened Sodomites!


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:41:55 No.392870254

Iron Manmen


>>  Anonymous (ID: Heaven) 04/12/12(Thu)14:43:43 No.392870546

My <sad/angry/agressive adjective> <noun>
Eg My Bloody Period, My suicidal doorknob etc…


>>  Anonymous (ID: Bf24XLV8) 04/12/12(Thu)14:44:23 No.392870647

donut damnation or infernal sandwich or “douche” (i really like the name douche)


>>  Anonymous (ID: clT0OvLN) 04/12/12(Thu)14:44:33 No.392870675

Cell Block 3


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:45:01 No.392870743




>>  Anonymous (ID: hJqDzSsl) 04/12/12(Thu)14:50:18 No.392871625

>>  Anonymous (ID: hJqDzSsl) 04/12/12(Thu)15:06:16 No.392874570

the bandidos


>>  Anonymous (ID: hJqDzSsl) 04/12/12(Thu)15:06:47 No.392874657

straight outa alcatraz


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)15:09:43 No.392875235

De Mepsche is betta.

Sing Sing


>>  Anonymous (ID: cLQ1dFW9) 04/12/12(Thu)14:51:44 No.392871881

Obese musicians of unknown talent for Lucifer


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:52:16 No.392871991

Tacos, burritos, and fried chicken


>>  Anonymous (ID: hJqDzSsl) 04/12/12(Thu)14:52:23 No.392872016

tyrone and the border hoppers


>>  Anonymous (ID: hJqDzSsl) 04/12/12(Thu)14:53:18 No.392872183

Trayvon and the border jumpers


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:53:27 No.392872210

Zimmerman’s Next Victims


>>  Anonymous (ID: JqMGxUeb) 04/12/12(Thu)14:54:29 No.392872372

wow you guys so stupid,so far i only got one or two names im considering but the rest are dumb and racist


>>  Anonymous (ID: hJqDzSsl) 04/12/12(Thu)14:57:19 No.392872884

wtf did you except this site is just for jokes


>>  Anonymous (ID: TkfL7YWu) 04/12/12(Thu)14:59:04 No.392873197


What names????


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