Fight or Die

Life has no time for the weak. Since it’s dawning, it has predicated itself on one facet: the strong survive and the weak are culled.

Your mettle is tested by life, by it’s difficulties, by your own emotions. When you feel as if you cannot crawl from bed, you must remember this is your struggle. Will you bend and break beneath the test of time, or will you rise and become what those of us who survive have done?

Nothing can defeat you. You are made of iron. Pain is your fucking breakfast cereal: it fortifies you with lessons learned and the fortitude to withstand any diversity.

Now get up off your knees and stop being a pussy. You weren’t meant to grovel for scraps of hope. When you seem without direction, it is then you may walk any path you choose.

You are made of iron, not dust. Remember this. Remind yourself of this.Image

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