Anonymous Comments

It really takes quite a lot of courage to badmouth somebody anonymously on an internet website.  The thing is, these heroes who write disparaging remarks know exactly who I am. I mean come on, my name is right there in big bold letters when you stumble upon this site.  I however, do not know who they are.  Not that it really matters in the overall scheme of things I guess, but still, it would be pretty nice to know who is hating on you.  It would also give some perspective and help someone like me understand where the anonymous brave soul was coming from if I had an idea about who they were.  I’m a placid, peace loving man for the most part.    I’m certainly not threatening violence or bloodshed if the identity of the people commenting were known to me.  I just think its the mark of a coward to talk shit and then hide behind the cloak of anonymity provided by the internet.  Sure, if I wanted to I could find out who they were by following the internet protocol address but why bother.  I just wish the haters had the guts to hate and be proud of their hatred instead of being so gutless.  I’m just saying…..


        1. REally? What’s your name? Ha ha lol that’s bad ass. I just won 1400 playing cleo keno at agua caliente on friday night it was so sick.



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