Anderson Silva versus Jon Jones

You heard it here first. always known for being first with the hard hitting, late breaking, adrenaline filled announcements about a myriad of topics most of them related to naked girls, gambling, drug fueled adventures in the gutter, mma fights, disparaging antecdotes about scummy serial killers and child rapists has done it again.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you…scoff at it if you must…but mark my words.  Anderson Silva and Jon Jones will meet in the Octagon and they will meet in the Octagon much sooner than you may even fathom in your puny little beta mind.

I, Anthony Mandich promise to make love to this lovely lady if the fight between Silva and Jones does not take place


Nobody really wants to see any more fights that have Anderson Silva making a mockery of the UFC and his opponent such as the crap we saw in UFC 153 against the American Psycho Stephan Bonnar.  Bonnar is tough as fuck and still he got straight knocked the fuck out with a knee to the solar plexus.  I know it was a devastating blow because I know Bonnar has heart to spare and would never lay down for an opponent.  Ever.  It wasn’t a pretty sight to see though, Silva standing with his back to the cage, arms down, actually letting Bonnar take his best shots at him to no avail.  It was a foregone conclusion when Bonnar somewhat foolishly in my opinion agreed to take this fight on two weeks notice with his pregnant wife about to give birth to a little mini american psycho any day.

So on the same token, I’m personally not enthralled with watching Jonny Bones Jones either.  He’s an arrogant dude without doubt and it would be great to see if someone could ever smash the fuck out of him and just humiliate him like he humiliates his opponents too.  But its not going to happen.  There is not a soul in that division that poses even a challenge to Jones and everyone knows it.  Rampage, Rashad, Shogun, Machida, Ryan Bader, Stephan Struve, and so on and so forth….none of them are ever going to get over that particular hump.  Ever.

So he’s just going to be a boring fuck.  Not the crowd drawing commodity that Dana White wants him to be.  Not in that division.  So what’s he left with for a challenge.  Well…Junior Dos Santos is an intriguing matchup.  Yeah.  Junior Dos Santos is one name I would definitely consider.  The other one is Anderson Silva.  Either one of those fights would be bad ass enough potentially that I would definitely get the pay per view instead of just watching the shit low budget style on where I get so distracted trolling their chat room, posing as legitimate chatters and just dropping gay bombs and madness that I never really pay that close of attention to the fights.

This better take place exactly as I say it is going to or I am going to feed my mom’s dog Snickers the fucking cat’s food for a week straight and nothing else.  Do you hear me Joe Silva?  Come on for the love of all that is good and holy….


Make this shit reality.



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