Jynx Maze / Running Out of Gas / JVM Error 102 / Wal-Mart Gift Cards

She does videos that involve anal porn.  She doesn’t seem to have much of a problem taking everything a man has to offer her flesh wise while remaining calm with a positive, encouraging attitude.  I really like that about her and I just wanted to let you know that she is somewhat of a role model in the Adult Entertainment Industry, in my opinion.


Yesterday I was in this place called Desert Hot Springs driving back to Indio and I decided to stop at Stater Bros and purchase a refreshing beverage.  I ended up getting a TrueMoo which is my favorite chocolate milk.  I walked around the store drinking it in full view of the employees and everyone.  I was contemplating just ditching the empty bottle when I reached the cashier with my other purchases but decided against it because I felt that there were quite a few eyes on me.  I know you are probably thinking how terrible that the only reason I did the “right” thing was because there were people watching.  I feel you.  But I have to be honest.  If nobody was looking I would have chugged that choco milk and fled the scene without paying a penny. I want to be sorry for this but I’m not.  Image

I ran out of gas while attempting to leave the parking lot.  That was a karmic payback for my mental thievery you’re probably thinking.  Fuck that though, you are wrong.  I was actually anticipating running out of gas for a long time and I really just wanted to see how far that little Hyundai Accent with the bad brakes, warped CV joints and temporary tire on the rear right would go with the fuel light on before succumbing to reality.

I wasn’t worried about it when it finally happened.  There were two gas stations right down the street , I had my skateboard with me and I also had ten bucks on me so it was no sweat.  Thanks God for making sure that I didn’t run out of gas on the freeway or while driving with my pretty girlfriend or someplace where there were no gas stations or where I didn’t have any money on me.  That’s totally something to be grateful for really and truly. Image

The mechanics shop across the street from Stater Bros let me borrow their gas can and it was half full so I got a couple of gallons for free which is highly convenient since it allowed me to use that ten dollar bill I had in order to assuage my gambling addiction albeit for a very short period of time.  Stopped by Agua Caliente Casino in beautiful Rancho Mirage and quickly lost the ten bucks on Cleopatra Keno.  I’m really stupid sometimes.

Blah blah blah JVM Error 102Image

Blah blah blah Wal-Mart Gift Cards

Blah blah bye.Image


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