Mandich, Anthony: He’s back, he’s black and he’s not taking any flack.


This is the first post since I didn’t pay my web site hosting fees back in March, 2013 out of nothing but laziness.  The fees were something amazingly ridiculously low, I wanna say $18, regardless though they were funny.  I didn’t pay them and I actually thought I was going to lose the whole website which would have been pretty terrible in my opinion since I have spent many hundreds of hours on this shitty blog  typing away like a moron.  Anyway is now which is in a way quite good  to know because that means if I died and the domain name I had expired, all of my content would eventually revert back to the site and that is awesome.  

I have so many things to share with you guys.  It has been one hell of a doozie of a year for sure.  I can’t wait to tell the story of a fat piece of shit named Jim Schwarz.  We will get to that in due time though kiddies.  


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