Some things have changed. Most things never will.


Who wants to give this very good looking young man a good job?  I was recently laid off from my position as Accounting MANAGER for Alta Home Care after only a short stint.  I was shocked the day that Chris Newton, the CFO came into my office and told me that I was being eliminated due to so arbitrary revenue shortfalls that had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

I’m still pretty upset about the whole thing.  I had a nice savings going in only a very short time, thanks in large part to Stephanie Kelly, my best friend in the whole world helping me out quite a bit.  Well that is history.  The only thing I got out of the experience is some much needed confidence that I really don’t have much of a problem handling the complexity or amount of work that comes with a position of high responsibility for a company, such as Accounting Manager. 

I also proved to myself that I can dedicate myself to a position, get to work every day on time and stay later than expected without complaint, and exceed expectations in all areas including how I dress for work.  I’m proud of my efforts and really was quite hurt by the layoff.  Its time to stop beating myself up over something that I really had no control over.  I’m going to just dust myself off and put myself back out there, and hope that I can come across another opportunity to shine. 


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