Skip Muirhead (Alfred Leslie Muirhead)

Alfred Leslie Muirhead is a friend of mine from Corona, California.  I didn’t actually know his name was Alfred until last night (April 30, 2014) when my friend Dave Colgin told me that Skippy Muirhead had died a few years earlier.  i was shocked to hear that Alfred Leslie had passed away.  Skip was a pretty cool friend and we always got along pretty well.  My wife Briar met Skip when she lived in California back in 2009.  Skip hooked us up with some illicit substances which turned out to be bunk but it wasn’t really his fault and he made it good.  Skip was a hustler for sure but a cool guy and I had known him since I was about 14 when I met him down by the Showcase Theater in Corona, California.  This was when the Showcase was still a movie theater.  Dave told me that Skip died from toxemia due to using dirty needles.  I don’t know if this is true since I wasn’t aware that he used intravenous drugs but its not really that much of a reach considering what I did know about Skip.  I’m sorry to hear that he died though and I  hope he is having a good time up there with Natalie Amador, Rick Minihan and Dennis Ducarte. 

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