Sitting on top of the shit pile

Dissolved a viagra chewable on my tongue about two hours ago so I could walk around the casino floor with a pocket full of cock. Its the next best thing after cash to be carrying around and is a general salve for my wounded psyche.  Clarice and Avondra ended up at my proverbial doorstep yesterday which was just lovely as you can probably imagine.  Avondra is such a cute little demon child that it is impossible to stay mad after she wreaks havoc on a hotel room with reckless abandon and innocent child like fervor.

Is there such a thing as innocent child like fervor? I fucking doubt it.  Whatever the case may be, Avondra can fuck some shit up to a horrifying level so fast it makes it look like you just got victimized by a gang of home invasion robbers.  Then I got her mother, Clarice, who I seem to be neck and neck with in our toxic, destructively mind shattering race to nail down the Most Promiscuous Whore of 2015 Award.  Something is wrong with us.  Not because we fuck so indiscriminately but because we come back to the same “relationship” table time after time where we both attempt to defend and rationalize behavior that is not going to be viewed kindly by each other, a judge hahahaha or future readers of this prolific account of our comings and goings.

Suffice to say there has been a fair bit of angry words and hurt brains and wounded pride since she got here.  Of course I tell myself that gambling with anger and resentment inside my soul is not the reason why I keep busting out to the zero dollar level but in my heart I know the truth.  Something has got to give soon because this lifestyle is going to be impossible to sustain for much longer.

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