Sick Shit

When somebody is funding your gambling and giving you several hundred dollars, actually more like over a thousand dollars and with several of those hundred dollar bills you actually win between 2-6 hundred I would say it is imperative to put away at least half of the winnings and not touch them no matter what.  Period the end.  The reason why I have a suite but no cash at all is because I lacked the discipline to take my wins and bank them away.  I could have easily socked away over a thousand last night but I was chasing the Aztec Temple jackpot.  I kept going back to the same old machine and it just wasn’t giving me that elusive fat bonus round win that meant a hand pay.  One time I did get 2600 quarters out of it which is plenty but then I started betting two quarters per line or 50 quarters per spin.  $12.50 per spin doesn’t really sound like that much.  When you are winning on several of them it really isn’t that much either.  Approximately 5 spins per minute and you lose all five well that comes out to $62.50 per minute.  Say you have maybe ten times that in credits on the machine and you can easily see that any prolonged losing streak means disaster and back to broke status in ten minutes minimum but often more like thirteen minutes.  The point is that a quarter of an hour to lose $600 extrapolates out to $2400 loss an hour when you are running poorly.  That’s not even running bad.  That’s actually with you winning some spins.  You can see for yourself that over any extended period of time where the machine is losing more than it is winning which is very often the case, you are in for a major catastrophe financially speaking unless you have thousands and thousands of disposable cash to throw at the machines.  When I break it down like this it is pretty easy to see the importance of discipline in gambling.  A major category of this discipline is taking your wins and never giving them back.  That is very simple to grasp intellectually but quite difficult to practice in reality mainly because of the fact that humans have only a limited amount of money they can afford to throw at the machines so super diligent action taking all of the wins could mean a very short gambling session and this is something people usually aren’t in to.  They start with good intentions at least I always do but then there is an unspoken  battle that materializes with the machine and yourself.

This battle often gets very personal as ludicrous as that sounds.  Men are  fallible  beings and emotions like anger often rule the part of the brain responsible for decision making.  This leads to irrational actions like spewing all of the money in your pocket, on your credit card and atm card, that you can borrow from your chick, your friends etc.  Spewing it all into a machine devoid of emotion and not subject to your  rantings  and ravings nor prone to giving into your frantic pleas and meaningless threats of physical harm.

Nothing you do is going to have any effect upon the machine you are playing except for continuing to feed it currency. The machine does not give a rats ass where you get the money that you feed it. If its rent money, your kids college savings, your inheritance, your 401k, your entire tax refund, the proceeds from the sale of your house, money acquired in nefarious ways, money borrowed from banks, credit cards, bounced checks, cash advances, saved change, garage sale proceeds, stolen from your wife’s purse or your husbands wallet, money you owe the connection, money you owe to Southern California Edison, money you get for pawning your gold jewelry, selling your ass on the corner, panhandling on the freeway offramp….it all spends the same once you put it in the machine and the machine does not give a fuck how much you need that money to turn into more money. You are going to win or lose according to a predetermined algorithm and there are no actions you can take other than to keep feeding the fucking thing that is going to get you any closer to your goal of cashing out a jackpot. If you have enough time and money to throw at the machine eventually you are going to win something but over time the amounts you win can never be more than the amounts you put in the machine. It is impossible. Fools gold to think otherwise. These massive fucking casinos are not as luxurious and decadent as they are because the majority of the guests who walk through their doors are winning money and coming out ahead over the long haul. Think about it man.

I’m sitting here writing what I know in my heart mind body and soul is so fucking true and yet I am just as much as a sucker as everyone else and I want to cut this sermon short and go downstairs and see what I can do on the machines. Especially Aztec Temple. Now that is some



  1. Wish I can meet the person funding I can use some funding myself. Stupid person but maybe you should take advantage of that situation and act like you are vested in the situation,
    since your not it can be very lucrative and deceitful without bring to intrusive to your relationship with your amazing girlfriend of which you have posted such
    Wonderful things about. 🍀



  2. Tony, you need to repent and accept Adolf Hitler as your lord and savior. Or at least as your greed coach. You’ve fallen into,er, onto the evil hand of the one-armed Jεw. He’s fisting your ass while stealing your cash. There is only one solution. Hail Victory.



  3. I hear ya. I don’t drink or do drugs, so the machine is my disconnect and my adrenalin, my lover and my abuser, my worth and my lack there of… I have lost a home and an inheritance, student grant money and hard earned money, their money, my money, and others but I can say that I always paid the bills first. Not even the machine could stop me from keeping my kids from having what they need. Maybe that was possible because I never used the drugs and alcohol? I don’t know. I do know that if I wasn’t such a logical person I would be happy to spend 24/7 at Pechanga or Viejas, rolling with the ebb and flow of hope and despair mixed with those moments of blessings. It’s a rather sick and twisted desire but considering my upbringing and how fucking normal, responsible and balanced I turned out it doesn’t surprise me at all that THIS is my kryptonite or rather my version of heroin.
    My point is that those last few lines you wrote… I felt every word in my entire being. I get it, not that it matters to you, but yeah, I get it.



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