Rich Man Poor Man

When on a roll it is important to a) put some aside for a rainy day b) remember that what goes up must come down c) keep in mind that you are a fucking moron and that you will be broke again soon.  Everything is the worst of the worst today.  Avondra and Clarice are with me so that means my room is a fucking dirty horrible pigsty because Avondra is part devil child as I mentioned before.  The latest trick she did was putting some cardboard or something in the toilet and flushing it so now it is irretrievably plugged up.  Her fucking dog, a tiny ass tea cup Chihuahua is just pissing and shitting indiscriminately in the room and for a one pound dog that little thing can generate some pretty big puddles of pee pee and some really amazingly big poops.  The other day when I was in my other room 8126 the dog pissed in the bed that was pretty fucking gay.  Then I was laying opposite way of the pillows and got up and saw that I had been smashing some dog poop too.  That made me really happy, so happy that I just wanted to paint big smiley faces all over the place.  By the way this resort casino does not allow pets and I don’t have any pets but Clariice thinks its okay to fuck my program up wherever I am so she just brings the fucking dog with her.  Its pretty fucking bleak this situation.  As I type this I see that there is a message on the room phone which is probably hotel security asking if we got rid of the dog yet.  They came up here yesterday after someone complained that there was people fighting in the room.  They saw that we had a dog which as a ten diamond player I really should have known that dogs are not allowed and I was pretty humiliated.  The situation as it exists is pretty absurd.  Nobody is happy except perhaps for Avondra who is too young to really know the difference.  I have got to figure it out now.  I have only one more day after today here at the hotel and then I am going to be ass out on the streets because I am not playing anything so therefore they don’t want me here.  Especially when I am getting a free room.  Oh well I don’t have time to even really continue this because I have to go hustle up some cash somehow.  Thinking of selling my ass if anyone is interested let me know.

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