Today is the Day, I can feel it in my bones

I’ve got $5 burning a hole in my pocket hahahaha today is going to be a fucking masterpiece of a day.  I don’t smoke cigarettes but that doesn’t mean that I’m not smoking….hot that is.  Time for breakfast which is going to be handled by an e-comp of $50 most graciously placed on my player’s account by Rosangelica the beautiful hostess who enables me on my quest to be the poorest high roller the casino world has ever laid eyes on.  I’ve got my two year old daughter here babbling hi dada hi dada hi dada hi dada hi dada hi dada hi dada its enough to drive a man loopy.  Our room is the usual disgusting mess thanks to Avondra and her dog Spot.  By the way we are selling Spot to a man in Escondido for $250 on Saturday morning.  If anyone else wants a tea cup Chihuahua potty trained to a newspaper and cute as a button except for her sharp little fangs and wants to offer more than $250 before Saturday then let me know, I’m all for it.

A man has a responsibility to feed his family so I’ve gotta go for now but I may check back in later when I have more time to unload some shit off of my brain.

Twice Your Monkey

Twice Your Monkey

One Comment

  1. Pretty much of a quandary this predicament that you are in. Perhaps selling your ass for a starting bankroll is an idea. Just do it.



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