Shut the Fuck up Dog. This is a No Dog Hotel don’t you kNow.

Damn doggy you are certainly going to have to shut the fuck up if you wanna go on living son (saying this to a girl dog by the way).  That’s me yelling at the little puppy who is going bat shit crazy because Avondra and Clarice are going down to the pool which is on the 3rd floor by the way.  We were all having a union/reunion of sorts just a second or so ago.  You see I was downstairs gambling when I got a text message from Clarice stating that she was ready to perform a certain very taboo sexual act on me now.  Before you start getting any lewd ideas let me clarify that the act we are talking about is not illegal, and is not morally repugnant, and is in no way anything bad.  Just crazy.  Anyways that text was enough to get me off of the machine and started up the path to the elevator.  Upon arrival I had to go ahead and knock on my very good friend Boberto’s door as he is just situated across the hall from me conveniently enough and strangely enough.  Total coincidence seriously that he is in 7158 and I am in 7157.  Anyway everybody was in a bit of disarray with Lissa Giles appearing out of nowhere on the scene, Avondra and Clarice were suddenly planning on going to the pool instead of Avondra going to bed and Clarice taking me into the bathroom for a quick game of Sexual Chocolate.  The hallway of the hotel was jam packed with people and a small canine.  As I type this I have Lissa Giles babbling to me about this chick who is saving clean urine for drug tests or something like that and the dog is fucking whining and the chick is this girl that I actually know named Hollandia and she is a crazy bitch but a nice girl kinda but crazy and Lissa who is a bit nuts herself but in a good way is now lecturing Hollandia via a diatribe to me.  She is very convincing although to the wrong party.  Anyways, its nice that Lissa Giles is cleaning up our hotel room right now because Clarice is a lazy woman or maybe not lazy but definitely is not the best cleaner in the world.  I ran Avondra and the dog up and down the hallway a few times to get them both a bit tired out so they can go to bed early.  I also found out that Frank, my Viagra buying friend actually invented something real some kind of a chip to track pets.  He is also a veterinarian.  That’s pretty cool that he is so high on the totem pole of life because earlier today he told me that our relationship is a symbiotic one.  That was quite a compliment coming from Frank especially in light of the toxic environment where we have started forging our friendship.  People at the casino are pretty much interested in themselves and money and everything else flows from that essential truth.  Therefore symbiosis is an unnatural state for this place and a testament to the strong moral fabric which binds Frank and I together .  Wow what a load of shit.  Just the last part .  Have a good night.   Or whatever. lips

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