The sun is shining even though it is 11:51 p.m. and this is not Alaska

So I wrote earlier that today was going to be the day and let me just tell you all now that I was lying when I wrote that.  There was absolutely nothing about today that gave me any sense that things were going to turn around in such a dramatic fashion.  As I type this I have $3,655 combined in cash and vouchers.  Now I have to think that such a large sum of money would be somewhat meaningful to most people that might read this.  If I’m wrong and you are some rich bastard that laughs at such a paltry sum as almost four grand, would it be possible for you to private message me at and give me your phone number and  contact information because I want to be your friend!

Now then this cash is cool and all because I was all the way broke.  Bankrupt.  Zero dollars not even one. I didn’t even have one club dollar which are used for gasoline and food purchases or even one free play dollar which can be used for slot play.  Bottom line in case you aren’t picking up what I am laying down…I had jack shit. Nada.  The only way I was going to feed myself, Clarice or Avondra is via a trip to the red card lounge which has a little buffet set up everyday between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m.  Thank God for that little oasis located upstairs from Kelsey’s because it has really been a life saver many times.  There is nothing like some corn and carrots, mashed potatoes, fried chicken and  a couple of big glasses of ice cold milk when you are depressed  and broke.  They always make you feel at home up there they don’t get all pissed off if you don’t leave tips because you are broke as long as you do take care of them when you do have money which I always do.  The girls all know my name which is sort of flattering too.

So anyways yeah I was fucking broke and then I saw my friend Frank who I have mentioned previously as being a huge fan of erectile dysfunction aids and since I have more erectile dysfunction aids then I do have money when I get desperate for some cash Frank is good for a beginning bankroll in exchange for boner pills.  Frank said he was on his way to the bank just then and that he would be happy to help me out when he got back in about a half hour.  Now sometimes Frank is a little rough on the times he is going to meet up with you and I had a feeling that since the ball is in his court so to speak and he is doing me a favor that he wouldn’t be in that much of a hurry to adhere to any strict times.  I was hopeful, in other words, that he would be back; however when that would exactly be I really didn’t know.

At the time of this exact sentence being written which is 12:09 a.m. I still haven’t seen Frank or his girlfriend Paula back here. Then again I haven’t really been looking for them either because my cash flow challenges were taken care in a different way. I had walked outside of hotel valet about a half hour or so after Frank left to go to the bank. I sat on a bench and played a little Bejeweled Blitz and looked for Frank’s car to come pulling in. I think his car is a BMW m5 or something like that because I remember seeing it at Pala Casino one night. Anyways after a few minutes I became a little bored plus there was this fat Mexican dude on the bench next to me who kept giving me weird looks and I was starting to feel kind of uncomfortable. He had this kind of sour look on his face that looked like he was either a bit gassy, even flatulent or perhaps at the end of his proverbial rope after losing thousands of dollars and on the edge of a murder suicide. I didn’t want to become a victim so I got up and started walking back to the hotel lobby. All of a sudden I felt a gentle pat on my right ass check which got me kind of horny and I turned around fully expecting it to be one of the girls that I am lucky enough to include in my posse claiming that sweet fruit of my butt for themselves for a little afternoon snack of sorts.IMG_20150307_135456562_HDR

Lo and behold it was someone even better. It was my friend Boberto who I had been missing desperately since we last parted about a week earlier. I will tell you much more about Boberto at a later time but suffice to say he is one my top five favorite people currently involved in my life. He is just a panacea (if that means something that cures all that ails you) and he always has impeccable timing when he shows up. Today was no different. Yes Boberto has money but it is much more than that. He has an outgoing, gregarious style of living that makes me smile and feel privileged to witness and just be around him. That’s a lot to say coming from me who always thinks he is the star in every little one act play that makes up the days of my life. Boberto is always looking for bargains and loves sort of acting as a pawn shop type guy. He likes the deals that he receives from people at the casino who are usually so desperate or hard currency that they will sell things that cost several hundred dollars for a fraction of that and even if he doesn’t really know what he is buying he is a nice enough guy that he will let you talk him into it just because he has the karmic flow going for himself and he knows that to help others is to help himself which is really a lesson that a selfish guy like me needs to have hammered home every day. His generosity is awesome but really his personality is why I like to see Boberto. He just makes me laugh and puts me in a more confident state of mind and good things always seem to happen for me when he is around.

Today was no different. He gave me like almost a hundred in some crumpled up bills and he also put a hundred bucks in the machine I was playing on. I ended up cashing $155 from that machine and pocketed it then we went to high limit room and I put thirty seven dollars in the dollar keno machines at the high limits bar. I didn’t even play keno though I just started max betting on the computer blackjack that they have and I got it up to ninety seven dollars which I cashed out. I took the $97 and played this game Twice Your Atlas and won another hundred bucks.

My hands are starting to hurt and I want to enjoy some sort of libation here pretty quickly so I’m going to cut this short and get on with my night. Bottom line I jackpotted Aztec Temple twice, made a grand on Twin Win and another six hundred on Twice your Atlas again and now I have the nearly four grand I referred to at the start. And it’s a lot of fucking money and I need to treat it as it is. A miracle cuz I am a miracle worker…

Post Script….I have only $2,200 left.  I spent it all on Aztec Temple which just wouldn’t hit for me which is pretty hard because I’ve been here before and let me tell you its going to hit soon but how soon.  And am I going to be the one it hits for?  These are questions that I can’t currently answer and I don’t know if I should just go to bed and be thankful that I came up over two thousand dollars in one day out of thin air.


  1. I just got back and I now half exactly half of all the money I have in the entire universe left… I’d have killed for a few thou since I don’t have a car and live in the fucking hell hole of rural areas (Anza) so I rot up here until my mother ‘allows’ me to drive down and be her shopping bitch every few weeks or so. Cried all the way home to. Oh, and they changed all my keno machines to shitty ones that won’ pay anything. At least now I will have no desire to go back to the Big fucking P. I can play shitty machine up here at Cahuilla. Good luck and try to hold tight to that wad!



    1. Michele powell where do I know you from yes I am aware of the new keno machines its nothing to cry about you have to expand your universe and play something else plus there are a bunch of the old style game king consoles in the casino if you know where to look. just curious as to how you got to my blog and stuff. and do you know me personally



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