The Trench Connection

Sitting here with my heart racing, trying to figure out what to do.  What is the right thing to do?  Why do I seem to gravitate to the wrong thing usually?  Why didn’t I go to my brother Rafael’s wedding this past weekend?  Why am I always such a horny man?  Why am I asking all these stupid questions right now when I could be downstairs pumping more money into the Aztec Temple machine that has been plaguing my existence.   Technically I am not even a guest of the hotel right now because I had to check out or face the wrath of a v.p. who is a stickler on the residency rules of hotels. Apparently if you stay for more than something like 30 days straight then you have a case for being a tenant rather than a guest and tenants obviously are accorded many more rights than guests.  Its an important distinction if they are trying to evict you because you can file an answer with the courts in an eviction proceeding and you can stave off hitting the streets through various delaying tactics and frivolous motions to appeal and stuff.  Hotels don’t want to deal with this sort of shit so this particular hotel has rules that I have been pushing the boundaries of for quite a while now.   Right now its really just a technicality because the requirement to check out has been easily flouted simply by having my friend who has a bunch of free stays given to her each month book a room for me.  That’s what she did last night so I’m good to go for another three days of life.

This place is unbelievably toxic by the way.  Everyone has an agenda and its all just a bunch of individuals with their own agendas for sure at this place.  Whether you are a high roller a low roller a non roller a worker a security guard an indian a host a bartender a cocktail waitress or a valet parker you have a role to fill and you fit in a certain slot.  But you definitely are not doing anything for any altruistic reasons like for the good of mankind or to keep the environment in a green state.

Let’s go over the agendas of the various people who make up your typical casino, at least as far as I see it which is probably a very limited perspective to be sure and I will definitely be making a lot of silly assumptions based on stereotypes which are not accurate but make my job of providing a description much easier. People really do operate from ignorant and inaccurate viewpoints so it will not be that much of a stretch to make my assumptions into some kind of reality that you can deal with mentally and pretty soon you will just start accepting whatever I write as the gospel truth. Which is what I need. Hahaha. I’m gonna go downstairs and gamble for a bit and I will really be ready to do this shit in a few minutes okay.

Okay so you have the losers with absolutely no life and no job and no way of making money and no home and no car and no personality and no nothing but a sick zombie like fascination with doing speed and shuffling around the casino with a glazed out dead eyed 1000 yard stare. I don’t think that they themselves even know what the fuck they are doing there. They don’t talk to anyone, they don’t come with any money, they are dirty as hell like they live in the field next door to the casino and guess what come to find out that there is a whole subculture civilization of zombie scumbag skinhead methhead white trash loser pieces of shit criminals that do actually live in the field by the casino with the coyotes and squirrels and stuff. They camp out there and fuck their bohemian skank dog sluts with hairy arm pits and picked faces in the dirt and whole groups of them make their way over to the casino at like 3 a.m.

They are so obviously out of place in the casino and anywhere else for that matter except for the mental hospitals and jails where they end up. I know I should feel some sort of pity for these losers especially since I am a loser myself but for some reason I am a stuck up loser so I don’t feel sorry for them I want them to die. Anyways these people are considered among the lowest of the casino low and that is a subcategory of scum that I would say don’t even meet the basic definition of a human being for the most part. They are the ones smoking half cigarettes they find in the streets and grabbing half eaten hamburgers from the food court trash cans. If they play any casino games at all I would say the only thing you will see them playing is penny machines, a penny a spin, often beginning with an opening bankroll of 12 cents or 18 cents. Their ceiling in the casino hierarchy is not very high and one of these fuckwads would be considered a huge success among their peers if they make it to skid row where the nickel Cleopatra keno machines are. They don’t talk much except in convoluted, unintelligible bursts of venom or completely irrelevant sing song bullshit. If you happen to come across one of these meat men it is best to make the sign of the cross while praying to Jesus that they don’t notice you.

It is not too hard to avoid contact with them for the most part as long as you never meet their eyes or frequent the areas of the casino where they are known to congregate. Which is basically everywhere you can smoke cigarettes that doesn’t have a bunch of casino security hovering. Hopefully if they do see you and God forbid actually attempt making contact with you via a scaly diseased hand reaching out and grabbing your person in any way you can easily sidestep them, grabbing your phone out of your pocket quickly and “answer” it, and then give them a look that gloats, “sorry I am on a phone call” when they start grunting out the rudimentary clicks and clacks they call a language. There is one drawback to grabbing your phone out of your pocket and pretending to be on a call though however.   By doing this maneuver you are admitting that you actually have a phone that works on your person which opens you up to the most toxic of all casino dwellers attacks…the emergency phone call request.Fat stacks of Fat cash I never loan my phone out at the casino or anywhere else for that matter. Casual phone loaning is the number one cause of phone theft in North America according to a survey I once read. Its totally true though. These fucking people who need to use your phone are the worst of the worst in my opinion. Their pressing need to use a phone is always fucking bullshit since they don’t even know anybody that is willing to help them anyway and they really have nothing ever to really say to anyone they reach. It’s a toxic waste of time and you have to be ever so careful especially on a busy night at the casino because these motherfuckers will dip the fuck out with your phone faster than you can say stop you piece of shit.

I guess I am sort of drifting away from the point of this whole story as I intended to write it up. Which is okay with me really because I like being a douche bag writer.

3 thoughts on “The Trench Connection

  1. Wow your outlook on things are way out there. I try to see the good in people because we all have a honest side some more than others. I guess we’re all products of our environment, childhood experiences and the people around us. Behavior is learned I don’t judge people and you sound judge mental here. Funny how different people see the same experiences totally differently. No Worries it is what it is!


    1. Take it all with a grain of salt NP. Try and remember that current frustrations often lead to thoughts that feel strong one day and yet maybe the next day you don’t feel quite the same. I must admit that I feel pretty strongly about the topics in this post to this very day since I really believe that the scumbags that sought me out constantly were a major reason why I was unceremoniously booted from the casino in the end.


    2. Take it all with a grain of salt NP. Try and remember that current frustrations often lead to thoughts that feel strong one day and yet maybe the next day you don’t feel quite the same. I must admit that I feel pretty strongly about the topics in this post to this very day since I really believe that the scumbags that sought me out constantly were a major reason why I was unceremoniously booted from the casino in the end.


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