14 thoughts on “Events Leading to the Lifetime Ban of Anthony Mandich #151850 from Pechanga Casino on Saturday May 10th, 2015

  1. Really pisses me off that they screwed you and banned you. Really feel you because they did the same to me! Is there a good lawyer out there that has the skills to get a ban lifted/removed???


  2. I was banned for life for a reason not explained clearly. Several hand pays and many of them dumped back in the slots. Sometimes I was actually smart and left with my wins.
    Anyway, my question is where you able to get the ban removed? What steps do I need to take to be allowed back in? Do these Indians get there own set of rules? I am totally pissed!


  3. You want sympathy? The only sympathy anybody with a soul is feeling is for your kid. Imagine if you put as much work into getting and keeping a job as you did into finding out why they banned you… Maybe Pechanga did you a favor.


    1. I’ve got no problem approving this comment. The only problem I have is that you are anonymous. Why are you anonymous? You seem to think that you know so very much about me and my situation. In that case there is no reason for you to remain anonymous is there? Scaredy cat.


  4. Dam that is unfortunate. The tribe should let you continue to go in circles within the casino floor as well as your jackpots going right back into the slot machines. Obviously they are tired of accommodating you feeding you hosting you and those you bring along. I would move on to the Pala or Harrahs Resorts and start another race to the top of the tipee tier privilege extravaganza. Good luck getting your ban lifted bro. Keep us gaming buffs updated with your progress and posts.


      1. Need to connect and see what options are out there. I feel you because they banned me for life. WTF for???? Is there any good attorneys out there that specialize or have a skill set to march in there and get the ban lifted?? Sooo pissed! Thanks and hope you can get this and respond!


        1. seems bleak at best. the indians ostensibly call their own shots being a sovereign nation and all that. although i know that its actually the white man who has stuck it to me in this case


    1. Well I would have to pay taxes on that total amount if I didn’t lose all of the money that I won on each jackpot gambling and searching for the next jackpot. Gambling losses are deductible up the amount of gambling wins. Believe it or not I have more losses than wins for this year and for every other year of life.


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